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CawRANT Events #62

CawRANT Events #62

Good morning everybody!  It's a cold (-1) Monday in the Pacific North West.  We've had some daytime thawing of the huge dump of snow that took place Friday/Saturday and so the roads are quite treacherous with icey conditions.  There was a big pileup of trucks and cars on the Coquihalla Highway this morning....and I have to go out on the roads to drive to my carving class this afternoon.

But in the meantime, there's so much to discuss in this CawRANT events that I'd better get started:

Canadian Newz

First of all, I'm still savouring and chuckling over the "Emperor's New Clothes" debacle that took place last week in India over Prime Minister ("le dauphin") Trudeau's junket to that BRICS nation.

The Emperor's New Clothes

It just gets worse and worse...but, as I always say, when you don't have to take responsibility for's going to be like water off a duck's back for the Liberals.

Some reporter for the CBC interviewed the knave at the heart of the scandal, dual Canadian/Indian citizen, Sikh activist Jaspal Atwal, over the past weekend and the convicted attempted murderer says, interestingly, that he's a "personal longtime friend" of Trudeau's and they've met on several occasion, once, Trudeau even sat in Atwal's car and had a chat with him!

Most astonishingly, Atwal says that he's been to India several times in past years on personal business...and showed the reporter his passport to prove it.  This makes the infantile effort to "blame India" for "setting up the Canadian government to shoot itself in the foot" (as one pundit said) by providing Atwal with a visa all the more unlikely.  The "anonymous source" who was on the speaker-phone during the press interview with Trudeau in his office, who made the allegation that India gave Atwal a "visa" for such a purpose should be fired...and I suspect and hope that individual was none other than the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs--Chrystia Freeland!

I hate it when I'm right...actually I love it...Finally, in Atwal's blockbuster interview he said that the entities who should be investigated as being responsible for the political disaster are CSIS and the RCMP.  This is what I alleged in a recent post on the matter.  Here is his quote from the above link:

..He [Atwal] said he was travelling in India last week on a personal trip and questioned why Sarai is taking the blame alone for his invitation to the reception.

"I don't know why he's taking all the responsibility. He had nothing to do with that," he said. "The high commissioner, they're the one giving the invitation. Everyone's name goes through CSIS and the RCMP..."

So, why don't the intrepid CBC reporters check with the Teflon agencies CSIS and the RCMP?  Well, read the following whitewash/patch that also appeared in the CBC. for some clues. In this fluff piece, Evan Dyer carefully deconstructs the trip and strips it of any facts or incidents that might raise further questions and/or bring the government down...which such an incident would have done--back in the day when Canada was a Parliamentary Democracy,  not a "Five Eyes Vassal".  Dyer's piece could be used in CSIS propaganda courses as a text book example of how to diffuse a political time bomb.  One could even ask whether Dyer is a CSIS mole at the CBC.

Still on Canadian issues.   There is an official government panel conducting hearings across Canada into the hundreds of missing and murdered and suicides amongst First Nations Women that have occurred during the past thirty or more years.  Canadian singer Susan Aglukark testified in Rankin Inlet in the North West Territories.  She attributed the malaise amongst Canadian First Women in large part to the systemic, generational sexual abuse that goes on in the First Nations communities.  This is what I have said previously on this blog.  It's the sad discovery that I made during my years as a front line child protection social worker, working with First Nations here in the lower mainland.  Silence about this generational and often familial sexual abuse is maintained out of shame and also because there is no treatment for the offenders anyway.

Susan Aglukark singing "O Siem"

So, if I were to speak at one of the Panel's public hearings...I would name generational child sexual abuse as a key reason why First Nations are put at risk.  I would also name the intentional and systemic destruction of First Nations Culture since the beginning of colonization and continuing up to today.  Why, just a week or so ago, Greyhound bus lines announced it is discontinuing, for financial reasons, the bus service along the long highway through the northern wilderness...dubbed "the highway of tears" because so many women disappeared while hitchhiking on it.  Why can't the Canadian Government subsidize such a bus service?  Just ask Justin... while he's getting measured for another bedazzling collection of outfits for his next junket. Seriously, I don't think Trudeau will wear anything other than a dark business suit for the foreseeable future.

