Saturday, February 24, 2018

Armed School Guard(s) becomes Patsy in Fla shooting...because shooter incongruously survived

Fear Scale - With False Flag at Top

I haven't been writing about the latest False Flag Mass Shooting this past week...well...because it's the same old, same old "dog bites man" story.  It's just not newz anymore.  My blogging colleague, Ed(itor) has been sending me some links which I have gratefully embedded in the text below for those who have the time and energy to pursue this latest shooting...prior to the next one coming along.

Trump:  School Officer "Didn't Have The Courage"

US President Trump made it somewhat more interesting yesterday, when he switched the meme to "man bites dog".  He blamed the police, instead of the patsy [who has, this time, incongruously survived] for the purported deaths, saying that the Sheriff's officer who was armed and stationed right outside the school while the purported shooting was going on "Didn't Have the Courage".  He should have gone in and gotten into a supposed gunfight with the supposed shooter.

But, but, but...then Scott Creighton from American Everyman reported that there was an entire "gaggle" of armed police hovering just outside, their guns trained on the door of the school...while the massacre was going on.  NOTE:  Scott has advised that YouTube has blocked his videos...this is, IMO a huge red flag that the end is near for truth bloggers.  The lights could go out at any other things...we should be backing up our blog posts : (

Back to the topic of False Flags and False Flag Hoaxes...other bloggers have reported on everything from an Israeli how the US government has legalized the use of "crisis actors" to terrify its citizens on a commercial basis.  It's a cottage industry.

Then there are the usual questions about what the distractions were about...and whether there was/is a "big wedding" coming up soon.

What can you do when you live in a shoe?

Years ago, I worked with a woman who muttered the above platitude...whenever faced with a seemingly insoluble problem. I think it's highly appropriate now. The justice/security system in the West is irretrievably lost. There is no justice. That's why the perpetrators can commit one crime or one supposed crime [i.e., False Flag Hoax] after the other with impunity. We're living in a matrix--a "tyranny of terror"..or more accurately--a kleptoterrorocracy. There! I made up a new word to describe that metaphorical hopeless field of Iowa corn maze we're shouting from.

An example, to wit:

Wayne Madsen (Washington)

Leonard Pitts, Jr. in 23 Feb 18 Miami Herald (and I heartily endorse his article): snipped:

"...But let’s also talk about what’s going on with 42 percent of Republicans. Because clearly, 42 percent of Republicans are out of their damn minds. For the record, 17 percent of Democrats are, too.

And 100 percent of everybody else should recognize this as a clear and present danger. It is bad enough that malevolent online hoaxers make it difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction, but when you no longer care about discerning that difference, when truth matters less to you than protecting your political turf, you are a virus in the body politic of a democratic nation. You are an infection that threatens the ability of free people to understand their world and make competent decisions about it.

So let me be real clear here. As a journalist — as an American — I am not interested in earning those people’s trust.

Frankly, they should be asking what they must do to earn mine."

Read more here:


Greencrow Notes:  So, in the complete absence of any justice/legal/security/journalistic morality or laws/courts upholding same...there's really no point in dwelling on the picayune details in the never-ending program of Deep State terror psyops anymore.

It has come to the great martyred prophet William Cooper foretold:

Paragraph foretelling School Shootings that
Milton William Cooper wrote in 1991

What CAN you do...when you live in a shoe?


Anonymous said...

Go barefoot. [BoyDownTheLane]

Penny said...

Move to a boot-
Boots made for stomping!
I've had no time for the florida shooting
all i know is it's all over TV programming, as I'm informed of.

We've had a bit of a moderation of temps with a lot of rain- Swollen rivers and flooding with ice jams creating problems
Sadly a family lost their 3 year old son, swept away in the fast running, flooded washing away the banks- Grand River- They've been looking for him for days..
Ice breaker has been running from Lake Erie as far up the Grand as possible (this is unusual) to keep the ice moving and stop flooding- So sad.
Another town had people evacuating due to flooding...
There is so much tragedy everywhere
ramble, ramble, ramble