Thursday, February 1, 2018

FALSE FLAG ALERT!!! - An FF is the only thing that can distract from...."the Memo"

The likelihood of a False Flag
is rated "Extreme" for tomorrow
Friday, February 2, 2018

The last time the False Flag "stars" were in alignment to this extent was September 10, 2001 when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced several TRILLION dollar$ had gone missing from the Pentagon Budget.  All those trillion$ were never spoken of again after the 9/11 False Flag atrocity that killed thousands and started two wars that killed and displaced millions.

Trump has said he will release the "memo" tomorrow.  How fortuitous would it be for some equally distracting and terrorizing event to occur on the "very same day"?  Oh, and the False Flag, if it occurs, will probably have the following characteristics:

1.  There will be a simultaneous "drill" going on with the same fact situation playing out;

2.  If there are patsies...they will all be conveniently killed;

3.  The Main$tream Media will coinkadynkally be "filming" in the same location around the same time and just happen to "capture" the event...OTOH...even if there are hundreds of citizens with cell phones around...NONE of them will capture what went down...likewise any CCTV cameras in the vicinity;

4.  The Russians will be responsible and Putin will have given the order;

5.  If there is a bomb(s) involved and ISIS takes responsibility...NOBODY in the US will connect the dots between ISIS and it's parent...the CIA;

6.  Israel be an innocent bystander...but will just one of the very few entities on the planet to benefit from the event in a qui bono-ish kind of way...again...nobody will connect the dots.

7.  No matter whether any government agencies can be found directly or indirectly responsible for the False omission or commission...nobody will be arrested or in any way held to account for mistakes leading to the FF.

8.  For whatever reason, certain entities will stand to make a "windfall" profit due to the events...see #6 for more details;

9.  After the "official investigation" of the False Flag....a poorly written, Grade Five level, fairy tale of a report will be released. Nobody will read past the first page and that will be the end of the inquiry.

10.  All the victim's families will be paid off on the taxpayer's dime.  Any families who don't go along will be threatened and/or intimidated....likewise any survivor witnesses who oppose the "official story".


HPrice ( said...

I don't think the memo will be released now. And if it does, I have heard that a number of people on committees are going to come out with other stuff which will seriously embarrass the Republicans.

In the last hour or so, I was told that the White House thinks that the memo is "lame". They're the ones that were behind this. Them, and Russia ... so why do they think it's lame? Because it's utter nonsense and they know that so now they're giving themselves a rather pathetic excuse not to release it.

So I don't think it's going to be released. But I could be wrong ...

ps that Nunes guy ... holy heck, he's going to jail for a long time after all this is over. Traitor ...

greencrow said...

HPrice says:

"...They're [the White House] the ones that were behind this. Them, and Russia ... so why do they think it's lame? Because it's utter nonsense and they know that so now they're giving themselves a rather pathetic excuse not to release it."

Anyone who believes that Russia (Putin) is in cahoots in any way with the United States has obviously drank the Kool-Aid. It's too bad Americans don't do research into Putin's historical modus operendi...the secret of his success is that he's incorruptible...and that means hands OFF re the US "tar baby".

greencrow said...

Tar Baby?

Greg Bacon said...

'Bout time for another Allahu Akbar™ FF special, but we've been told that the CIA/MOSSAD backed ISIS is no longer a threat, but Russia and China are the ones to lose sleep over.

Little too cold out for their pets, the Antifa thugs, to light some place up, they'll be training others how to wreck a train or set off an IED, knowledge which they got from their Syrian ISIS buds.

Don't think Israel will have some cut-outs flying jets into skyscrapers, but one never knows with those blood-lust bastards.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Yes, this "Memo" comes along during an unusually long lull in the parade of False Flags that has taken place with clockwork regularity since 9/11.

Perhaps they are retooling.

Or, perhaps the "Memo" itself is a false flag...i.e., a real dud that justified weeks of 24/7 media media frenzy...a distraction from the foaming corruption that's oozing like a pus-filled boil on the rump of USrael.