South Korean Olympics final thoughts

Thank Gawd the most politicized sporting spectacle in human history is FINALLY over.  I kept to my vow not to watch any events other than those involving the Russian and South/North Koreans.  In fact, I only watched short snippets of the Russian woman skaters and the final gold medal hockey game between Russia and Germany.  I had to stop watching the hockey game because I couldn't stand to watch the Russian players dressed in those hideous unies.  Of course, I quietly celebrated and gave a silent fist punch to the air when I heard that the Russian men's team won the gold medal.

Laughingly, the Western Media is totally silent about the Russian victory. That's how they respond to a "set back"...they just pretend that it didn't happen.  To me, from what I've heard, the Russian/Germany game was like a sports replay of the Siege of St. Petersburg. During the Second World War..the starving Russians clawed back every inch of the way to defeat the Germans at Leningrad. So, the Olympic Gold medal win is a metaphorical reminder of Russian resilience and determination. It's a moral victory of biblical proportions.  Putin must be a very happy man know that his young athlete citizens have listened to the lessons he's been teaching them for the past 20 years.

US punishing South Korea for marching with North Korea in Olympics

There will also be some fall out for South Korea over the Olympics...due to their embrace of their North Korean brothers and sisters.  Some analysts are saying that the US/South Korean alliance is breaking up.  Well, not without a fight...literally.  The US has hundreds of thousands of military personnel stationed at several huge bases in South Korea.  Why, the entire Korean War was fought, and millions of Koreans from the north and south were sacrificed, so that the US could build those bases.  The bases were constructed as a proximate threat to China and Russia...who both share borders with North Korea.

Say, if South Korea and North Korea do merge back into one nation...who gets control of the nukes?  If the South shares the nukes...will that deter the US from attacking them to prevent the union?  Just askin'.

Parasites with Host Caterpillar

Biological Newz

Here's a fun article that I found on Fig Trees and Vineyards, Richard Edmondson's blog, a while back that discusses how some entities in nature are parasites which take over their hosts.  The example is given of a small beastie that moles its way into the body of the caterpillar and plants its eggs...which then devour the host caterpillar.  The question was asked...are there any other creatures in nature who do the same thing?

In a related story, it appears from several alternative sources that "Netanyahu is finished" as leader in Israel, due to allegations of pervasive corruption made against him and his wife.  This story is similar to all the stories about "The Memo" and "Russiagate" and the Las Vegas and  Florida mass shootings.  Nobody will ever be arrested because there's no judicial process any more.  The Judicial and Legal Systems in both countries...or I call them have been utterly destroyed by corruption.  So I will believe that "Netanyahu is finished" when he's actually physically arrested...and I won't be holding my breath.

Syrian Update:  Lavrov says false flag attack blamed on Syria may be used to sabotage cease fire

The latest newz out of Syria is that a cease fire resolution was passed at the United Nations Security Council.  Again, I won't be holding my breath in anticipation that the ceasefire will hold.  In the past, these kinds of resolutions have been like a shot from a starting pistol for a Neocon Ziofascist Warmongering False Flag to go off somewhere in the Middle East.  Remember all the agreements that former Secretary of State John Kerry arrived at during his interminable series of meetings with Lavrov?  Every single one of them was broken by the West...usually by way of a "mistaken" attack on Syrian/Russian forces.  As Russia has said many times...the West is "not contract capable" or, as I have phrased it "Non Compos Mentis".

Well, that's just about it for this CawRANT Events.  Just one more item.  Anyone who wants to get an update on and write a letter to imprisoned Canadian, Monika Shaefer can do so by clicking on the link here.  I did drop her a brief note saying I was in support of her efforts to support free speech throughout the world.  This is an effort that affects all humanity...but particularly truth bloggers!

So, get out there and enjoy your day!

Until my next CawRANT...bye for now.

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