Monday, February 5, 2018

The Global Octopus and its law-destroying tentacles

Global Octopus

For some time now I've been meaning to write about the most dangerous threat that humanity has ever faced in its 200,000 year [or more] existence on Planet Earth.  Some folks talk about the Armageddon and others laugh at them for being doomsayers. But it's on this planet is teetering on the edge of a precipice of human-inflicted mass extinction...and most of humanity doesn't even know it.

The crisis is not a climate threat...although the source of the threat does threaten the climate and is capable of weather warfare.  The threat is not only nuclear or WWIII.  The threat to humanity is all encompassing and behaves like an Octopus...with its many tentacles reaching out to all geographic areas of the planet and destroying everything it touches.  My apologies at this point to real Octopuses...who keep to their ocean floor and are virtually benign (but highly intelligent) I understand.

The metaphorical Octopus I'm referring to is the Global War on the Rule of Law.  The Rule of Law is what separates humanity from the rest of life on this planet.  Humanity developed basic rules and laws of conduct.... over hundreds of thousands of years.  These laws, and the concept of "justice" were put together over millennia by successive civilizations and were developed primarily through observation of nature...and applying the "rules of nature" to Man's own naturally deviant, destructive and warlike tendencies to dominate and control.

As I've said previously on this blog...I never really believed in a God until I started to believe in the devil...or Satan.  Once I became aware of Satan and felt his grip and grasp on humanity...I started to hope there was a God... and even to pray to Him from time to time.  Satan loves chaos and lawlessness and feasts on it...whether it be global wars with lakes of blood...or family hatreds and dysfunction.

Contemporary Examples of the Breakdown of the Rule of Law

In collecting material for this post I have actually amassed an "embarrassment of riches" many links I don't know if I can squeeze them all in.  First, we have Stephen Lendman this morning talking about a former CIA whistleblower revealing that the CIA trafficked children to politicians.  I have to say at this point that the CIA (and all its offshoots in vassal states like CSIS in Canada) is the most evil entity on the face of the planet and is the brain of Satan himself.  If, as I have said on many occasions, the BBC is the "Voice of Satan"...then the MosCIAd (as it is more accurately identified) is the "Brain" of Satan.  The examples I've selected below illustrate the global pervasive nature of the assault on the Rule of Law.  Top to bottom...throughout every aspect of our society...laws are being flagrantly ignored, twisted, manipulated, defied and destroyed.  The worst offenders are lawyers and politicians...those you'd think would, out of self interest alone, uphold the law.

Here are the Examples I've chosen in no particular order:

1.  The so-called "Nunes Memo"...that was supposed to be a blockbuster...shows that a large Washington legal firm was the conduit for the DNC money used to pay the writer of the "dossier".  And all the revelations of the "Nunes Memo" don't amount to a hill of beans if there is no police agency willing to execute arrest warrants based on the evidence.

2.  The effort to design DNA-based bio-weapons is escalating.  Politicians are threatening all forms of warfare and flaunting International treaties and breaking them to push humanity towards destruction.

3.  The welfare/rights of children was once (and not too long ago either) enshrined in International Law which was supposed to be the responsibility of the United Nations.  The world allowed Israel into the United Nations and ever since, Israel has responded by treating the UN and its conventions as a bad more so than as evidenced in its treatment of Palestianian children.  Israel, the scourge of the Middle East...has singled out Palestinian children for elimination and makes no bones about it.

4.  The recent social media and M$M frenzy of allegations of sexual harassment against prominent individuals, mostly male celebrities and politicians is a travesty of justice due to the lack of "due process".  In this analysis, copied from the CBC, the writer insists that "Presumption of Innocence" should be left in the courtroom, not politics.  OMG!  the presumption of innocence is one of the most fundamental principles of law and should be in ALL human institutions...not just the courtroom!

