Saturday, January 13, 2018

NAFTA uncertainty overshadows Canadian Government priorities...Now we know how Iranians feel!

Canada's Trudeau and USA's Trump
USA is "Non Compos Mentis" vis a vis 
International Agreements

In my post of yesterday about the threat to humanity posed by military drones...I called Canada "stupid" for not allying itself with a broader range of international partners than USrael and it's other Western vassal states.  I said that should the US decide to pull a False Flag or some other nefarious scheme against Canada in its desperation to foment WWIII with Russia/China...we could be caught in the middle and become like western Europe was during WWII...the battleground for the war.

Well, I didn't say those words specifically, but that was the jist of my concerns.  My concerns rest firmly on the uncertainty that USrael inserts into every single agreement with every single other nation it deals with.  It cannot be relied upon and, as the Russians have is "not contract capable" or as the Latin legal phrase goes is "non compos mentis".

Regular readers know that I've used this term over and over again to describe the United State's reputation on the International Stage.  No more so than during the past few days when concerns were raised about Trump's actual mental state by Senators who overheard him ranting away about "Shithole" countries like Haiti and those in Africa (the African states with precious metals that the US has been destabilizing for decades perchance?).  Now, everyone knows why Haiti is a shithole...didn't the Clintons fleece it out of millions if not billions of "aid" earmarked to repair the damage cause by the "earthquake" that destroyed the Haitian capital of Port au Prince a few decades ago?  Funny how every single negative happenstance on this planet can be traced back to the same perps.

But back to the topic of today's post...which is why Canada should forget about NAFTA or any other agreement with USrael for the time being...until there is a true revolution in that benighted land and the usual suspects are turfed out of the country for....what is it now....the 359th time over the past 1000 years?

Just in case any of my readers are unfamiliar with the North American Free Trade Agreement or as it is called "NAFTA" here is a latest update on the efforts to renew the agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico...

From the CBC
NAFTA uncertainty overshadows Liberal priorities

Earlier in the past week, concerns were raise that the US would back out of negotiations entirely.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:

Canada will remain at the negotiation table even if U.S. gives notice, sources say

CBC News Posted: Jan 10, 2018 5:11 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 10, 2018 5:50 PM ET
The Canadian government is actively preparing for the possibility U.S. President Donald Trump could soon signal his intent to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, Liberal government sources told CBC News.

Despite those preparations for a possible pullout, Canada will stay at the negotiation table even if Trump makes that call, those sources said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Canada is still optimistic there could still be some sort of positive resolution to these fractious trade talks, the sources said, and will continue to pursue its aggressive outreach plans in the U.S., which include meetings with U.S. state governors and lawmakers in Washington.

The next round of NAFTA talks — the sixth so far — will be held in Montreal from Jan. 23 to 28.

Reuters reported earlier Wednesday that Canada is "increasingly convinced" Trump will abandon renegotiation talks and announce he is initiating the withdrawal process. A party's withdrawal takes effect six months after it provides written notice to the other member countries.

In response to the Reuters story, the White House said "there has been no change in the President's position on NAFTA," which offered little clarity as Trump has routinely threatened to walk away if he cannot extract concessions from the other two trade partners.

Canadian officials, speaking to CBC News, said they are prepared for Trump to signal an intent to withdraw in six months by January's end, but no one would be astonished if he opted to keep his officials at the table.

In the meantime, Canadian ministers would use the notice period to keep talking with the White House while taking the fight to allies in the U.S. Congress which votes on American trade pacts.

The mere suggestion of Trump's intent to withdraw put downward pressure on the loonie Wednesday. The Canadian dollar has performed well against its U.S. counterpart so far in 2018. The loonie bounced back late in the trading day after government officials on both sides of the border suggested there was no immediate change in Trump's NAFTA position.

'Zombie NAFTA'

Laura Dawson, the director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Centre in Washington, said it should come as no surprise that Trump is prepared to use the threat of withdrawal as a negotiating tactic.

"In my opinion, I think at a certain point Donald Trump will launch an intent to withdraw but the difference between the intent to withdraw and fully realizing that objective are very, very different," Dawson said in an interview with CBC's Power and Politics.

