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The Park Bench Café #12 - TW3 Edition

The Park Bench Café #12
TW3 Edition

I must confess that I had to ask Ed(itor) what "TW3" meant.  Felt foolish when he advised it was the name of a popular TV news show on the BBC back in the day.  As so often happens, there was also an American version of the TV show. Then I remembered that there was also a Canadian version of the show on the CBC...but it was called "This Hour Has Seven Days". Here's a recording of the theme to TW3.

"That Was the Week That Was" Theme

Don't know why, but thinking about "TW3" and "This Hour Has Seven Days" took me back, in my mind's a simpler time in life....walking home from high school down the main street of my home town....Sudbury, Ontario.  The main street was called Elgin Street...or was it called Durham Street?  I can't remember now.  Both streets are named after illustrious former Governors General...the Queen's representative in Canada.  Funny, all my life, the British Monarch has been "The Queen"...but that's another tangent.  Back to walking home from high school in Sudbury, Ontario.  We didn't have back packs back in those days.  We had to carry a heavy armload of homework books in our arms, clasped to our chest.  It was tiring.  All the more justification to break the journey up for a rest at the local Chinese Restaurant.  This diner might even still be there.  It was called "The Radio Lunch"...and it had real juke boxes at each table, where you could put in a dime, and a rock and roll song would play.

There were certain booths more popular than others...due to proximity to the survey the scene both inside and outside, to see who was there and who was on their way.  The popular booths had a drawback...the seats in them were well worn and caved in.  The most popular booth in the restaurant had a seat where the sitter was sitting about 6 inches lower down than their companions.  We always ordered the same thing...a coke and French fries with gravy.  Now, French Fries with gravy is called "poutine" and includes cheese curds.  The Radio Lunch was the centre of our teenaged social life...because this is where the sexes met.  You see, I attended an all girl's school and my teen aged male counterparts attended an all male high school.  

Today, I arrive early and get a good seat...but not too good where it's all caved in.  I put my favourite hits on the juke box...Johnny Rivers, Simon and Garfunckle, Brenda Lee, Skeeter Davis, Roy Orbison,The Everly Brothers, The Rightous Brothers.  Waiting for my friends to arrive...I notice something unusual on the table...a neatly folded newspaper.

The first story on today's Park Bench Café is about a real hellhole...Gaza.  Sometimes, although not often, even I think that all the so-called "anti-Semitic" fervor in the alternative media has gone over the top.  Surely the Israelis would not be as bad as the Palestinians say they are.  But then I read something like the report copied in its entirety below, by CJ Werleman in Aletho News ....and it seems like the Palestinians are understating, if possible, the horrific conditions they've been oppressed and subjected to into in their own ancestral homeland. The relentless insidiousness of their treatment by the occupying Ziofascist Israelis is beyond comprehension.  This report also brings to mind the young female Palestinian Resistor Ahed Timimi, who is currently being held in an Israeli cell for the crime of resisting the occupation.  I plan to follow her situation closely in the coming weeks and months.

