Thursday, February 15, 2018

Is Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland Lying about Meeting Putin?

Dutch Foreign Minister had to resign recently
after lying about attending meeting with Putin
- Canadian Foreign Minister has also
made braggadocio statements about contacts
with Russia - Why Can't Canada be as lucky as the Dutch!

There are very few foot soldiers in the campaign against rampant Russophobia other than myself and Moscow based American blogger, John Helmer.  Helmer is one of those writers, like Gary Brecher of "War Nerd" who feel comfortable writing truthiness from the cold reaches of Russia.  It is ironic that what readers will read below was actually written in won't find such truthiness in the matter how many wars the Pentagon fights for "Democracy".

So, Please Read Helmer's connection of the dots between the recent resignation of the Dutch Foreign Minister for Lying about Canada's Foreign Minister NOT resigning...but carrying on with impunity her toxic tax-payer funded personal vendetta against all things Russian...but particularly Russia's president, Vladimir Putin.  On the one hand she never misses a chance to (pathetically, as in the recent International Meeting in Vancouver to come up with sanctions against North Korea) dismiss the importance of Russia in it's own region and internationally...while on the other hand...mislead Canadians and pretend to be relevant.... by lying about her interactions with Putin and other Russian officials.  I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:

By John Helmer, Moscow

The Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra (lead image, left) resigned his post this week after admitting he had publicly and repeatedly lied that he had met with President Vladimir Putin when he had not done so.  

[Greencrow says:  here's a video of the Dutch PM resigning...a "broken man" (TM) if ever there was one

It's all in Dutch...but basically he's saying:  "I'm crying
not because I lied...but because I got caught."]

The Dutch press, which initiated the investigation exposing the lie, reports that in his resignation speech to the Dutch parliament  Zijlstra confessed “the biggest mistake of my political life…The Netherlands deserves a minister who is above any doubt.”

In Canada, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland (right) – appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in January 2017 — has been lying about meeting President Putin when she did not.

No Canadian newspaper has investigated Freeland’s lying, and she has expanded the lie to meetings with other Russian officials, which also did not happen.  The Toronto Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) have also failed to report Zijlstra’s resignation for his Putin lie; their editors blocked the Reuters  and Bloomberg  wire reports, which have been running on Canadian newsroom screens,  from appearing in print.   

The lie, which Zijlstra started during election campaigning in 2006 in The Netherlands and repeated over the decade following,  was compounded because Zijlstra also claimed he had heard Putin say  Russia was making territorial claims on Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic states as part of a “Greater Russia”. Putin said nothing of the sort. Neither had the Shell oil company executive, who told Zijlstra what he had heard Putin remark at a meeting with Dutch executives.  Zijlstra had fabricated what his source told him in order to exaggerate his importance to Dutch voters, and make the Russian threat he had conjured  a vote-winner for himself. In 2006 Zijlstra was elected to the Dutch House of Representatives for the first time. He was re-elected in 2012, and appointed foreign minister in October 2017.   

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, whose reporting forced the removal of Zijlstra,  concluded that  Zijlstra’s lie  “ha[s] exploded in his face… His attempt to reinvent himself as a senior diplomat stranded by a lie [makes him] an ambitious politician who told one story too much.”

In Canada, Zijlstra’s counterpart as foreign minister is Chrystia Freeland . She too has been repeatedly lying in public about meeting  Putin.  Initially, her motive was the same as Zijlstra’s – to exaggerate her own importance and qualification to be foreign minister. 

In an interview with CBC News in Toronto on January 13, 2017, three days after her promotion to  foreign minister, Freeland declared: “So I’ve spoken with the top guy [Putin] in Russia quite recently and we spoke in Russian and we had quite a long conversation.” This was a lie — Freeland had not met Putin. The story of the lie, and Freeland’s efforts to get the Canadian media to repeat it as if true, was first told here.   This was published in April of 2017. Since then no Canadian medium has investigated the truth, or challenged Freeland to admit it.

With the encouragement of reporters from the Canadian media,  Freeland has continued to lie about her Russian meetings. Here, in May 2017, she was lying again: “I had quite a few productive conversations with Minister Lavrov, both last night over supper and today”.   For the full story, read this.

Freeland pre-positions photographer to give Canadians
false impression she had some words with Russians at an
International Event

Source: Freeland’s Twitter feed, May 13, 2017, showing Freeland with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (centre) and Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak (left). The encounter lasted seconds during a coffee-break at an Arctic Council meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska. Freeland had pre-positioned her photographer; the Russian officials didn’t have time to raise their cups to their mouths.  
For the archive of more Freeland lies as a minister of state, click to open

Why can't Canadians be lucky like the Dutch!

The Dutch foreign minister was easily gotten rid of because he was caught in a lie about Putin just before having to make his first diplomatic mission to Moscow.  Of course, we know that Freeland has already been banned from travelling to there's no chance that all her fibs will come back to haunt her prior to any such similar diplomatic mission.

No!  Canadians will have to endure several more years of the little twit(ter follower) mincing her way up to Lavrov at International Meetings with her photographer in tow and staging fake photos of her "talking to the Russians".  Why do we have to put up with this Crap!?


Reading between the lines said...

"Why do we have to put up with this crap"
Because Canada opened it's doors to Ukrainian immigration to the extent that they form a very big voting block in the Canadian prairies especially .Many brought with them much hate also , especially for anything Russian .I would definitely cheer if Freeland was forced to resign because of her skulduggery , but I won't hold my breath .

greencrow said...


The real culprits are the Canadian media, like CBC and CTV that continue to give Freeland a pass on her lies, exaggerations and collusion with the Russophobes of the US Deep State/Soros.