Tough-talking Liberal cabinet ministers are delivering a collective message that Canada will "stay strong" to defend the country's interests in the face of escalating trade tensions with the United States.

The economic fallout from trade disputes is top of mind for ministers holding a two-day winter retreat in London, Ont., after Canadian stocks and the dollar fell Wednesday on reports the U.S. is increasingly likely to withdraw from NAFTA.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said today it's "no secret" the U.S. could signal its intent to withdraw from the agreement, since U.S. President Donald Trump has made that publicly known even before talks began.

She said the government takes the U.S. at its word, and is treating the threat seriously."

Greencrow says: Then, of course, we just experienced the latest in a series of scares about Trump's mental health...the "shithole" incident--which is yet another red flag that President Donald Trump, at the very least, lacks impulse control and judgment...and does not understand the responsibilities of his office. All these incidents...when added up beg the question...why negotiate with the man at all?

But the biggest red flag of all...when it comes to determining the probability of a successful outcome for Canada of the NAFTA negotiations is what has happened to Iran regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal to lift longstanding sanctions against Iran in return for Iran giving up its right to pursue a nuclear weapons program.

Here is the latest on the international crisis that has been caused by Trump's threat to renege on the JCPOA deal, which involved the participation of several other world powers and years of negotiation by the previous US administration. Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

From Iranian PressTV:
Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the country will commit to no obligation beyond those it has already agreed to under an international nuclear deal, amid attempts by the United States to change the terms of the 2015 accord.

In a statement released on Saturday, the ministry said that US President Donald Trump once again had to extend waivers that are mandatory under the deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“The internal solidity of and international support for the agreement have blocked attempts by Mr. Trump, the Zionist regime [of Israel], and the ominous alliance of hard-line warmongers to terminate this agreement or make changes to it,” the ministry said.

On Friday, Trump extended waivers of key economic sanctions on Iran for another 120 days but said he was doing so “for the last time.”

Although the US president declined to seize an opportunity to withdraw from the Iran deal — which he has long railed against and formerly promised to “rip up” — he gave a four-month deadline to US Congress and America’s main European allies to address what he called the “disastrous flaws” of the deal.

Greencrow summarizes:  The United States has taken the same position with the Iranian Deal (and with NAFTA) as Israel has historically taken with the UN imposed responsibility to grant statehood to the Palestinians....delay and deny, sabotage and perpetuity.  Can the readers not see the similarities and connect the dots?  All the while, according to the Israeli methodology, chip, chip, chip away at the other side...erode their rights and their resources until there is no "need" for negotiations anymore...because the opposition has been destroyed.

This is the big picture with Iran and, IMO, this is also the big picture with Canada and Mexico vis a vis NAFTA.  We are being treated just like Iran...and the Palestinians.  Actually, Trump's recalcitrance to negotiate in good faith presents Canada (and Mexico) with a fabulous opportunity to extricate ourselves from the spider's web.  Nobody would fault Canada if we just changed courses, saying that there's absolutely NO POINT in negotiating with USrael under these fundamentally uncertain conditions.  I say...shut the entire thing down and go our own way and do what Canada should have been doing all along for our own future survival...forge alliances, trade and military, with other countries that have a previous reputation for and can:

A) be counted on;


B) are sincere in their efforts to achieve a respectful, win-win for all parties.


Anonymous said...

This was one of the stories today on the internet news cycle
I thought of you
My opinion
This clip makes him look impressive and caring
Sane and understanding
You have a lot of work to make him look bad
Cuz the majority of audience seemed to be with him
Trump comments
He is a reality tv star
His fan base loves it
He knows it
He is gonna continue leaving soundbites
He knows the sheeple well
The video now

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous

Are you saying that Trudeau "looks impressive and caring, sane and understanding..." simply because he doesn't throw a chair at the questioner...or shout him/her down like Americans are used to seeing on the Gerry Springer Show and/or other US daytime TV programs?