"Some describe Gaza as either the world’s largest “concentration camp” or “open air prison”, while others liken it to the modern-day equivalent of the Warsaw ghetto.
Whatever appropriate analogy you apply to the enclave, that traps two million Palestinians on a slender piece of coastal land along the Egyptian-Israeli border, it’s impossible to overstate the level of human misery and suffering that is taking place there today.
A catastrophic situation
When I spoke with Dr Basem Naim, the former Palestinian minister for health and resident of Gaza, I referred him to a UN report that forewarned that Israel’s medieval-like blockade promises to make the territory “uninhabitable” by 2020.
“What do they [UN] mean? It’s uninhabitable here now,” Naim told me. “The situation today is catastrophic.”
Dr Naim explained how Israel’s intentional cutting of Gaza’s power supply, meant to exert pressure on Hamas but, instead, punishing ordinary Palestinians, is having dire affects on the health sector in Gaza.
“The typical Palestinian gets only three to five hours of electricity each day,” he said. “You can’t pump water to apartments that are above ground level. You can’t pump sewage, which is why more than 95 percent of Gaza’s drinking water is undrinkable.”
He explained that hospitals, which depend on 24-hour electricity, are unable to perform life-saving surgeries, and that some, including Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, have ceased doing operations altogether.
This is happening while newborn babies and the elderly freeze to death in the winter, and die from heat exhaustion in the summer. This is happening because Israel is allowing only 120 watts of power to be provided to Gaza, knowing that 400 watts are needed to meet the basic minimum survival needs of two million Palestinian people.
“The scarcity of energy and the severe shortage of fuel in Gaza have damaged all aspects of life in the Strip,” said the International Committee of the Red Cross in a statement issued last year.
Closed borders
But the biggest problem facing the imprisoned citizens of Gaza is the “closed borders”, according to Dr Naim. He explained:
“For example, the last time Rafah border crossing was opened, which was one week ago, came after more than 100 days of closure, and out of the 35,000 people waiting to leave Gaza through Rafah, only 2,000 were able to leave, and the others must wait again for another 100 days. When I talk about 35,000 people, I’m talking about urgent humanitarian cases; patients, and people who need to meet their families for urgent situations. It’s nearly impossible for Palestinians in Gaza to get urgent medical care in Israel, Egypt, or Jordan.
“If a Palestinian wants to leave Gaza for urgent medical care or treatment, he or she must wait 70 days to get [an] Israeli reply saying he or she is allowed or not. And after 70 days, and even if the request is approved, he or she must come to Erez crossing for an interrogation, and he or she might be arrested. I know many cases where the families of patients were blackmailed by Israeli security forces, like Shin Bet, under these very circumstances.”
It’s worth noting that it’s not only from Gaza that Palestinians are denied freedom of movement. Earlier this month, Omar Barghouti, who lives in Israel and is one of the founders of the boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli occupation, was denied the right to visit his cancer-stricken mother in Jordan.
Israel’s refusal to allow a prominent Palestinian figure, who has a demonstrable lifetime track record of non-violent activism, undercuts Israeli claims that travel bans have little to do with security and everything to do with meting out collective and inhumane punishment to the Palestinian people, writ large.
A new report published by the human rights group Gisha – Legal Centre for Freedom of Movement shows that 2017 was the worst year for the movement of Palestinians in and out of Gaza since Israel’s attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014, reducing the number of exit permits by 51 percent from 2016 to 2017.
The report shows that Israel allowed fewer than 6,000 monthly exits in 2017 compared with the more than 14,000 allowed the previous year.
The authors of the report also identified a list of policies that were carried out by Israeli authorities to prevent or restrict freedom of Palestinian movement through the Erez crossing.
These new restrictive measures were “introduced with little or no justification provided as to their purpose and, it appears, no consideration of the impact they would have on the lives of Gaza’s residents”.
Targeting the health sector
These measures include “significant extension of the processing times of permit applications, leaving thousands of permit applications pending with no response; a new directive prohibiting Palestinians from exiting Gaza with electronic devices, toiletries and food; freezing travel to the American Consulate; mandatory shuttle services to Allenby Bridge Crossing; “security blocks” blocking travel for medical patients, traders, and humanitarian workers; increase in the frequency and severity of “security interviews” at Erez; trader permits cancelled as new approvals declined; travel for Friday prayers in Jerusalem remaining blocked, and; recipients of permits for travel abroad increasingly made to sign a commitment not to return for a year.”
It’s not only inexcusable for Israel to impose any kind of restriction of movement, but to deliberately target Gaza’s health sector by cutting power to the Strip, and then to deny those in need of humanitarian care from obtaining it – constitutes a crime against humanity by any definition.
“The magnitude, the deliberateness, the violations of international humanitarian law, the impact on the health, lives, and survival, and the overall conditions warrant the characterisation of a crime against humanity,” says Richard Falk, a former UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.
“This is an increasingly precarious condition. A recent study reports that 46 percent of all Palestinian children in Gaza suffer from acute anaemia. There are reports that the sonic booms associated with Israeli overflights have caused widespread deafness, especially among children. Children need thousands of hearing aids.
“Malnutrition is extremely high in a number of different dimensions and affects 75 percent of Palestinians in Gaza. There are widespread mental disorders, especially among young people … Over 50 percent of Palestinian children in Gaza under the age of 12 have been found to have no will to live,” wrote Falk in 2008.
When I referred to Falk’s findings from a decade ago, Dr Naim said things have become “much worse”, pointing to the fact that much of Gaza’s critical infrastructure was destroyed during Israel’s 2014 assault, noting that 20,000 tons of explosive ordinance was dropped on the Strip by Israeli jets and artillery, and that unemployment and poverty have skyrocketed since.
Breaking the Palestinians’ will
Israel’s restriction on Palestinian movement is also preventing Gaza from building a functioning civil society as human rights workers, social workers, health workers, educators, engineers, etc are denied opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in other countries.
It also runs afoul of Israel’s “obligations to respect the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, including their right to freedom of movement, which includes, with some limitations, a right to enter and leave one’s country and to choose one’s place of residence within it,” according to Human Rights Watch.
In fact, Palestinians in Gaza may visit their families in the occupied West Bank only if he or she can prove their relative is “dead, dying, or getting married“, which constitutes another violation of not only international law but also the Oslo Accords that stipulate the Palestinian territories – East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank – constitute one unified territorial entity. Israel has made movement between the territories all but impossible for Palestinians.
Given that nearly a third of Palestinians in Gaza have relatives in either the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, or Israel, one can see how needlessly cruel Israel’s brutal policies of occupation truly are.
Of course, Israel tries to justify its near total freeze of Palestinian movement in and out of Gaza with concerns for its security, but this has always been a rhetorical fig leaf for Israel’s sustained effort to break the will of the Palestinian people.
Israel’s intent has always been to strangle Palestinian political, social, and civil life in the hope that those it occupies will come to the realisation that resistance is futile.
– CJ Werleman is the author of Crucifying America (2013), Koran Curious (2011), and he is the host of Foreign Object. Follow him on twitter: @cjwerleman 

