Thursday, February 1, 2018

Putin Steals Cracker Jack Box Ring?

Superbowl Ring

This morning I discovered a somewhat amusing comment left in my In-basket on a recent post.  The commenter "Anonymous" accused Vladimir Putin of stealing a Superbowl Ring.  There have been a lot of travesties of justice recently...but this has to be one of the more supercilious ones.  Why Vladimir Putin would even want such a Cracker Jack box piece of the first question that pops into the mind of anyone--who hasn't been brainwashed by the American KultUre into a lifetime of picking lint out of their collective national naval.

Putin has always championed his own Russian sports culture and is a black belt Master in Judo.  He's not interested in that pufter National Football League "sport", football...that has grossly overweight and out-of-condition men running headlong into one another (getting concussed) in tight florescent pants.  All this...while mildly pornographic "cheer leaders" bounce and twerk from the sidelines. So, hey, shoot me, I'm NOT a football fan.

A more likely scenario than the one described in the link posted in the first paragraph that the Kraft gentleman was trying to suck up to Putin at some public/social event in Moscow...and forced the ring into Putin's hands...and Putin, ever the diplomatic gentleman, didn't want to offend so reluctantly accepted the piece of junk.

It is really pathetic.  Putin, who, ever since his days as a low-level government administrator and political assistant... has always maintained a reputation for scrupulous honesty and accused of stealing something of little or no value in Russia.  His enemies (which now includes the US Deep State) have tried and tried but have never been able to pin anything on him other than a predeliction for collecting "expensive watches".

So now the sheeple class are so stupid that they believe Putin has turned down billions in bribes from Russian oligarchs and foreign governments...but yet stole a piece-of-garbage Superbowl Ring?  As I said to the commenter on my blog...Americans really have to stop this national obsession of picking the lint out of their own collective naval...before it's too late!

The world's moving on and you're missing the last stage out of town.

Cracker Jack Ring


Northerntruthseeker said...

Honestly, this is one of the most ridiculous things I have seen in a while..

I can see the Jew, Robert "Kraft", lying his ass off here just to try to stir up trouble for Russia by using the "Super Bowl" and this bullshit story about a "stolen ring" as the means to vilify Putin....And it will prbobably work since most Americans are too stupid for their own good and rather than think about the criminality of their own government are instead concentrating on the sickness of the NFL.... Pathetic indeed...

Ed(itor) said...

Come to your senses, woman. Everyone has known for decades that, since his days in the KGB, Putin's night-time job has been that of the HamBurglar.

Ed(itor) said...

NTS, it does occur to me (and I live in PatriotNation) that the SUper Bowl is a NSSM event. Local TV shows are fawning over themselves giving reports from the commend center staffed by everyone from everywhere.

greencrow said...

I must confess to having close relatives who go down to Seattle to watch the Seahawks. The last time I paid attention to Football was back when the coach of the Seattle Seahawks came out for 9/11 truth...Now THAT took guts!

But, in honoUr of Ed(itor) I've pledged my support for the Patriots...but probably won't watch the game.

Anonymous said...

The Patriots is run like a tight ship
A system of discipline
Like an army camp
Anyone who serves should love the principals of this machine
I once typed to Northern and said he should follow them and listen to the pregame interviews and after game interviews
Maybe he could apply the winning mentality in the fight against your enemy??
It is positive thinking
It is never give up
Play the full game with energy
You could see that with Seattle
They are so over practiced.that last play of the game for interception I heard him in interview ,he said he was anticipating that play from watching so much tape ,that is called never give up
The folding of Atlanta last year
The play calling and the never give up paid off
Most of the big guys,there muscle turns to fat but the leaner ones have total rock solid arms and legs,nothing but muscle
I have tuned in and when they show close ups I always analyze the body structure
I would swear the Patriots coach would be a great leader of a concentration camp
You do anything wrong
Your traded
Do that under Hitler
You go to the Russian front
You do not do your job
Your traded
You speak out
Your traded
You not a team player
Your traded
Jullien Eddleman the slot receiver of the Patriots
He is a tiny guy
But his body is rock solid
He is injured this year
He is far from fat and overweight
I believe you speak of the lineman that rush or protect the quarterback
Those men are fat and overweight,but some are muscle
Jullien is a j e w
They had another guy before Jullien
Same position Wes Walker
Tiny,quick and rock solid
They have to be that way to survive
I am not a football fan either
But I am guilty of tuning in and watching parts of games
Everyone around here watched
The roads become like a holiday where if you go out,where is everyone
Drive by houses
They all have the television on watching
Yes I have peaked through open non shaded windows with the television looking out
You can not help but notice if you turn your head while driving by

Ed(itor) said...

Thanks, GC. Anonymous is right on. I've said Belichick ought to run the US military and let the rest of the incomps retire. Or the State Department., Or ... well, you get the point. He simply flat outworks and outthinks his opponents. I don't watch much football either. When I was a kid, I used the NFL Strategy tabletop game designed by Cleveland QB Ryan (a math Ph.D.) to play en entire simulated NFL schedule (back when the league was much smaller). It taught me to chart tendencies. It was my introduction to simulation gaming. After that, real football is boring. I tune in to the game only for the NFL and only late in the season or the playoff to watch what for me is a foregone conclusion. He allows the other team to go ahead so he can better discern and dissect what they do and when and how, and then he makes adjustments; Brady, his brain on the field, is a master of it as well. How many consecutive come-from-behind victories do people need to see before they "get" it?

Anonymous said...

That is what I see also
He just studies film as one player from another team says click click click, a reference to watching tape.
I only have watched games to see if the referees are in the pocket of the owner Bob Kraft
I do not know the rules
The talking heads doing the game,seem to say them,then contradict them
So my conclusion watching them
Maybe,i seen a few calls that changed point strategy and in close games
Brady uses intellect but he is no god the way the local media is potraying
But this team over prepares cuz all they want to do is win
If you people want to win your battle
Over prepare and counter with the enemies game plan
Study there traits and habits
And counterattack
Last night on ESPN
The show 30 30
It was an hour and half docu with interview of the two
I watched
Very interesting
They will run it again
Lot of insight
The owner Bob Kraft is also in with a lot of soundbites
Very very interesting
In the end
It is clock management and counter attackes that win
All the fans around here have a cocky attitude when they speak about the other teams saying how dumb they are or stupid of play calling of the opponent
It is an attitude
Thank you editor
For complementing me
You people are so much more educated and out of my league
I am trying to step into your peoples league
It is like pro football players playing the high school
They try
But there is a definite difference
I am trying
My opinion
I have insight
But very illiterate
Sometimes I struggle reading what you people type
I read over and over till I get it
Slap me silly and pinch me
Toooooo much info
That is my MO
I wear it on my sleave
And do not put the phony mask on

greencrow said...

Hi Anony:

I haven't a clue what you're talking about when you discuss football...

But when you're saying you're trying to "step into your peoples league"....all we are are folks like you...just trying to speak up when the emperor obviously has no clothes on...