Thursday, January 4, 2018

Notice to Readers: What's Going On With Google?

Notice to Readers

The promises of freedom of speech/liberation from state-controlled propaganda that came with the Internet age three decades or more ago are now being relentlessly the Tyranny of Google grows exponentially with each passing month.

My little blog Greencrow As The Crow Flies is a microcosm for what is going on...I don't have any understanding about the statistics that Blogger provides me with as blogmaster but have over time determined that they have no co-relation to the subject(s) of my posts or the popularity of same.  It looks increasingly like Blogger "saves up" hits on my blog over time and then "dumps" them into my statistics for some unknown (by me) reason that suits their own purposes.  For instance...whenever I post a blog dealing with a "hot button" topic like what is going on in Syria, Yemen or anything to do with stats are invariably lower than normal...even though the Internet is abuzz with information that I'm reporting.  Then for some unknown reason I get hundreds of hits from, say, France.  Why France would all of a sudden be interested in one of my posts is a mystery to me...unless Google or some agency like megaphone has a monitoring station set up in France which trolls the Internet.

So, unlike any other endeavor such as a business...I am unable to gauge my success or failure based on statistics.  There can be no reliable "profit and loss" column on Google.  All we bloggers know is that some "all seeing eye" is messing with our freedom of speech and access to our audiences.  No.  I am not alone, fellow bloggers also complain of recent tampering with "algorithms" has not only messed with their statistics...but has actually stolen audience share from their blogs.  Here is a post I read this morning from Paul Craig Roberts.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Dear Readers,

The newsletter is a service that the website uses to alert readers who subscribe to the free newsletter of new postings to the website. I have heard from some of you that you have ceased to receive the newsletter, and readers have requested that I put them back on the list.

First, only you can put yourself on the list, and only you are supposed to be able to take yourself off the list. You can put yourself back on the list by signing up again. The open question is: who is taking readers off the list.

At the bottom of each notice you have the option to unsubscribe or to change subscriber options. If you find yourself unsubscribed and are not yourself responsible for unsubscribing, either the service, AWeber, has a problem, or some hostile-to-the-site third party is unsubscribing you.

I read a report that the destruction of net neutrality is part of the oligarchy’s effort to extend their control over explanations to the Internet. Apparently, one aspect of control is the speed with which websites will be permitted to open. Approved sites will open quickly, but disapproved sites will open slowly, thus discouraging readership. One of the criteria for determining approved vs. disapproved websites is the number of subscribers. According to the report I read, the search engines participating in the censorship have settled on 10,000 subscribers as one demarcation point in approved vs. disapproved.

This website has readers in the hundreds of thousands, few of whom contribute to the website’s support. Moreover, my columns are reposted on numerous other sites both in English and in foreign translations. This website’s readership is worldwide and the readership is in the millions.

Whereas this website itself does not have subscribers, only the newsletter, one explanation for those of you who have been dropped as subscribers to the newsletter is that you are being dropped by a third party who perhaps is responsible for the decline in newsletter subscribers from 11,700 to 9,800.

Not knowing how any of this works, I can’t say my speculations have any merit. What I suggest is this: As this website’s readership is many times the 10,000 number, either another 10,000 readers sign up for the free newsletter and renew your signups if dropped, or I close down the newsletter.

The newsletter is expensive. However, a large subscriber list could be a protection. Alternatively, not having a subscriber list could be a protection.

I am pleased to hear from any of you who might have a grasp on the situation.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has stated publicly that Google “will ‘engineer’ algorithms that will make it harder for articles from Sputnik News and RT to appear on the Google News service.”

RT, although it has had its fangs pulled by Washington’s threats against this outstanding news service, and Sputnik are excellent news services. They do a better job of reporting what is really going on than Western news services that control explanations for the ruling oligarchy. If the multi-billionaire Eric Schmidt is willing to submit to Washington and to make RT and Sputnik invisible, the First Amendment of the US Constitution has been repealed.

Fortunately, finally the Russians and Chinese have created their own search engines. When Google closes down truth in America, you can go to China and Russia for truthful information. This website is a permitted website in China and Russia. There is less censorship in China and Russia than in the USA, which is amazing in terms of Washington’s propaganda.