Greencrow comments:  Why is humanity allowing Israel to treat the Palestinians worse than dogs are treated in North America?  What evil thrall is humanity under...that we don't rise up and institute a world wide boycott of Israel... that would make the boycott of apartheid South Africa pale by comparison?  The "West" is too busy imposing warrantless sanctions on care about the Palestinians...which all leads to this week's

newz stories submitted by Ed(itor), formerly the blogmaster of "Occurrences", "Boy Down the Lane and "The Sullen Bell"....enjoy

Park Bench TW3 edition

"There is a growing consensus among many observers in Washington that the national security agencies have become completely politicized over the past seventeen years and are now pursuing selfish agendas that actually endanger what remains of American democracy. Up until recently it has been habitual to refer to such activity as the Deep State, which is perhaps equivalent to the Establishment in that it includes financial services, the media, major foundations and constituencies, as well as lobbying groups, but we are now witnessing an evolutionary process in which the national security regime is exercising power independently.

It would be nice to see some push-back, but tragically mistaken post-9/11 increases to the power of the IC mean that everybody is too terrified of the power they wield, putting them beyond any possible Constitutional control, meaning that the United States is literally beyond hope. A dying dictatorship ruled by psychopaths, fortunately, for the rest of the world, incompetent psychopaths

via Xymphora’s Blogspot

Recently my grandson reported his recent educational adventure — he’s a first grader in Brookline, MA where the principal just came out as a trans-gender — that MLK Jr. was killed by a white man.

Marcia Ann Bosley, the former head housekeeper at the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas when the ex-POTUS and his wife where in residence there, has been found… in a shallow grave.

“… [W]e regard it as the single best video [8 minutes] on why Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (and Xi Jinping) must come together to deal with the moral subversion of the Satanic cabal seeking to destroy the USA, the Constitution, Christianity, and family values.