5.  The Destruction of the Principles of Property Law.  This is one of the most dangerous tentacles of the Global Octopus.  I want readers to view the two videos below and see if you can see the governmental hypocrisy...the goal of which is to destroy the concept of private ownership:

Property Owners Harassed and Threatened
by Government on their own land

a)  First, we have a government office in California threatening and and harassing individuals who own property in a desert that may or may not be slated for development

and juxtaposed to this, in the video below,

b)  we have public lands adjacent to a California highway that are blighted with squatters.

California Homeless Problem

What are the dots connecting the above two videos?  Both are examples of fundamental disregard for property law.  In the first case, the government is imposing arcane by-laws to strip property owners of their right to "quiet enjoyment" of their lands.  In the second case, the government is ignoring by-laws prohibiting littering and squatting...not to mention creating risks to public health by allowing open air sewage.  Just imagine what would happen if the homeless squatters in the video above decided to set up their tents on land belonging to, say, Raytheon, or Lockheed Martin.  Because it's public shows the government's distain for the public...not protecting the public's taxpayer-funded land.

6,  Finally, I want to turn to the current manipulation of the IOC vis a vis the banning of Russian Athletes from participating in the South Korean Games this month.  NYC geopolitical analysis, Michael Averko  recently e-mailed me the following lists of "lessons" written by Ronald Katz, from the recent contrived vendetta against Russia.  When I read the list below, it struck me that each point mentioned is, in and of itself a Fundamental Principle of Law.  That each principle was contravened in the setting up of Russia shows how insidious and pervasive the law-destroying perps are.  Please read the following and I will have final thoughts to follow:


"Excellent overview of the flawed approach taken by The NYT, WADA and IOC:

6 Lessons From The Chaos Surrounding Russian Athletes

By Ronald Katz (February 2, 2018)

The decisions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport clearing 28 Russian athletes and partially clearing 11 others have thrown the Pyeongchang Olympics into chaos less than two weeks before they begin. Previously banned athletes have been cleared by the CAS to compete, but the International Olympic Committee has not yet indicated whether it will allow such competition. It is unfortunate because this problem could have been avoided by following well-known practices in jurisprudence, which are set out below.

