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Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi - lifetime victim of State Child Abuse

Abby Martin Meets Palestinian
Child Activist Ahed Tamimi

I don't know how much longer I will be permitted to continue blogging. Each successive post on this blog is being--how can I describe it....more quarantined, more restricted on this vast invisible highway of communication we used to call the Internet.  Now, we need to find a new lexicon to describe where we are, where we are going and what pathway we're on.  Let me try.  If you consider the former Internet of, say 10 years ago, to the Autobahn in Germany...where we are now is stuck is a cul de sac in a North American suburb....or, more accurately, we're lost in the middle of a cornfield maze in Iowa.

I am calling out from the middle of the corn maze...can anybody hear me?  I can't see anything but the blue sky above and the seven foot high corn stalks surrounding me. Am I alone out here or are there others, similarly trapped and lost?  There's no way out.  The silence is deafening. The future looks even bleaker...will the next phase be akin to solitary confinement in a virtual prison cell?  Looks that way.

But, before I get there...while I can still call out...I'm going to speak about a topic that has been sorely neglected on this blog...and before I do that, I'm going to apologize for not devoting more ram or bites to the plight of the Palestinians.  After all...that is and has always been at the very kernel of what is wrong, nay, diabolically wrong on this planet.

It was the "slapping incident" that took place in that concentration camp they call Palestine that woke me up.  A good slap in the face can have that effect.  The 15 year old child prisoner named Ahed Tamimi not only delivered a slap to the face of the Israeli soldier who was part of the massive state prison guard oppressing her...but she delivered it to the face of the entire so-called "free" world.  And that is what is causing the Satanists to gnash their teeth...and execute their strategies of imprisonment and isolation even more harshly...on the Palestinians...and on the Internet.

Watch Abby Martin's excellent video of her visit to the Palestinian concentration camp above and, in particular, her stunning interview with the new "Nelson Mandela" of the planet...Ahed Tamimi.  Nelson Mandela spent only half his life in the apartheid prison of South Africa...while Ahed has spent her entire life growing up in hers.  She is a rarefied creature...she does look somewhat like someone who has never been out in the sunshine...her eyes seem unused to the light, her pale skin and fair hair makes her look like she has been grown, artificially, in a huge bell jar in Joseh Mengele's lab.

Whatever the cause of her condition...Taminm is an outlier...she is an aberration.....she is absolutely unbowed and fearless.  Having stared death in the face so many times from the cradle onward, Tamini's smile is like a lazer beam...or like a bright flash of steel...hardened in the hottest oven on oven as hot as hell itself.

Here, in a snippet from a post from is what Vic Mensa, a young American visitor, says about his impressions of Palestine , as published in a recent Time article: 

Vic Mensa’s searing piece in ‘Time’ on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism

Rapper Vic Mensa has published a wrenching piece in Time Magazine about “oppression and abuse” in Palestine. He saw elderly women being “punched in the face” by Israeli soldiers, saw hundreds of children being harassed and detained, and felt a solemn obligation to bear witness. But check out two of the opening sentences in the article:

I am not anti-Semitic, and the views expressed in this essay are in no way an attack on people of the Jewish faith. My words are a reflection of my experiences on my trip, and my criticism lies with the treatment of Palestinian civilians by the state of Israel, no more and no less.

Those words are an insult to the essay itself. They were obviously stapled in by Mensa’s minders, the editors. I say this as someone who has been in the editorial business forever (i.e., I don’t know it for a fact); but the article has nothing to do with Jewishness.

Vic Mensa went to Palestine last summer “with a group of African-American artists, scholars and activists organized by Dream Defenders,” and he is describing racial discrimination the U.S. supports with emotional images anyone can understand. The crux of the piece is a scene from a rooftop in Aida refugee camp, when Mensa looks from the Palestinians’ water supply to the Israeli settlement across the wall....."

"....many people in the group cried on that roof. Rage cannot describe how I feel thinking of the insects swimming in that water tank, while just across the wall is an Israeli settlement with an Olympic-size swimming pool."
Mensa’s mission is clear. These words halfway thru should have been the lead:

"...Herein lies the purpose of this composition. I write to inform all those who will hear me of the treacherous denial of human rights to the Palestinian people living under occupation. These scenes of oppression and abuse will be forever etched into my memory, burned into my mind’s eye...."

Forever etched– read Mensa’s view of the horror of occupied Nabi Saleh (the scene recently of the Ahed Tamimi slapping incident, after her cousin was shot in the face):

"...In a West Bank village called Nabi Saleh, I saw the most graphic account of these crimes against humanity I would be exposed to whilst in Palestine. The people of Nabi Saleh have mounted a long-term, non-violent resistance to martial law that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have responded to with extreme brutality. We sat in silence and watched a series of YouTube videos filmed by villagers of soldiers terrorizing the demonstrating civilians, primarily women and children. The videos show hundreds of metal tear-gas canisters raining on peaceful protests, elderly women punched in the face, children beaten and arrested, and even a villager whose face was literally removed by a gas can at point blank range…"

Greencrow says:  Before the Internet is shut down or, more likely, balkanized, entirely...the truth needs to be shouted from the virtual rooftops, naming what's going on in Palestine as extreme abuse, unparalleled in modern times...and even in human history itself.  Ahed, from her birth onwards and all the children of Palestine, have been subjected to systemic child the State.  Tamimi's parents are innocent of this fact they've tried to resist it.  Yet, they're viewed and treated as criminals by the State--for trying to protect their children and save their lands and heritage on their behalf.

Yes, folks...this is the very heart of darkness of the matter...this is the mentality at the core of all the evil on this planet...this is what those of us who call ourselves "truthers" have been railing against...all the circles of evil--radiating outwards...9/11...successive false flag atrocities and the like...but they all emanate outwards from the core--in Palestine.  And if little Ahed Tamimi can speak out...then how can we remain silent?

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Ed(itor) said...

“… the one danger regarded as most menacing was having states and corporations assume control over the political content that one can express…..”

greencrow said...

Hi Ed.

No one said it better than this:

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Lord Acton