Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The State of the Uniom Address----or, to paraphrase Putin...the "Dog Barked But the Caravan Moves On"

US President Donald Trump

Thanks to Ed(itor) [formerly blogmaster of "Occurrences", "Boy Down the Lane" and "The Sullen Bell"] we have a synopsis of US President Donald Trump's first "State of the Union Address" which he delivered last night to a mixed say the least.

Ironically, just yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin put out the best quote of the day when he dismissed the most recent US sanctions leveled on the entire Russian government administration (with the strange exception of Putin himself) and some Russian businessmen with the old Turkish saying:

"Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Moves On"

In that quote...delivered in his inimitable dry fashion...Putin contextualized all the flailing about that the US "Deep State" has been going through in the past several years. Any old Hollywood star knows that the worst fate that can befall a celebrity...worse even than a sexual scandal... is to become "irrelevant". But that is what has happened to the United States. And Putin using a quote sourced from his new best ally, Turkey, sums it all up indeed.

So, without further ado, here is Ed(itor)'s analysis of the SOTU.


The State of the Uniom

How can the “universally-despised” but duly-elected POTUS succeed when he follows an hour of the best of the old Super Bowl commercials, a perfect example of the weaponization of the female hormone oxytocin, complete with cute puppies and lovable horses?

Apparently he did not succeed in setting any agenda, at least according to a crude survey of the morning news shows, since those shows covered the British royal family (youth division), the demise of video stores, role models of powerful women for pre-teens, the history of the slave ship Clotilda, a story by Ellen on the inauguration moment Tiffany gift given by Melania to the Obamas, ads for news apps for smart phones (no propaganda there!) and, de rigeur, stories about Bronk’s freedom from the concussion protocol and the state of Brady’s throwing hand.

The pre-speech spin by the CBS commentariat (you can gauge for yourself the Naked Civilization commentariat here: ) suggested the topics of infrastructure, a theme of a New American moment, and openly asked whether Trump would “go off-script” (a nervous psychological tic about the NWO media that the FISA memo would be mentioned, discussed or — pray tell— even read).

In the end, he didn’t.

He opened with something that surely resonated in my mind, given my nearly- life-long dedication to the development of civilian rapid-response paramedic systems, still not wholly realized in its potential); he recognized a number of people who’d saved, rescued or helped the victims of sudden (or perhaps pre-planned) disaster.

He said that the strength of the nation stemmed from the strengths and commitments of its people. He rattled off controversial data strings about unemployment, the stock market, and tax reform; find your own spinmeisters, fact-checkers or favorite rebuttalists.[People do vote their pocket book.]

He saluted the flag, the anthem and veterans (something this anti-war pacifist thinks is long overdue) (i do not support war, but if we are going to ask people to go in harm’s way in the realm of disabling events, vaccinations, and combat, we are morally required to provide accountable and top-flight health care, retirement, rehabilitation, etc.). He spoke of accountability and respect.

He noted themes about the FDA (bringing to mind the fast-tracking of the drug thalidomide), the high cost of pharmaceuticals) without mentioning the recent murder of two pharmaceutical oligarchs), and spoke of the nation’s lost wealth (without noting how much of that wealth had been pumped out to Israel). 

He addressed immigration by noting the ravages of the evil MS-13 gang.

He noted a push back toward clean coal (having spent 14 months in West Virginia, I appreciate the employment issues, and note that coal is in no way “clean”).

Trade, infrastructure, foreign policy. military funding (without any mention of the need for rooting out incompetence, reforming procurement programs, or insisting on accountability), and the idea that a nation built by hard workers could achieve anything were the touchstones of the rest of the speech, capped off by a stupendous moment of psychological warfare when he introduced the defector from North Korea who’d walked out on crutches.

The thundering applause sat in juxtaposition to the evening’s parade of glum-faced inert Democrats making snide asides to their colleagues.

The speech had something for everyone.



