Monday, January 29, 2018

CawRANT Events #60

CawRANT Events #60

Good Morning Everybody! It's a very wet day in the Pacific North West.  A heavy rain storm has been pounding metro Vancouver for about three days now.  Raining so hard I can't take my dogs for a walk....we'd all be soaked, even with a big umbrella. So it's a good morning to stay inside and blog.  I have a lot of items on my RANT list so better get started.

First, to Canadian newz.  There's no public Canadian I love to hate more than the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada's own pro-Nazi Russia hater, Chrystia Freeland.  Well, frankly, she's an embarrassment, and you really wonder what she's getting up to behind the scenes when her public statements are so antithetical to how Canadians really feel.  Freeland hosted an international meeting on North Korea here in Vancouver recently...which was made deliciously irrelevant....

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, leaders of North and South Korea,
are talking, and Trump and the US are not amused
as reported in South Korea Slips Off the US Leash the simultaneous sudden joining of North and South Korea in plans to participate as one nation at the upcoming Olympics.  As a side show at the Vancouver meeting, a panel discussion was held with panelists specifically chosen to "soften up the public" to an expanding role for Canada in the military "interdiction" of ships travelling to North Korea.  Ahhhh...."The best laid plans of mice (Freeland) and men gang aft aglee" as Robbie Burns said.  Please read Cameron Pike's report in Aletho News about how the "pre-conference" panel went...when someone from the audience (I think it was Pike himself) asked an unscripted question:

"Chrystia Freeland is more dangerous than Tony Blair"

reads the latest headline from Aletho News.

by Cameron Pike
Cameron Pike studied Communications and Philosophy at the University of Winnipeg, and has worked in a variety of corporate fields in management before becoming Director at the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm, a Not-For-Profit, in Vancouver, Canada.
"....A Director for the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm (SNHP), which represents the New Paradigm in Canada, asked the fourth question.

In that question, the Moon-Putin plan was described for the audience. This plan is the exact opposite of what the panel discussion described was being planned for the next days’ talks at the Foreign Minister’s meeting.  The Moon-Putin plan was announced last September at the Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum.  This is a plan agreed to by Russia and South Korea.  It is a plan to bring South and North Korea together through physical infrastructure and trade mechanisms, involving the neighbouring countries of Russia and China.

Bridges of cooperation linking South Korea to Russia via North Korea: gas, railroads, ports, electricity, a northern sea route, shipbuilding, jobs, agriculture, and fisheries. Siberian oil and gas pipelines would be extended to Korea, both North and South, as well as to Japan. Both Koreas would be linked up with the vast rail networks of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, including high-speed rail, and the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes the Trans-Siberian Railway. According to Gavan McCormack, “North Korea would accept the security guarantee of the five (Japan included), refrain from any further nuclear or missile testing, shelve (‘freeze’) its existing programs and gain its longed for ‘normalization’ in the form of incorporation in regional groupings, the lifting of sanctions and normalized relations with its neighbour states, without surrender.”

The panel of speakers were also reminded that North Korea has been sanctioned since 1948 and has been suffering ever since at the behest of an illegal UN resolution, 195, and that the Belt and Road and the Moon-Putin plan were for building up their physical economy. As the SNHP director pointed out, in this context, sanctions were the exact opposite. He also pointed out that the January 16 meeting in Vancouver, along with Canada’s new Hard Power Foreign Policy initiatives (announced last year with record military spending for Canada) under Chrystia Freeland, was unprecedented in the history of Canada’s traditional peacekeeping role, and there is no confidence that Canada will play a positive role in this situation, or that Canada is a neutral Middle Power any longer given this shift.

Further, that Canadians deserve to have a national dialogue considering the consequences of such actions. He then went on to address Brian Gold directly, stating that Russia and China, considering the positive resolutions (Sunshine Policy, Olympics, etc.) made with South and North Korea over the last few weeks, were relevant and their absence from these meetings is a mistake. Finally, the SNHP representative asked, “When will Canada wake up to the fact that Freeland is a neo-con war-mongerer?” and “… if the Moon-Putin plan has already been discussed and such positive results are on the horizon, why the Foreign Ministers meeting in Vancouver was taking place at all?”

