Monday, January 22, 2018

New Art Work: Wood Duck with Bullrushes

Wood Duck with Bullrushes
latest wood carving by greencrow

The above wood carving of a Wood Duck in a pond with bullrushes or as "cattails" as they are sometimes my latest art work.  I will post it shortly on my Arts and Crafts Page.  It is 14" long x 4"wide and 12" tall.  As I say in the video...this artwork grew out of a piece of found cottonwood bark that resembled a wood duck.  I carved it to make it look MORE like a wood duck, then glued it to a piece of yellow cedar that I had carved to look like a small pond.  The wood duck's eyes are naturally bright red.  To get this colour, I found red jade beads in a local bead shop.  To finish off  the piece, I assembled bull rushes out of cottonwood bark, barbecue skewers for the stems.  The "reeds" are carved out of cedar planks used to cook fish on the barbecue.

After carving and gluing the pieces together, I used acrylic paints to paint the duck, pond and bulrushes.  My wood carving instructor advised me to allow the water paint to "bleed" naturally into the wood...I think this was good advice.  Lots of fun carving this piece and creating a tribute to one of the most beautiful birds in the Pacific North West.

Photo of Wood Duck that I
Used as a guide to paint my wood duck