A congressional committee investigating the opioid crisis has discovered out-of-state drug companies shipped 20.8 million prescription painkillers over a decade to two pharmacies in a Southern West Virginia town with 2,900 people.

Between 2006 and 2016, two drug wholesalers shipped 10.2 million hydrocodone pills and 10.6 million oxycodone pills to Tug Valley Pharmacy and Hurley Drug in the town of Williamson, in Mingo County, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported.

“These numbers are outrageous, and we will get to the bottom of how this destruction was able to be unleashed across West Virginia,” the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden, R-Ore. and ranking member Frank Pallone Jr., D-N.J. said in a joint statement.

The panel investigating the opioid epidemic in the U.S. sent out letters to drug wholesalers Miami-Luken and H.D. Smith, questioning why the companies did not see the increased shipments as suspicious all while the deaths from overdose skyrocketed in West Virginia. The letters also asked why the companies complied with the requests for more prescription painkillers.

[Ed,: Readers are invited to do their own research into the history of Tug Valley, the interference within it by outside interests that are inimical to its citizens and their well-being, the use of force (including military air power), the role of armed privatized police forces, and the pervasive presence of poisonous substances to land, air and people by entities with heavy political connection.]



Yesterday, the California Senate passed a bill that would ban federal immigration officers from schools and state buildings unless they have a warrant. But questions remain on how the state could enforce it should it become law.


Mexico Police Find Enough Fentanyl To Kill Millions En Route To US Border

“In total, 620 packages and containers were inside the vehicle, with 532 of crystal, 43 of fentanyl, 73 of cocaine and 8 of heroin, which yielded an approximate weight of 508.4 kilograms…"

[Ed.: The sale of fentanyl and/or its mixing with other heavy drugs must become a capital offense punishable by life in prison without parole or death where it is permitted by law.]


Ed(itor) said...

Actually, it was titled "The State of the Uniom (sic):

greencrow said...

Oops! I will correct the title accordingly.


greencrow said...

Was that actually the spelling on the official transcript of Trump's speech?!

It's almost like how Google/Blogger seems to engender silly/obvious spelling "mistakes" in particularly truthy posts of mine. Hmmmmmmmmm

Ed(itor) said...

No; there was a mishap in printing the ticket/invitation; there are videos, Tweets and pix.

Anonymous said...

Funny and ironic they are speaking about dogs
The superbowl of football in Amerika
The Eagles are considered dogs all the time
For they are always underdogs and win
They wear dog masks around
Tom Brady,quarterback of New England
When I hear the word New England I feel England still owns it
Back to Brady,i digress
Yesterday he told of being bitten by two dogs
One as a child
One when armed serviceman were hanging at the stadium and when Brady lifted his arms for some reason
Dog attacked his neck then Brady responded and dog took chunk out of his leg
He said he still has scar on leg
Then you have Putin who was accused in local press has stolen Bob Kraft,owner of Pats superbowl ring
That was I think close to the marathon bombing or a few years later
I used to think the bombers from Russia bombed Boston and Russia took over
I guess they met sometime and somehow Putin has his superbowl ring
Is there some kind of weird energy going on right now??
The key word is dog
Putin has history with Kraft
Some truthers talk about symbols and numbers that the higher crooks use
Are they using them now????
There is a strange brew going on
Anyone feeling it???

greencrow said...

Putin stole a Superbowl ring?

Americans really do have to stop picking the lint out of their navel...before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

They have not spoken of that lately
It was a story a year or so ago
I did not follow all details
I did not read anything
Just surfing the news of local television and heard the report
I am not sure of Patriot nation shout that out as common knowledge,for I also do not watch football
I am more interested in the energy for the word dog
In your blog about a dog comment
Then Brady tells a story about bein bitten twice
And the underdogs wear dog masks and dwell on that fact
Maybe the ritual for the illuminatti is dropping the hints?
Either way
Since you are a Putin lover
I shared the story along with my story of
What up about those dogs??