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UPDATED: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau lurches from one political landmine to another during India Junket

Sophie Trudeau poses with convicted attempted murderer, Jaspal Atwal,
in Mumbai Feb. 20. The Trudeaus attended a business and cultural event
in the city that evening celebrating Indian cinema.
(Name withheld upon request)

UPDATED:  February 22, 2018 Here is the latest analysis from the CBC on the Trudeau/Sikh Convicted Attempted Murderer invitation controversy.  You would think heads would roll as a result of this diplomatic debacle...but don't hold your breath.  Accepting responsibility and acting appropriately to ensure it doesn't happen again has never been a priority for the neocon Deep State that runs things in the "Five Eyes".

I've been watching all week while Canada's le Dauphin Prime Minister lurches from one political cow paddy to another during an extended "State" visit to the BRICS member, India.

At first, I thought the Indian Prime Minister Modi was snubbing Trudeau (not meeting him at airport, not "Tweeting" a welcome, even though this is a common practice for Modi when foreign leaders visit) because, as a BRICS member and very good personal friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Modi was doing a little payback for Trudeau's atrocious stance re Russia...considering Trudeau ran his election campaign promising Canadians a political "reset" from the noxious and toxic "Harper years".  Instead, Trudeau escalated the gratuitious, one-sided, and infantile "cold war" between Canada and Russia--by appointing the neo-Nazi, Kiev Junta-supporting Chrystia Freeland as Foreign Minister, even though she is banned from visiting Russia.

But, apparently this is NOT the [only] reason for Modi's cold-shouldering of the Canadian PM.  It seems also, and primarily, related to Canada's support for the separatist Sikh's.  Who knew?  Nobody, apparently--except for the befuddled pawn Trudeau and his Sorosian handlers.

Please read the latest shocking caper as described in the CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Convicted attempted murderer invited to state dinner with Trudeau in India

B.C.'s Jaspal Atwal was convicted for 1986 attempt to assassinate Indian cabinet minister on Vancouver Island

By Terry Milewski, CBC News Posted: Feb 21, 2018 6:23 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 6:23 PM ET 
Jaspal Atwal, a convicted former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group, was invited to dine with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a formal event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Thursday in Delhi.

The invitation, which was extended by Canada's High Commissioner to India, is being rescinded after CBC News asked the Prime Minister's Office about it.

"I can confirm that the High Commission is in the process of rescinding Mr. Atwal's invitation," said PMO spokeswoman Eleanore Catenaro in an email to CBC News.

Photos obtained by CBC News show Atwal posing for pictures with Trudeau's wife, Sophie, and Liberal cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi at an event with the Indian film industry in Mumbai on Tuesday.

His appearance at an official tour event could prove highly embarrassing for Trudeau, who has been at pains during his Indian trip to assure his hosts that Canada supports a united India and rejects violent extremism.

Atwal, who did not travel to India with the Trudeaus' entourage, was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu, on Vancouver Island in 1986.

At the time, he was a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, banned as a terrorist group in Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and India.

He's also been convicted in an automobile fraud case and was charged, but not convicted, in a 1985 near-fatal attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, an opponent of the Sikh separatist movement who later became premier of British Columbia.
Trudeau arrived in Mumbai Monday evening and stayed for a number of meetings on Tuesday before travelling to Amritsar and Delhi.

On Wednesday in Delhi, Trudeau firmly insisted that he rejects Sikh extremism.

It is not clear how Atwal got onto the guest lists at both the Mumbai and Delhi events. The Prime Minister's Office said it would not comment on security matters.

Atwal was one of four men who ambushed and shot at Sidhu's car on a rural road on Vancouver Island in 1986, badly wounding him.

More recently, the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia won a $28,000 judgment against Atwal over a stolen car ring involving Atwal's son, Vik, and dozens of others.

Atwal has denied any involvement in the attack on Dosanjh, but admits his role in the attempt to assassinate Sidhu.
Trudeau has been under pressure throughout his India tour to answer Indian concerns about Sikh separatism in Canada. On Wednesday, he was asked about the public display of "martyr" posters honouring Talwinder Parmar, the leader of the 1985 Air India bomb plot, which took 331 lives.

"I do not think we should ever be glorifying mass-murderers," Trudeau said, "and I'm happy to condemn that."

A provincial Liberal staffer in B.C. resigned after giving Atwal a ticket to attend the delivery of the provincial budget in 2012.
Greencrow notes: I don't know who organized the Prime Minister's trip to India...but that individual [hopefully it's Foreign Minister Freeland] should be fired immediately. Normally, intelligent folks at this level in government send over deputy ministers beforehand to determine the diplomatic protocol and iron out any issues that might stand in the way of furthering positive relations between the two countries. If there are serious issues...the trip is postponed until such time as the issues are resolved. None of these problems would even exist--if Canada was able to set its own foreign policies--according to the democratically expressed wishes of its citizens!

In closing, and as I have said over and over ever since Trudeau revealed his [or more correctly, his handlers'] policies...CANADA DESERVES BETTER!

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