1. Time for Deliberation Is Crucial to the Administration of Justice

This process started in May 2016 with an article in the New York Times exposing an alleged state-sponsored doping scheme by Russia. The article in large part depended on the word of an informant, who admittedly was at the center of this alleged scheme. The informant was enabled by a filmmaker, who ended up making a film on this subject, "Icarus," which is nominated for an Academy Award.
Because the article came out approximately two months before the Rio Olympics, the IOC had to decide what, if anything, could be done before that event. The IOC commissioned a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which assigned the report to a Canadian law professor.
To write such a report on years of evidence involving hundreds of athletes in less than two months was an impossible task. Nonetheless, the report, which claimed to establish state-sponsored doping by Russia, had a tremendous impact, resulting in the banning of dozens of individual Russian athletes with no proof of their individual guilt.
Clearly the lesson here is that a rush to justice is not the same as justice. It would have been much better to have given WADA an adequate amount of time to compile this important report, even if the report had come out after the Rio Olympics.
2. Individual Proof of Guilt Is Essential Before Punishment Is Administered
As noted above, dozens of Russian athletes were punished before the Rio Olympics without proof of their individual wrongdoing. Such punishment without proof of guilt violates the norms of any civilized judicial system. What makes this situation even worse is that the punishment was later extended from athletes trying to compete in the Rio Summer Olympics to athletes trying to compete in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Without individual proof of guilt, it is not surprising that, after the IOC banned Russia from competing in Pyeongchang, the IOC allowed approximately 169 “Olympic Athletes from Russia” to compete in Pyeongchang. 
Regarding 28 cases in which there was apparently some evidence of guilt, it is not surprising that the CAS has has now cleared those athletes to compete. The CAS is a deliberative body not as easily influenced by the headlines as the more political IOC. The CAS clearance of these athletes is, in fact, a rebuke to the whole process that has led to this chaotic situation.
3. Informants Are Not Necessarily Reliable Sources of Evidence
Informants often, as was the case here, have committed bad acts. In this case the informant admittedly was at the center of the alleged state-sponsored doping, including the alleged destruction of over 1,000 urine samples. Also, like most informants, the informant in this case wanted protection from the authorities to whom he was informing. This informant is now in the witness protection program in the United States.
Improper motivation, of course, does not mean that the evidence offered by an informant is not true. What it does mean, however, is that, more than most evidence, it needs solid independent confirmation. Whether there was such confirmation in this case has been a subject of great debate. The CAS decisions clearing 28 Russian athletes are a clear indication that the independent confirmation of the informant was inadequate. Furthermore, the fact that the informant was enabled by a film maker, who is profiting from this situation with an Academy-Award-nominated film, casts further doubt on the situation.
4. Decision-Making Should Be Straightforward, Not Dispersed
Decision-making about the Russian athletes has been done by a number of organizations in an unsynchronized manner. WADA had made recommendations to the IOC, which has delegated some decision-making to international sporting organizations, all of which is subject to review by the CAS. The results, not surprisingly, have been inconsistent. WADA has been adamant that punishment should occur without regard to guilt, the IOC has allowed some athletes to compete and not others, the international sporting organizations have done the same, and so has the CAS. It would be a much better, more streamlined system if only the IOC made decisions about who could compete, subject to judicial review by the CAS that the IOC decision was supported by substantial evidence on the record.
5. Decision-Making Should Be Transparent
Not only did WADA depend on an informant, but also its reports contain evidence from anonymous witnesses. Recently when the IOC authorized over 150 Russian athletes to compete in Pyeongchang, it did so based on testing that was not described in such a way that it could be confirmed. Such opaque decision-making on subjects of intense international interest simply does not and cannot inspire the confidence that is necessary for any judicial system to operate.
6. Cases Should Not Be Tried in the Press The New York Times did not distinguish itself with its coverage of this matter. Its lengthy front-page article that started this series of events was based almost completely on the word of the informant. It cast little doubt on him even though an earlier WADA report had questioned his credibility, a fact not mentioned in the Times article. The continuing coverage seemed to present Russian state-sponsored doping as a fact rather than to seriously explore whether there was proof that individual athletes had actually violated doping rules. Given the Times’ preeminent position in the press, there can be little doubt that its coverage played a part in this rush to injustice.
The sad thing about the lessons above is that they are all obvious and well-established norms of jurisprudence. Hopefully they will be followed in the future.
Ronald S. Katz is of counsel at GCA Law Partners LLP in Mountain View, California. He recently co-authored the book "Sport, Ethics and Leadership," which was published by Routledge. In 2016, he was a Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow at Stanford University. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the firm, its clients, or Portfolio Media Inc., or any of its or their respective affiliates. This article is for general information purposes and is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice.

Greencrow says:  The Examples above--of Systematic, Systemic, Pervasive and Relentless lawlessness in today's world is a very short list of what's going on.  Everywhere I look, the bile rises in my throat at the "in your face", "rub your noses in it" flaunting of laws.  The biggest lawbreakers are the ones entrusted to uphold and maintain the law.  In order of power the lawbreakers are:

Government Agencies like CIA, FBI, DNS, CSIS, etc.
Scientists and Big Pharma
So-called "Journalists"

Formerly respected, the above "professions" are now so contaminated with corruption that they should all be formally disbanded as organized entities.  The deliberate destruction of the Rule of Law begins slowly, with the flaunting of by-laws and property rights...then escalates to human rights and international Law.  Education plays a huge role.  Children should be taught the Principles of Law and Justice (as enumerated by Katz, above) from the earliest grades.  The fact that children in the West are exposed to such TV shows as "24 Hours" and other CSI type TV programs where the Rule of Law is Routinely other pornographic "entertainment"...makes it no wonder society is in a downward spiral.  The above-described flaunting of the law can only end up with a world full of chaos and violence.  Without the protection of the Rule of Law, soon..we in the West will all be living like the Libyans are now living...or like the citizens are living in Mosul, Iraq.  You have been warned.