Friday, February 16, 2018

Political Interference of Olympian Proportions

USrael would win the Gold Medal if
there was a category for "Destructive
Political Interference" in a
Non-political event

I'm still adhering to my avowed boycott of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.  It's not hard to maintain the boycott because I feel sickened by the mere sight of anything Olympian due to the crass exploitation of the event for USrael Deep State purposes. Their project in this case is the ongoing systemic isolation of Russia internationally.  Never, in the history of humanity, has a nation been subjected to such blatant undeserved humiliation based on false premises--as has happened to Russia during these Olympics.  And the world is silent.  Russia, IMO, has taken absolutely the right tack...soldiering on with participation of its athletes in the events.  I suspect they are hoping that blow back from the unsportsmanlike attack...such as it is...will fling back into the faces of the perpetrators.

Paul Craig Roberts has written an excellent update and analysis of the situation.  Please read the relevant snippet from his post copied below... and I will have final thoughts to follow:


The #MeToo Movement Will Produce Victims of Its Own

From the standpoint of the #MeToo movement, the wrong country was banned from the Olympics. It should have been the US, not Russia. According to MeToo women, the US Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics covered up Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of US athletes for years.
In contrast, the Russian doping scandal appears to be an orchestration by Washington as part of its ongoing policy to isolate Russia.
The entire story of systematic government-sponsored doping of Russian athletes rests essentially on the unconfirmed story of one person—the person running the alleged doping program. Curiously, this person fled Russia to the US and “confessed.” He is hidden somewhere under US protection. Why would the person running a doping program do this? Perhaps because it wasn’t a state-sponsored program, and authorities were hot on his heels. Did he confess to Americans so as not to be handed over to the Russians for prosecution?
Some of the Russian-bashers claim that more evidence comes from non-doping Russian athletes who claimed they were disadvantaged by the state doping program. This means that they were not included in the program. How then could it have been an all-inclusive state-sponsored program?
The Court of Arbitration for Sport has cleared many of the banned Russian athletes of the false charge. Nevertheless the International Olympic Committee refused to admit the cleared athletes to the games. Faced with the intrusion of US foreign policy into the Olympic games, the court’s spokesperson backed off. He said that the absence of any evidence of the athletes guilt does not mean that the athletes are innocent. In other words, guilty by accusation until proven innocent.
Is there any Western institution that is not corrupt? ..."
Yes, the real travesty of the Russia humiliation is that it sits in stark contrast to the many, many examples of American sports they say..."They wrote the book".  Even in my lifetime I can remember the furor over steroids in professional sports in the US.  Remember the baseball steroid scandal?  Why, Jamaican born Ben Johnson, one of Canada's most famous Olympians had to give up his gold medal due to a doping scandal....lemeeeethink...was there any collective punishment to Canada?  No. Is there a comparable example from Russia in the lead-up to the current controversy?  I think not.
And then, we have the most infamous case of drug use in sports history.  I will name the individual in that decades long scandal where hundreds of international competitors in the sport of bicycle road racing were systemically denied their victories.  All along the perpetrator, who denied for decades that he was using drugs, was being financially supported by the American Taxpayer under cover of the "US Postal Service".  Was there any collective punishment?  Has any Russian done anything even close to what this individual did?  
I rest my case.

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