Just as Washington’s misused power is collapsing, so will Google’s. One day Google’s stock will be worth nothing, beause Google is allying with lies against truth.
It is a small comfort that PCR is just as confused and in the dark about what is going on with his website and its "subscriber's list" as I am with my tiny blog.  And it is a larger comfort to hear that Russia and China are finally getting off their duffs and setting up rival Internet services like "search engines".   Not a moment too soon!  Next question is how do we access those search engines and set them up as defaults to Google on our computers?

Finally, I can tell Google/Blogger that if they thought they were going to discourage truther-bloggers by messing with our stats...they were totally wrong.  If stats don't make logical sense...then they are simply disregarded and discarded. The blogger just assumes that his or her blog must be very popular--for some high power to feel it is important enough to mess with.  The more my stats are messed with...the more I'm inclined to believe that the popularity of my blog is growing...ergo...more effort must be expended to suppress it and the information it provides free of charge to the already awakened 37% critical thinking portion of the population who CANNOT be bought or mind-controlled.

My readers are the smartest people on the planet and I'm proud to serve them from this small soapbox podium...or from a park bench as needs be.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Welcome to my world, Crow... These bastards have been screwing around with my stats and my blog hits for YEARS now....

I know that in one month when I had some 150000 hits, the following month when it suddenly dropped like a stone to only around 40000 that they were indeed messing around with my stats to try to "discourage" me.... But just like you, they have failed..

However, I can see them simply just terminating our blogs as their next step...

greencrow said...

It must be frustrating for Blogger re the "messing with stats" issue. On the one hand they want to show their corporate bosses how popular and successful "Blogger" is as a platform...but, but but...on the other hand they are required to suppress stats showing popularity of the blogs. lol

Actually, I am sure double sets of stats are for them and one for us.

And, yes...eventually as this kind of repression has been historically always a failure...they will have to consider the most draconian move of all...deleting all the truthers blogs. If they do resort to that...hopefully there will be one or two whistleblowers who will want to be able to look themselves in the mirror and will come out and tell the truth.

Ed(itor) said...

I too had dozens and dozens of “hits” from people in France, Amsterdam, Brussels, and the UK. Do you look up the ISP’s from your hits? It can be telling. I had one ex-official from the SDECE. The Europeans I take to be Sorosians. I also had lots of hits from Israel (not all of them were Zionists or Likudites), more than a few Muslims from Morocco, lots of folks from Russia, and small handfuls of people from the Orient. With the use of proxy servers, it is truly difficult to tell who is reading. More than a few of these folks came from intelligence interest. Everyone likes to read the tea leaves. But when I saw tinkering and destruction of online real-time monitoring capability within my dashboard, on top of the obvvious SEO algorithmic games, I knew it was time to close up shop. Many of the plug-in operations were extensions of the same censoring mindset. When I first got into this business, I realized that most of the people doing the work were IT experts tinkering on their own time with the tools of their employer. There is a strong copmponent of truthism inside the realm of information technology because the free flow of information is vital. There original folks working on the assassination of the Kennedys were people in the old list-servs. We must go back to school and become IT experts and buy our own servers and make them impregnable. It’s a constant battle.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)
The readers you list above are basically the same demographic that I have. As I said in my first comment above the only hope for freedom of Speech on the Internet will be if some whistleblowers from within the Industry start speaking up.

Of course, we don't want any more Seth Riches. : (


Penny said...

Yah, the stats thing is weird. I don't know what to make of it?
I just keep posting and people just keep reading and hopefully sharing?

Reading between the lines said...

I love your tenacity ,it reminds me of my own .Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Who cares??
It is just like poll numbers for the prez
Who cares
If people are reading it
You will know by the gossip going around
If it is working
You will see the results
If you see no results
Then the numbers matter
Who cares

greencrow said...

Thanks all for your comments anony says at the end of the day who cares?

But it does reinforce the old maxim:

"There are lies...damned lies...and statistics!"

Anonymous said...

Really, is this any surprise? There has been a convergence of ownership developing for some time now. What do Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Dell all have in common? Same thing as the infotainment cartel in North America perhaps? Notice how poor CBC has become since the head stopped being a Quebecker?

And this is a coincidence how again? Conspiracy nutters like myself are not even supposed to notice these little similarities. We're just supposed to be good little self hating caucasians and ignore the facts of the situation.

And the most ironic thing about this whole mess is, when it blows up in the face of those who engineer this chaos, it will be someone elses fault. Just as it has been for over 5700 years.

greencrow said...

Hi Anony:

Thanks for your gives me hope. I hope to live long enough to witness when it "...blows up in the face of those who engineer this chaos".