Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Canadian Dick Head wants his Pound of Russian Flesh

IOC Board Members Canadian Dick Pound
and German Gerardo Werthein

Canadian IOC Member Dick Pound's appointment to a position of responsibility on the IOC--is a relic from a time when Canada used to have a decent International Reputation as a sovereign country.  Nowadays, any respectable International Organization would be wise to think twice about appointing any Canadian to its board.  Ever since Canada got sucked into the black hole vortex of the "Five Eyes" vassal states...all any Canadian official is able to do is behave like an abject, craven sock puppet for the MosCIAd.  This is a role The Dick Head of Canada's Olympic Committee is able to slip into with the ease of a CIA asset...which he most likely has been all his adult life.

Please read
the latest gambit of Pound in this morning's CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

From the CBC

"Canada's Dick Pound, fellow IOC member trade barbs at meeting

Doping storm threatens to blow through IOC meetings ahead of Pyeongchang Winter Games

Canada's Dick Pound, the longest serving member of the International Olympic Committee, got into a heated verbal exchange with fellow member Gerardo Werthein during a meeting Tuesday in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

A lawyer and former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Pound was among more than a dozen to air views in what he called "the matter of Russian doping activities."

IOC president Thomas Bach called it "a lively and spirited debate" with the Winter Games set to open Friday.

Bach faced a barrage of criticism, and entrenched support, from about 100 members over the decision to exclude many Russian athletes from the Games.

"I believe that in the collective mind of a significant portion of the world, and among the athletes of the world, the IOC has not only failed to protect athletes, but has made it possible for cheating athletes to prevail against the clean athletes," Pound said, describing the IOC's world as a "comfortable cocoon."

"We talk more than we walk," said Pound. "The athletes and the public at large ... no longer have confidence that their interests are being protected. Our commitment to both is in serious doubt. With respect, I don't think we can talk our way out of this problem."

Werthein sides with Bach

Werthein jumped in, siding with Bach and going directly after Pound with the other 100 members listening

"For some reason if Mr. Pound doesn't agree, then it's wrong," said Werthein. "We have to understand that this is not Mr. Pound's organization. But this is the IOC."

Werthein went on, calling what some of what Pound said "very unfair."

"He makes statements that create an environment of doubt," said Werthein. "In one way it discredits the work that is being done in the IOC."​

Pound then asked for time to respond. And he shot back.

"I think it's extremely inappropriate to turn this in to an ad hominem [a character attack]," said Pound. "The fact I have a different opinion from others … does not mean I am not entitled to the opinion. I think it's very unfortunate in a collegial gathering like this to suggest that I am not entitled to give that opinion."

Russian ban could overshadow Games

As Pound and Werthein clashed, 32 Russian athletes on Tuesday filed yet more appeals with the Court of Arbitration for Sport seeking spots in the Games. The 32 failed to pass IOC vetting and were not invited.

The CAS decision is expected on Wednesday.

"We're not fearful in any way," said IOC spokesperson Mark Adams. "We wait for the decision tomorrow. We're very confident with the stance we've taken."

The IOC expects 168 Russian athletes who have been deemed "clean" to participate in the games under the banner of "Olympic Athletes from Russia," absent any national flags, uniforms or national logos.

The contentious issue of the Russian ban, and the way it was handled by the IOC, threatens to overshadow the Games themselves with 3,000 athletes expected to compete.

"We have to change and learn from this difficult situation," Bach said.

The IOC will hope to shift the focus to good news as North Korean and South Korean athletes compete alongside each other under a symbolic deal aimed at easing tension on the Korean peninsula.

With files from Stephen Wade, The Associated Press"


Greencrow says
:  There's no country on the planet that would profit more from a positive, productive relationship with Russia than it's northern neighboUr, Canada. Canada and Russia have a close and natural affinity due to our arctic environment, culture and our mutual love of ice hockey.

Canada and Russia could work together to build northern infrastructure like the "Silk Road Highway" that Russia has proposed through Siberia, across Alaska and through Northern Canada down to the industrial South Eastern North America. Our indigenous peoples could profit and be released from their isolation and economic penury.

But No! Canada is not ALLOWED to have a positive relationship with Russia. Precisely because it would be to the mutual economic benefit [and military security] of both Countries. Canada must remain in its designated (for now) role as the "Backyard of the US that has not been landscaped yet". We must be the hewers of wood and drawers of water...and cheap resource source for the international corporate behemothz.  Canada's neophyte sovereignty, such as it was, was long ago sacrificed to the globalist neocon agenda.  The resurrected "Cold War" against Russia is high up on the neocon agenda--using economic sanctions, military threats...and isolation via the "propaganda of humiliation".

Dick Pound has been assigned the role of humiliating Russia via the IOC...in doing so he is also a humiliation and an embarrassment to Canada. Everyone knows what he's doing and who he's acting on behalf of...and it's NOT Canada...and it's NOT the IOC. 

So, in the exchange between Pound and the German representative reported on above...some of the truth, resentment and frustration bubbles to the surface. The IOC is being USED by the perps to further their agenda against the sovereign and recalcitrant Russia. It WILL destroy the Olympic Movement if it is left unchecked. We all know that. But don't expect Canada to put a lid on Pound...we don't have any say in the matter. Just ask le Dauphin.


Anonymous said...

'Go Pills' for Fighter Pilots.. No Pills for High Jumpers,, sigh. Crusty Curmudgeons have ruined almost everything. My Childhood high hopes were soon smashed.
Son of Pierre Jewdeau has us in Ukraine eh. 'Slime Minister' grrr
I Demand Canada Vacate Ukraine, NOW,.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Canada will be in Kiev Junta Ukraine so long as Canadian Foreign Minister, pro Nazi supporting Chrystia Freeland, has anything to say about it.