Tuesday, January 16, 2018

US/Canada Summit about North Korea is like a Seinfeld Comedy Script...all about Nothing

Tillerson and Freeland
Meeting in Vancouver about North Korea
But, but, but....Who Cares!!!?

The CBC is reporting that there's a big "summit" meeting going on here in Vancouver for the next few days.  The United States is meeting with itself about what it's going to do to ratchet up the tension way over in North Korea...the small country bordering its world power rivals--Russia and China.

The reason I say USrael is meeting with itself is because...for the past several decades at least...Canada, as one of the "five eyes" vassal states which also include the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia are virtually the same entity. They are all run as a unit by the dark, anonymous, globalist evil forces known in the alternative media as the "Deep State".

For the latest details, please read the following from this morning's CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


Canada, U.S. looking for diplomatic end to North Korea crisis at Vancouver summit

Freeland says Canada 'prepared to do everything we can' towards peaceful solution

By Katie Simpson, CBC News Posted: Jan 15, 2018 4:54 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 9:16 PM ET
If there's one word at risk of being overused in the next few days, it's "diplomacy."

Foreign ministers from 20 countries are meeting in Vancouver to discuss ways to promote a peaceful resolution to the North Korea crisis.

Chrystia Freeland and her U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, are co-hosting the one-day gathering in Vancouver.

"Canada is really prepared to do everything we can to work towards a peaceful diplomatic solution," Freeland told CBC's The Weekly with Wendy Mesley.

While the official meeting begins tomorrow, Freeland and Tillerson will take part in a ministerial dinner tonight, with guests including Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and U.S. Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Despite that military representation, officials insist the goal of the summit is to find ways to tone down the escalating — "my nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button" — rhetoric.

A government source speaking on background, said ministers will focus on alternate paths forward, amid the rapidly changing situation.
As CBC News reported on Friday, that message is not only aimed at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but is also at members of U.S. President Donald Trump's administration.

Global concern

When the meeting was first conceived back in September, Trump had recently threatened to unleash "fire and fury like the world has never seen," in reaction to the North Korean regime's weapons testing.

While tensions have not eased, there has been a change in dynamic since that time. North and South Korea held their first official talks in two years, resulting in the North being allowed to participate in the Pyeongchang Olympics, along with a pledge to keep talking.
The White House has also signaled a new willingness to engage in talks with North Korea, "at the appropriate time, and under the right circumstances."

When delegates sit down on Tuesday, the source said, they will be assessing the depth of the threat posed by Kim. Ministers will take a look at North Korea's capabilities, recent advancements and the timeline under which it has all unfolded.

The source also said allies recognize North Korea is not just a regional threat, but a global concern.

Halting naval traffic

During the meeting delegates will be reviewing the sanctions currently in place and talk about ways to ensure they are being properly enforced.

U.S. State Department officials confirmed last week that they will discuss whether to intercept ships headed in and out of North Korea.
"We continue to explore all options to enhance maritime security and the ability to interdict maritime traffic, those transporting goods to and from the [North] that support the nuclear and missile program," said Brian Hook, director of policy planning at the State Department.

"Maritime interdiction helps us to disrupt resources, and then the financial side helps us to disrupt the financing of their nuclear and missile program," Hook told reporters during a briefing last Thursday.

No China, No Russia

Delegates will also take a closer look at what pre-conditions need to be in place, before diplomatic talks can resume.

There is skepticism about what can be achieved at this summit, given the players that will not be at the table.

Neither China nor Russia will attend.

"We've invited both of them to the meeting, and if they choose at the last minute to come, we would be grateful to see them there," Freeland said.

A government official speaking on background later clarified that neither country was invited to the full meeting, but were, however, invited to Vancouver to get a briefing from officials afterwards. 

"We're also looking forward after the meeting to Briefing both China and Russia about our conclusions and bringing them into the conversation," she added.

