Friday, January 26, 2018

Dorks and Duds



You have to feel sorry for them...the latest group being separated from mainstream society by identity politics.  First they came for the perverts and they're coming for the dorks and duds.  I don't know about today's young women...can't they stand a bit of dorkishness and dudiness in their lives?  Back in the day, they were an occupational hazard in the dating scene.  You got set up on a blind date with a dork.  You went to a movie with him...he tried to put his arm around your shoulder in the darkness....and the arm became a leaden halter...cutting off blood circulation in your neck and shoulders.  You endured the evening and bid farewell at the door with a handshake.  He asked if he could call again and you muttered something like..."I think my phone is broken."

Now, these guys are being outed in the newspaper headlines...treated like criminals.  Tried in the brand new courts of "social media", convicted and sentenced without mercy. Forced to resign and/or fired from their jobs.  Please read the following two CBC reports and I will have more sad comments to follow:

Sexual advances by Patrick Brown were 'awkward,' accuser tells CBC News

Former summer student claims ex-Ontario Tory leader kissed her during 2013 party

While she remained working for him, the woman said Brown invited her to travel to India with him as his assistant.

She said Brown told her she would look good on an elephant.

She agreed to the trip, she said, because she didn't know how to say no.

Later, the woman said, she "broke down" when she told her father about the incident at Brown's home and the invitation to travel with him to India.

She didn't go on the trip, but said she continued working for Brown while she attended university.

"It was an ideal student job," she said.

now dorkishness and dudiness has been revealed to be an ongoing epidemic!

Sexual misconduct an open secret on Parliament Hill, say ex-staffers

'It’s always been a matter of when — not if — these stories will break,' says former NDP staffer

After allegations of sexual misconduct rocked Hollywood and Canada's arts and entertainment industry, former Parliament Hill staffers say it was only a matter of time before the spotlight turned to Canadian politics.

"It's always been a matter of when — not if — these stories will break," said Lauren Dobson-Hughes, a former NDP staffer.

Dobson-Hughes alleges she too faced routine sexual misconduct in her seven years on the Hill.

"Daily references to my figure, to my sex life, whether I was married," she said.

"Being grabbed and groped, being forcibly kissed."

Some political insiders have described this kind of behaviour as an open secret, many Canadians are just this week learning the extent of sexual harassment concerns in the halls of power across the country.

Sports minister resigns amid sexual harassment allegations
Ontario PC leader denies sexual misconduct allegations 
Three senior politicians were forced to resign this week amid allegations of sexual misconduct:

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie was the first to go, stepping down Wednesday after an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour.
Early Thursday morning, Patrick Brown resigned as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party after two women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct.
Later that day, federal Sports Minister Kent Hehr stepped away from cabinet pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment....."

Greencrow says:  So, what used to be part of the yin and yang of relationships between the sexes...has...retroactively...suddenly become a capital crime.  Why?  It's not like I didn't meet my share of dorks and duds.  Heck, even after I was married and briefly involved in politics back in the late 80's and early 90's as a "backroom boy" as we were called in those days...regardless of our gender...I was subjected to what is now called "sexual harassment".

Once, our political party was in the midst of a federal election campaign.  I was assigned to go to one of the main bridges in the early morning rush hour and hold up party signs for the motorists to see.  When I arrived at the bridge there was only one other campaign worker there, a man about the same age as me.  He and I were both married to other people.  We started holding up our signs and he said to me "Show a bit more leg."  That was the only thing he said to me all morning other than greeting me by name when we first showed up.  He didn't say "Show a bit more leg" once...he must have shouted it over the noise of the traffic at least a half dozen times.  I just ignored him.  That man later went on to became the premier of  British Columbia, a position he held for about a decade.

Another time, I was on a special committee to review the Canadian constitution and was treated to an all expenses paid trip to Ottawa to present our paper to a Senate committee...on TV, no less.  Our committee consisted of the MP (a closet homosexual), a university professor and me.  At a restaurant dinner the night before the presentation...the university professor propositioned me and asked me to come back to his room to "discuss our paper".  I said No! and reminded him that I was married...and very happily so.  I believe that was the beginning of the end of my political career.

While I did tell friends and family about the above two incidents, I did not go to the "social media" and ruin the careers of these two men.  After all, they were indulging in dorkish behavior... Again, I ask, is it a capital crime?

Dorks and duds, like other "identity politics" minorities, make up a certain percentage of the population.  A dork is a man who is so narcissistic and socially retarded that he can't relate to another person, including a woman he's sexually attracted to, other than in an awkward, adolescent, non empathetic way...he's not capable of understanding how THEY feel because of his social disability... it's not the way he's hardwired.  Some of these individuals may be afflicted with a mild form of autism called "Asperger's syndrome".  This group of misfits is overly represented in politics because politics is an avenue for them to compensate for their social/sexual incompetence.   Being able to use their political power over women, who would otherwise not give them a second look, is one of the benefits of politics for these poor souls.

The movers and shakers behind the political scenes like these men as candidates because they are easily blackmailable.  Also, the numbers of them in politics is comforting--as they get to socialize in a masculine, non threatening "old boyz" social ambience most of the time.

So, all this sudden victimization of dorks and duds begs the question...Who's going to take their place in politics if they are all booted out?  Not everyone wants the job...all the lying and scheming and doing double-crossing things to your fellow citizens.  Do the young women who've "me too'd" and "Time's Up'd" the dorks and duds out of the business want to take their place?

At this time in history...when true democracy is dead and the military/industrial complex runs Nations through globalist intelligence agencies....bent on perpetual wars and resource exploitation...politics is more of a dirty job than ever.  Rooting out the dorks and duds isn't going to clean it up.

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