Friday, January 5, 2018

Las Vegas Mass Murder - Update from American Everyman

video about CIA airlane hangar
located one block away from Las Vegas Massacre

Yesterday I was complaining about the way Google treats the alternative media and, in particular, truth bloggers.  Sometimes the harassment and lack of respect can be discouraging....particularly when it devolves down to lying about statistics and stealing audience access.

But just when the situation seems hopeless and helpless...a blogger posts something that is so valuable, such an essential piece of the truth puzzle...that it makes all the hassle worth it.  Such is the case with the video above.  Scott Creighton...a very intrepid blogger from the US north east...posted about some crucial information he received in an e-mail.  This happens quite frequently with bloggers...they get a random e-mail from a member of their readership...someone just happened to be watching the mainstream media newz or read something in a rag like "The Guardian" and connected the dots to something they've been following on a blog.  These "diamond" moments are what makes the alternative media and blogs absolutely essential to the continuation of human morality as we used to know remember...when people lived under the rule of law...and "justice" was a concept that applied to all segments of society?  That's all gone now...particularly in USrael.

One of Scott's readers read that there was a large, operational CIA airline hangar just one block away from the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas.  He put that together with information he remembered from Scott's reports on the Las Vegas Massacre just a day or so after...where Police Scanner audio...captures law enforcement reporting about shooters running in the direction of the airline hanger after the shooting.  The convenience of having a CIA hangar within "running" distance cannot be dismissed...when factored into all the other evidence of several shooters, operating at ground level.

You will never have the main$tream media talking about this coinkydynk.  In fact, the main$tream media seems to be under a prohibition of even talking about the Las Vegas massacre anymore.  And this is the most amazing thing about contemporary American society.  The main$tream media is not about informing the public's about creating mass amnesia.  Mass Alzheimer's if you will.  The perps behind the M$M lockstep network programming have become absolute geniuses at the "great distraction".  One stupid, vapid story after another taking up the airwaves 24/7 and rendering sheeple brains into mush.  Right now it is the "Wolff" storybook about Trump.

They don't want to talk about the Las Vegas mass shooting any more because:

1.  It's bad for bidness (gambling in Las Vegas)
2.  It connects the Saudis (who own the Mandalay Hotel) with the CIA/Mossad...I have come to believe that the terms CIA and Mossad are interchangeable and are, in fact, one mafia-style international crime syndicate that I call MosCIAd.
3. Like 9/11 and the JFK assassination...this Las Vegas Deep State crime has come apart at the seams and the official story is so full of holes it is like a huge brick of stinking blue the perps just exercise their supreme right of "disappearing" the entire event down the black ops memory just didn't happen...get it!

But intrepid truthers have built up an immunity to such subliminal directives....NOT talking about a huge crime and mass murder runs counter to our DNA....which could be why the perps are now focusing so much on altering DNA.

So, I will put forth some reasons why the perps did Las Vegas....just for the sake of argument and keeping the topic alive.... here in the last outpost of reason and memory...the soon to be erased blogosphere.  Las Vegas happened because:

1.  Mandalay Bay and/or some entities of Las Vegas ownership had fallen behind on their "protection/anti-extortion" payments.  This is the age-old protection racket that has always been the mainstay of the mafia/organized crime.  This is my first guess.

2.  There was a need to "drill" certain SWAT teams belonging to the MosCIAd and this was just a "live drill"...which went off almost without a hitch.  Lots of loose ends and indications of organized crime...but that doesn't matter a hill of beans when you also own the "Amnesia Media".

3.  There is an ongoing "war for tourism" going on between conflicting factions in the International Globalist, Ziofascist network.  Las Vegas was just a continuation of what's been going on in the UK (London Bridge bombing) Germany (Octoberfest bombing) France (Cote d'Azure) truck running into tourists on a tourist seaside strand, St Petersburg bombing, Moscow bombing....etc., etc., etc.  IMO, this project is partially a globalist terrorist program but also an attempt to "control" and "divert" the immense economy/wealth engendered by tourism away from certain spots and towards other spots.  It is a well kept secret how much money can be earned each year through tourism...nobody wants to brag about it because that might attract the globalist terror squads.

Those are just some possibilities that lie behind the Las Vegas Massacre...More than likely it is a combination of the above plus some other unknown reasons.  But don't ever expect to hear or read another word about the Last Vegas killings in the Main$tream is absolutely VERBOTEN!

American Justice - Official Patsy = Case Closed


Anonymous said...

Ms Greencrow Thank You for what energy you spend for truth!.Im a retired union carpenter that worked on the upper floors (4seasons) hotel.In the mornings we would watch the 3 Boeing jets load up and take off for Area 51.When the Mandalay was being built they scraped off 40 feet of soil ,then they started building,near the end of the job,the engineers found it was sinking. (The middle or main core) They had build over a under ground river.For 2 weeks day and night they poured grout trying to plug the river .Did they ever stabilize it I don’t know?The large windows keep popping out.No one was ever hurt by the falling glass,As well the windows were 8’x8’.Hope this information help’s. Something off track.Mercury 90 mile”s north of Vegas where the government dropped many nuclear bomb’s .THE radiation is creeping towards Los Vegas at 3 to 5 mile’s per year!Also Los Vegas lead’s the nation in Prozac use!.Threre is also a Israel ���� security training service in Vegas.
Thank You again G Taylor

greencrow said...

Thanks very much for this comment Greg. Every little bit of information helps.