"They're not going to solve the Korean crisis at this meeting," said Roland Paris, a former foreign affairs adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But, he said "I think it is always useful to be bringing countries together to be talking about this kind of a crisis situation."
Greencrow says: Just like a Seinfeld comedy script, the whole production is about nothing.  Nothing can be resolved because none of the main players:  North Korea, Russia and China were invited. We don't want to complicate the grandstanding with the presence of opposing views...now do we? I was watching the CTV news last night and there was a Canadian spin doctor on, saying that Canada was a "natural choice" to hold such a meeting because of our "international reputation as an honest broker".  I almost threw something at the TV before quickly changing the channel....Honest Brokers?  When have we not toddled after USrael on any of their gruesome war-meddling schemes in other countries? Yes...of course...we try to do it quietly and on the sly...like sending our three or four jet planes over to surreptitiously bomb the citizens of Iraq...or Canadians finding out, after the fact, that some of our "best military snipers in the world" are picking off Afghani citizens fighting for their land.  If we ever had a reputation as an honest broker in international disputes...it has long been sold off for a handful of shekels.

But it gets even more Seinfeldian.  There are also ridiculous side plots...like North Korea and South Korea suddenly breaking decades of silence--and talking on the telephone, then meeting in person, then...wait for it...agreeing to send a joint North and South Korean sports team to the South Korean Winter Olympics next month!  Talk about a breakthrough!...Hey, what do we even need all those navy blockades and missiles for anymore????  Hey!!! Can Canada somehow take credit for that?!

Then we have gaff-a-week Trudeau having to step back from his public bluster about racism against muslims who wear hajib's when it turned out that the litte girl who made the accusation was lying...the assault never happened.  You'd think that someone way up in the Prime Minister's High Office could find out the truth of the matter PRIOR to him giving a public sermon predicated on a child's lie.

But, as usual, the best bon mots of the farce are left to the sardonic Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.  During a recent press conference, Lavrov summed up Russian hopes for the Canadian diplomatic initiative:

“With all due respect towards those who came up with such an initiative, I don’t expect anything productive. Hopefully, nothing counterproductive will happen. It’ll be a great result already, while it’s hardly believable,”

Even with the sloppy translation...the humor shines through...Lavrov says all Russia is hoping for is that the meeting doesn't make the situation worse...I get it, Sergei.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how dangerous North Korea is?????
They want to participate in the Olympics
He is showing signs of aggression
Let us get that evil man
It is a ploy
He wants to partake in the Olympics
That sounds like a guy ready for war???
Ya think??????

greencrow said...

Hi Anony:

Yes, North (and South) Koreas' sudden move towards diplomacy on their own steals the thunder from the perps and makes them look foolish.

Incidentally, I'm beginning to think that the Hawaiian missile scare was another fake news project...this time to focus attention on the Vancouver conference....as in..."Hey,,,,it IS theoretically possible for a missile from NK to hit Hawaii...so this meeting between tweedledee and tweedledum DOES mean something afterall."

Here's an interesting link sent to me by Ed(itor).


More and more...the "war" is being fought in the media.

Anonymous said...

Constant treasonous prattle since the cancellation of the Arrow. Billions and billions and billions, malingered, cheated, and outright stolen. Their Hubris knows no bounds, huge mistakes loom large. Over the top overreach. Backstabbers. Out, Demons, OUT!

greencrow said...

"Constant treasonous prattle since the cancellation of the Arrow..."

Spoken by one who obviously knows his/her Canadian history. Thanks for the comment.


Reading between the lines said...

While Tillerson and Freeland finish patting themselves on the back ,North and South Korea are sitting down for a meeting with good positive results .
I don't even watch television anymore so as to protect the screen from being demolished .
Good analysis green crow.

greencrow said...


Thanks for the comment. This morning's headlines read that North and South Korea are going to participate in the entire Olympics (including opening ceremonies) under one flag. The Military Industrial Complex is crapping its pants. All those missiles will go to "waste". Russia was going to have to participate in the Olympics under a cloud of humiliation...wonder how the US (and mini me) Canada feel about participating with egg all over their faces!

Watch out for a False Flag in South Korea....to fend off the flag of unification!