Putin's 2016 Speech
The Plot to Destroy America

Hawaii Gov. David Ige slow to correct false missile alert because he couldn't log onto Twitter

“… This week, Republicans were newly infuriated by the revelation that the FBI “failed to preserve” texts between Strzok and Page that were sent between December Dec. 14, 2016, to May 17, 2017 — the day Mueller was tapped to lead the special counsel investigation into Russia's election meddling.

The FBI insists that there was nothing nefarious about the lost messages — that the data was not retained because of “misconfiguration issues” related to software upgrades on the bureau’s phone devices. Reports emerged Wednesday that a large number of FBI employees lost messages around the same time due to a glitch…..”

When Rosemary Woods configured things at the White House

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said Wednesday that the classified report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee, which reportedly details abuses by federal law enforcement and surveillance agencies, is “sloppy” and “baseless.” He also has not read the memo.

“I have not seen the memo,” Warner said, according to CNN. “But I think it is sloppy, careless, and again, I think has no grounding in fact.”

The senior senator form Virginia did not explain how he could know intricate details about a document he has not even read.

“… If Clinton had been charged, Obama’s culpable involvement would have been patent. In any prosecution of Clinton, the Clinton–Obama emails would have been in the spotlight. For the prosecution, they would be more proof of willful (or, if you prefer, grossly negligent) mishandling of intelligence. More significantly, for Clinton’s defense, they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct yet faced no criminal charges. That is why such an indictment of Hillary Clinton was never going to happen. The latest jaw-dropping disclosures of text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, illustrate this point.

… All cleaned up: no indictment, meaning no prosecution, meaning no disclosure of Clinton–Obama emails. It all worked like a charm . . . except the part where Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency and the problem is never spoken of again.”

The sad truth of the FBI scandal: Both political parties are to blame | TheHill: Real authority now rests with the leaders of a largely unaccountable national security bureaucracy.

Posted by Michele Kearney at 2:49 PM

“… The nation’s political class has allowed James Madison’s institutions to wither, and real authority now rests with the leaders of a largely unaccountable national security bureaucracy….”

It’s been suggested that Donald Trump read the FISA memo during the State of the Union speech; Jimmy Kimmel will interview the porn actress….


In PESHAWAR, Pakistan a missile from a suspected U.S. drone killed an Afghan militant commander as he was taking a shower early Wednesday, according to Pakistani police and Taliban sources.

Biggest Washington DC Lobbyist Is Now Google

January 25th, 2018

Via: Register:

For the first time, an internet company has become the largest lobbyist in Washington DC.

With the release of fourth quarter lobbying figures – a legal requirement – it has been revealed that Google (well, Alphabet) spent no less than $18m in 2017 to lobby lawmakers in the US capital: a 17 per cent increase on the previous year.

Although a number of industry associations – such as the US Chamber of Commerce – spent more, Google is the largest corporate entity on the list, reflecting both its enormous influence, it’s bottomless pockets, and the tech industry’s efforts to push back on a growing consensus that the internet is in need of greater regulation.

It’s not just Google either: Amazon splurged $12.8m – a 17 per cent year-on-year increase; Facebook blew $11.5m – a 32 per cent increase; and Apple spent $7.1m – a 51 per cent increase on the previous year.

This huge lobbying spend does not represent the full picture when it comes to influencing Washington DC, either.

The lobbying releases only cover the costs of a company’s own employees: they don’t include the money that all these companies spent on third-party lobbying groups, who typically boast former high-level government officials and promise access and persuasion for very large sums. Nor does it cover donations made to campaign committees.

Posted in Dictatorship, Economy, Elite, Outsourced, Perception Management, Technology

“… let’s stop all this nonsense about Jewish control over the media and praise those individual Jews who, by dint of hard work and talent, have earned their place, as individuals, in so many areas of American life. I always thought that was the American dream.”

