Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reflections on my 1000th Post


This coming July, 2018 it will be five years since my retirement and commencement of blogging full time. This is my 1000th post. Time for a brief reflection on what has happened in blogging since I started and how blogging has/has not changed my viewpoint.

If anything, the world relies more on alternative writers and journalists than ever. The Main$tream Media has been totally gutted of "journalists". There are no Gary Webbs anymore. TV newz is a running Jerry Springer-style circus. In the last five years we've lost a lot of great bloggers too. I will mention the ones I personally interacted with first: Some passed away, like many will remember him? And Kenny from "Kenny's Sideshow..." Both of these bloggers were early mentors to me...personally encouraging me and showing me "how it's done". Then there were those who fell by the wayside...gave up on "12th Bough" and "Whitewraithe"...very good accumulators of alternate news...but perhaps unable to withstand the stressors of dealing with the subject matter, the servers and the trolls--and wondering whether the last two were one and the same : ( Two factors can discourage a blogger...caring about STATS and wondering how blogging can/could affect your reputation/career. Since I don't have an employer anymore and don't believe Blogger stats...I've become a survivor.

Sadly, I have not changed my viewpoint on any geopolitical issue since I started blogging. I already knew who the perps behind 9/11, and all the resulting wars, were...and I had already lost faith in the so-called justice systems of the world (national and international) to clean up the swamp. But I blog on...because I know that the perps are affected by "truth trends"...I can see it in my manipulated stats. When I post something that is particularly "truthy"...something on a hot button topic that everyone is reading stats are incongruously suppressed. In fact, that's how you know anything about what's going on via the main$tream read it backwards. I've written about this strategy for years. That's how I read the BBC "voice of Satan" reports. Like this morning, for example...they're gloating over the Russian airliner that went down, killing all aboard. You know the "accident" was likely the latest in a series of contrived passenger crashes in Russia.

Which leads me to prognosticating on the future of blogging and of geopolitics. I hope to blog as long as I physically and mentally can. More than anything...I hope not to suddenly die like Kenny and not be able to say goodbye to my readers. I hope if something happens to me I'll be able to give a quick heads up and "fare thee well". Till then, I will be covering stuff--like the paragraphs and links below that were kindly e-mailed to me by my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) just this morning. Please read the latest on the mushrooming [metaphor is intentional] crisis in the Middle East and I will have final thoughts to follow:

"… the only person in the world who can order Bibi to stand down is Putin. The US is powerless as its politicians are all obviously bribed and blackmailed by the Khazar billionaires, and Trump Derangement Syndrome has made things even worse by intentionally hobbling the President (who, of course, is also hobbled by the President Jared problem).

Comment by jdledell at Sic Semper Tyrannis:
"The F-16's came out of Ramat David air base. The plane that was shot down was an F-16 C from the 110th squadron. My nephew flys F-16 D's from the 109th squadron also based at Ramat David. He reports that his instructions were to watch out for (and run from) any Russian aircraft. Frankly, the IAF was not concerned with any anti-aircraft missiles and gave pilots no information about their location before the they entered Syrian airspace and no information on the S-400's at all. "

"Downed Russian Warplane Illustrates Enduring Danger of US-Backed Terrorism" (Cartalucci). Eventually one of these missiles is going to take down a passenger plane thus permanently ruining the commercial aviation business in much of the world. Perhaps that's the plan.

AT 2/11/2018 08:07:00 AM

[Ed: That didn’t happen when the USS Vincennes blasted Iran Air…. it’s just term collateral damage and an apology is issued and a million-dollar research contract is let to prevent further accidents. In that case, it was TADMUS.]

Analysis: The open war with Iran has begun - Middle East - Jerusalem Post


Greencrow comments:  The perps love to combine the Worldwide "Celebration of Youth" with a worldwide celebration of blood spilled by violence. They associate the two in their pedophilic/bloodthirsty brains. That's why the Olympics is always accompanied by a war dance and a cowardly, vampire-like attack.

All I can say about the future is that, having a life partner who's normal response to any geopolitical crisis is: "Will it affect the Golf Channel? So long as the Golf Channel's still up...I'm not going to worry about it." I hope that when the Nuclear Armageddon finally happens...and we all see that bright, white flash...and, yes, the Golf Channel does, finally, go black...I will be able to make a second's worth of eye contact with him...and mouth the final words..."I told you so!".

Until then, It's onwards and downwards.


Anonymous said...

You said
you read it backwards. I've written about this strategy for years. That's how I read

That is what I do when political people speak
Take the vice prez in Korea
In a soundbite
He said everything will go back to normal after Olympics
He is guilty of human rights

He vice prez
Your government is much more guilty on human rights
The train track video I sent shows that
The one that gets me the most is people picking up dog doo doo
In Amerika
You have to pick up dog dooo doo
The politicians should tell them to go home and bake it in the oven for it is good for you
I am sure they would start to do that
To me
That is a major human rights violation and very laughable
I actually feel sorry for some as I watch them pick it up
But I digress
When Bush was speaking about all of Saddamm of Iraq crimes
I flipped it and realized he was speaking about his own country
It works for people also
I know finger pointers who were actually guilty of stuff while they pointed the finger
They made the news for it
But they were actually political players of a community
I do relate

Penny said...

Hey GC
wanted to thank you for the link too previous post..
congrats on your 1000th post.
I hope your able to carry on as long as possible as well
I still think of Kenny- super guy :)

I'll soon hit my tenth year anniversary- it boggles the mind

I suspect the Syrian situation is set to escalate. Sadly

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

When MOST people read the M$M backwards...will they play it forwards again?

Just askin'


greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the well wishes...I feel a little bit less pressure now that I've hit 1000 least nobody can say I was just a flash in the pan.

Let us know when you hit 10 years. That's a milestone.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Congrats on your 1000th post..

Hopefully you will continue with your fine work!

greencrow said...

Thanks NTS.. you and Penny are my main support on this "trip" into the unknown.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure which went down first??
The fighter jet or the passanger jet in Moscow???
But would that be a retaliation???
In that case
Netandingdong is not standing down
Just a possible truth??

John Zahn said...

Thank is an interesting journey...