I don't set the bar that low. Trudeau ran on a platform of being more open and flexible to Russia than previous Canadian PM Stephen Harper. He broke that promise right out of the starting gate. He has made numerous flubs since, including breaking the Canadian Federal Law concerning government members and conflict of interest. In Christmas 2016 he went to the private island of the Aga Khan for Christmas with his family. This was paid for by the multibillionaire Aga Khan who also lobbies the Canadian government on behalf of his religious "charity". Interestingly, US Secty of State John Kerry was also on the Island at the same time. Was Trudeau being bribed and given his "marching orders"? Curious Canadians want to know.

Canadians want a Prime Minister who will put Canada and the opinions and values of Canadians first....not another kow towing flunkie for the globalist warmongers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a false flag??
He planted them in there to look calm and collected???
Do you think the sheeple immolate that Jerry Springer nonsense in reality??
Or is a reverse psychology exercise to turn people away from that behavior???
Aside from that crazy show
How about all the peoples court garbage
They all go before a cool judge being funny and teaching them lessons of???
The whole system is set up for persecution
Sheeple persecuting sheeple
Law and oppression
Then the television adds
Not sure if they exist where you are???
But all day
Lawyers pitching there bull
I can get you dough
Has this happened
You deserve this
I can get you dough
Oh and all of your leaders sins
I think all leaders get bashed for the things they do
It gives you bloggers and talking heads something to preach about to the sheeple
It never ends
Blah blah blah
It is a waste of energy
They still do it
You complain
Nothing happens
Local politics is the same beast
Just psychotic leaders dressed nice with devious behavior

greencrow said...

I don't think Trudeau's people put phonies into the crowd to make him look good. There are "rage-a-holics" out there who are drawn like magnets to this type of gathering. It's a wonder there weren't more of them. If you go to any city hall meeting you will see the same characters...some of them go to EVERY city hall meeting in their region...just to shout expletives at the elected officials.

The ads on TV in the US are an insult to intelligence and appeal to the lowest common denominator in humanity. Particularly bad are the healthcare ads...these should be banned as this parasitism on the cost of healthcare is what puts it out of reach of many citizens. THAT is why a national health care system is the choice of most responsible nations on earth. Eliminate the insurance companies and their ads and voila! you have an affordable system.

Why do we blog in the face of constant oppression by the CIA-owned Internet corporations? I do believe we wake up a very few people...which is, in the end, worth all the hassle...and we also provide emotional support, information and an outlet for all our blogging colleagues and those readers who are also awake.

Anonymous said...

The more scary of healthcare adds is the people who can not wait for the new drug to come out
It is scary
I know people who talk about drugs like kids talking about candy
You mention a drug and these people start telling you everything about it
That scares me
Considering I do not take note of any drug and know what any drugs do
I guess that is ignorant and dumb
That is the way I feel when people I know start running all info about them
Do they take them??
Or just want to know about them???
Either way,it scares me
I also cringe when they are running there adds
I call them legalized drug pushers
That topic is a whole essay I could type
Legal and illegal drugs
The pot smoking debate just got sucker punched too all the people for it
For the political people just made a big threat that
blah blah
changes everything that was going down
Legalized drug pushers
There drugs are harmful to health,but allowed
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
That is my frustration yelling out
ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Drugs that are harmful are legal
ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh
me yelling out
ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh
It is hurtfull to watch it play out
But you can not do anything about it
My scream sort of gets me over it
I lie
Not over it
Also I agree with the people in audience comment you made
But sometimes you wonder,or I wonder
Could some be planted just for entertainment value???

Anonymous said...

Also on the people waking up comment
I think every country has people like you complaining about the people in power
In Canada,Paris,Germany,The islands,Russia,China etc etc where they express it in music and arts and writers.
That seems to be the way it is
People who go into those fields love all the things they get away with
And people like you and music people and art people and writers will keep doing there thing and people searching for answers will read and agree but still nothing will happen
Oh yeh,comics also tell the truth through there craft
I think it is the same all over???
Also most people are busy with raising families and paying bills and really do not care what that reality is
It is called survival
Just accepting what is
Because there are consequences to not
So a comedian will say what is wrong
They all laugh for they know it is true
But no one does anything about it
Maybe there is an idea in that???
I do not see it
Do you??

greencrow said...

Thanks, anony for your comments. There's a lot of truth in what you say.