“… Consider Israel, a nation which until recently had few natural resources or inherent wealth. Yet it has risen to the top of the high-tech world through its inventions and innovations. No country in history has contributed more to the world in proportion to its population and its time as a nation than the State of the Jewish People. Should Jews be blamed for Israel’s success?….”

Poisoned toothpaste that takes a month to end its target’s life. Armed drones. Exploding cell phones. Spare tires with remote-control bombs. Assassinating enemy scientists and discovering the secret lovers of Islamic holy men. A new book chronicles these techniques and asserts that Israel has carried out at least 2,700 assassination operations in its 70 years of existence. While many failed, they add up to far more than any other Western country, the book says.

Ronen Bergman, the intelligence correspondent for Yediot Aharonot newspaper, persuaded many agents of Mossad, Shin Bet and the military to tell their stories, some using their real names. The result is the first comprehensive look at Israel’s use of state-sponsored killings.

Read more:

Kissinger warns senators of 'systemic failure of world order' - News - Stripes: Three former high-ranking State Department officials warned a Senate panel on Thursday that the United States is facing potential, catastrophic confrontations as global order erodes.

Posted by Michele Kearney at 2:47 PM

“… Kissinger, 94, [the Buddhist/Freemason] who testified alongside former Secretary of State George Shultz, 97, and former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, 72, [the Pi(o)us Catholic known as Tran Phu who outed Valerie Plane] all warned the United States is already behind in developing future weapons, such as artificial intelligence, among other concerns….”

Marx holocaust

Monkeys Cloned in World First

January 25th, 2018

Via: Independent:

Two monkeys are the first ever primates to be cloned using the technique that created Dolly the sheep.

The technique brings the prospect of cloned human beings even more closer. But scientists caution that there may be no good reason to create such clones, and that ethical and legal questions need to be answered about such research.

More immediately, the technique will allow researchers to create whole labs full of genetically identical monkeys. That could prove tremendously useful in scientific and medical research – allowing doctors to watch how specific treatments affect the genetic makeup of animals that are otherwise exactly the same, for instance.
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Anonymous said...

My favorite Johnny Rivers tune
Oh yah

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. I loved every song Johnny Rivers ever released...particularly "Poor Side of Town"...but I wouldn't have chosen any of my favourite songs (that I linked to the names in the post) when I was in The Radio Lunch. It would have hurt my "cool high school image". All the songs were too sad. I would probably have chosen something upbeat by the Everly Brothers or Brenda Lee.

greencrow said...

Another interesting aspect of music in those days is that we never actually saw what these singers looked like, except on the covers of their albums. We didn't see them on TV and they certainly didn't tour way up to Sudbury. So it wasn't until the 70's that we actually saw them perform on TV.

During the early 60's only one singer ever sung in concert in Sudbury that I remember...Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter. I went to the concert in the Sudbury Arena. Johnny was drunk on stage and dropped his guitar. June looked very embarrassed and disapproving.

Anonymous said...

Albums have made a comeback back in Massachusetts.
I have a huge collection
When they faded away and everyone buying cd's
I went yard sales and flea markets and got them for pennies on the dollar
I should unload them while the market is hot
But I am not sure
Yep,poor side of town is a good tune
I listened to an oldies station and on a certain weekend night,they spun those old tunes from the 50's and 60's,that was before my time and I can not remember most of them
But I loved the vibe and innocence in the lyrics
Today music is garbage
I think every grownup from every generation says that about the new music except maybe hipsters
My first concert was Bob Seger
On that live album he taped I would say
That is me chearing
Ha ha
Here me???
We saw the local J Geils band twice out of three or four shows
Pat Benetar I had front row
AtJ Geils I helped a female get on stage
They had a video out where people would rush the stage and hug him
Well,gee why then at concert would all the girls want to rush the stage
I went up alone the first time and waved to my friends in the balcony
came back out,helped an infatuated girl go up and maul the guy
Ahhhh,the good ole days of my youth
Boston Garden and Worcester centrum were the venues
Thanks for sharing your story