While the audience clapped, the panel was stunned...."
 Ahhhh...those dangerous, unscripted questions.  Thankfully the controlled main$tream media can quickly bury the outburst of truthiness and reality under the mountains of propaganda, disinformation and outright lies that they print 24/7.

Still, in Canadian news, last Friday there was an update on the still unsolved murders of billionaire Canadian drug company CEO, Barry Sherman and his wife Honey.  The Toronto police are saying that the deaths were targeted murders.
Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, police say
Personally, I don't think we'll ever find out who murdered the couple.  When the family got involved with their own competing investigation, autopsy...leaking information to the press...etc., etc., then that destroyed the integrity of the investigation.  Whether that was deliberate or not, we'll also never know. The CBC had a report on a minor lawsuit that Barry Sherman had filed against a known fraudster for $150,000....pennies for these guys.  I cite that CBC report as an example of how the investigation will be so muddied that we'll never know the truth.  One more interesting clue about what may have actually went down was the connection between the Israeli owned pharmaceutical company called Teva Pharmaceuticals and an upcoming lawsuit involving the Apotex CEO, Jeremy Desai--who resigned the very day of the recent police announcement. This lawsuit involves stolen secrets and billions of dollars...far more logical as a motivation for a very brutal, professional, Mossad-style murder.

Still on Canadian headlines...I smelled another Canadian rat the other day in the following CBC headine:


Could the Patrick Brown debacle birth another Canadian political dynasty?

PC instinct to draft Caroline Mulroney follows a tradition of choosing famous names

You see folks?  This is another reason why I don't like the current epidemic of running men (and very few women) out of their jobs based on allegations of sexual harassment.  I wrote about it in my previous post called "Dorks and Duds".  In that post I said I didn't approve of the newest form of "Justice by way of Social Media" because it undermined the "Rule of Law" as has been built up over the course of centuries...the question naturally follows...who benefits from the undermining of the rule of law?  Well, it didn't take too long to find out in the case under discussion...the forced resignation of Patrick Brown, the leader of the Ontario Provincial Progressive Conservative Party.

Patrick's tears of shame and regret had barely dried on his cheeks when low and behold, the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian "On The Take" Mulroney was touted as Brown's replacement.  Read the article linked above and consider whether the two young ladies who "Outed" Patrick Brown re historic acts of "dorkishness" towards them....may have been put up to the task as a result of an insidious "backroom boyz" strategy.

You see, folks, there's a reason for heeding the principles supporting the "Rule of Law"...this social media vendetta circus that's going on makes getting rid of an inconvenient political opponent a piece of cake. 

Leaving Canada and Going over the pond to the UK find another example of the decline of Western Democratic politics...we read a report that shows how far down the West has dropped in terms of ordinary common sense.  The Brits have formed a new Ministry to tackle "Loneliness" and will appoint a Minister to report to the Parliament on this scourge.  Not housing or homelessness....both of which are also epidemic throughout the West....not rampant destruction of British culture through loosy, goosy immigration policies...loneliness.  Well I have another about a combined ministry... as shown in the video below:

Can the Ministry for Loneliness be supported by the "Ministry for Silly Walks?"

Monty Python and the Ministry for Silly Walks

And speaking of misuse of taxpayer's is another report about how much the RCMP/CSIS travesty of justice...the Nuttall Korody manufacturing terror through the mentoring of vulnerable ex addicts cost the taxpayers.  We're still waiting with baited breath to find out the result of the Federal Government's appeal of the decision...should be released any time now.  And then the Federal Government can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada...more millions down the drain and continued harassment of the poor couple.  But, hey, destroying centuries of legal principles doesn't happen overnight!

Putin speaks about the
Destruction of America

Moving on to Russian news...I will start by re-linking [above] the excellent video of a 2016 speech given by Vladimir Putin.  This speech is a must watch and listen by everyone who wants to know what lies behind the systematic destruction of western law, politics, culture, and society.  This is a long term agenda and it also shows why the West has targeted Russia and Putin...Amongst his many other acts of charity towards the planet....Putin has outted their evil goals for humanity.

Putin recently visited his Brother's Grave
in St. Petersburg

Few of todays so-called "leaders" really know the horrors of war.  Putin is one exception.  His older brother was only two years old when he starved to death in the WWII Siege of Leningrad (as St. Petersburg was then called).  This was one of the longest and most bitter sieges in military history and the mass grave where Putin's brother is buried is the largest mass grave in history.

Russians (and awake people throughout the world) are very grateful that Putin's parents survived the war and went on to produce one of the greatest peacemakers and leaders the world has ever known.  As I have said before on this blog...I expect to be remembered, if I am remembered at all, as one who lived "in the time of Putin". 

That is why news that Putin's enemies are constantly seeking to assassinate him is so disturbing...the world clings to peace by the fingers of one man.  Here is one of the plots to kill Putin...there was a story recently about the possibility of a "Nano weapon" being considered to poison Putin during one of the interminable and highly dangerous meetings he is always holding with his "partners" as he insists on calling his enemies.  Why, just today, he's meeting that slime bucket, Israeli President Netanyahu.  This man is one of the most dangerous entities on the planet. Wasn't there a recent report on the Internet that Israel is responsible for over 2700 international assassinations during its 70 years of existance?

When they're not planning assassinations, sanctions and 24/7 anti-Russian "foaming at the mouth" propaganda...the evil perps are plotting against the Russian Athletes.  I remember back when there was a big scandal surrounding doping by the German athletes.  There was a lot more evidence produced back then...but still Germany was not punished and humiliated the way Russia is being.  Please read the following reports and I will continue comments thereafter:

"....Russia’s neutral athletes will wear uniforms without any national insignia while fans will not be able to wave Russian flags...."

Russian paralympians robbed of identity and national pride

January 28 , 2017 - Fort Russ News -

Russian Paralympians
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has allowed disabled athletes from Russia to participate in the Winter Paralympic Games. At the same time, officials of the Ministry of Sport and the Paralympic Committee of Russia will not be allowed to attend.

A reminder that at the Paralympic Winter Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the Russian paralympians did not participate at all because of the sanctions from the IPC.

In South Korea, Russian paralympians will be able to compete under the IPC flag, if they win a medal - the official IPC anthem will be played. They are forbidden from sporting a Russian uniform and there will be no indication that they represent Russia. Russian flags and national symbols will be banned in the immediate vicinity of the Paralympic Games.

It's so obvious!  The perps are terrified of the growing soft power of Russia due to its popular leader and policies.  Rather than match the positive initiatives, peacemaking, economic and otherwise, that Putin and Russia are making all over the world...the puerile perps attempt to silence, isolate and ignore...all strategies of bullies, cowards and losers.

I, for one, will NOT be watching the South Korean Olympics...other than to see North and South Korea in their events as a unified nation.  If I can't listen to the glorious Russian Federation National Anthem...then I won't watch any of it!

Russian National Anthem

But, I will end this CawRANT event on a positive note.  This positive development was provided recently by that diamond in a mountain of manure...Jewish dissident and activist, Norman Finkelstein.  One of my greatest heroes, Finkelstein has published a meticulously researched report on Israel's criminal acts in Gaza.  This is particularly well timed in view of the recent incarceration of the 17 year old Palestinian child, Ahed Tamimi.  There is nothing so devastating to the Ziofascists than a Finkelstein report on their murderous and/or larcenous activities.  In spite of constant persecution and harassment of the university professor...they have never proved a single statement of his to be in error.

I will be following the news about Ahed Tamimi in the coming weeks and months.  As I've said in a previous post...I do think the Palestinians have finally found themselves their very own Nelson Mandela.

Well, time to get out in the monsoon rains that I can hear beating torrentially on my roof...Until my next CawRANT...Bye for now!


Penny said...

the whole Patrick Brown outing seems highly suspect...
I've read a number of news articles and i have my suspicions- I won't be surprised if they pick Ms Mulroney to run against the Liberals

greencrow said...

This scheme was probably in the hopper for years. Timed for a rushed leadership where the "heir apparent" is foisted on the public. Pretty soon all the political leaders in Canada will have the combined IQ of a beaver.

My apologies to Canada's National Emblem.