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Park Bench Cafe #3 - A torrent of thoughts and ideas

Park Bench Café #3
A Torrent of Thoughts and Ideas

You can take the blog away from the blogger...but you can't take the blogger away from the blog...or something like that.  Below are links and themes submitted by my faithful (to the art of blogging) blogging colleague who lives in America or as I frequently call it...USrael.  I have more respect for truthers that blog from the US than just about anywhere else on the planet...because they are subjected to 24/7 brainwashing of a sort that no doubt has Orwell spinning in his grave.  For a truthers to emerge from that cesspool mound of steaming shit they call public like finding a diamond in a sewer outflow.

So, I invite readers to browse through the links and topics below, as sent by Ed(itor) formerly from Occurrences.  Many of the topics he raises have been on my list of possible post topics for some time.  Particularly the rumour that the US Marines stormed the CIA Langley base a couple of weeks ago to prevent a coup of the Trump government.  I certainly think this rumour is (or should in a more sane world) have some credibility...given the building non-stop 24/7 crescendo of anti-Trump rhetoric on the main$tream media these days.  Here's a black humourous "Over the top" take on it from the faux blog Whatdoesitmean.

While I normally avoid the above puts the current gross confusion in the US government into perspective...


Smartphone addiction creates imbalance in brain, study suggests
November 30, 2017
Radiological Society of North America
Researchers have found an imbalance in the brain chemistry of young people addicted to smartphones and the internet.


Koko say no. State of the Nation say yes.
Trump has only ONE response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community
Superb graphic and extracts below the fold.
Most of the leaders of this stealthy insurrection are unknown and working deep within the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Others, such as former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, as well as former CIA Deputy Director and Acting Director Michael Morell are highly visible leaders of the coup faction.
However, it is the countless agents of Deep State who populate the Zio-Anglo-American Intelligence Community that pose the real problem.  In this regard, it’s virtually impossible to determine who is really serving the POTUS, and who is working against him.
Phi Beta Iota: Both the US Intelligence Community rogue elements and the media and the traitors within the US Government and the two-party tyranny elite are the best of the servant class. CIA is not the enemy — like all other institutions it is split between 90% good people trapped in a bad system, and 10% — many funded contractors not government employees — who are out and out international criminals who could reasonably be turned over to an international tribune, brought before a special court, or exiled in a Truth & Reconciation process. With help from William Binney and Robert Steele our President is now believed to have all the names, dates, and places (as well as cash amounts where relevant) harvested from the 99% of the NSA database previously not processed. The death of the Deep State is certain.  What is not certain is the rapidity and completeness of the President’s reinstating the Constitution, re-engaging the 99%, and leading a national Grand Strategy conversation. The center of gravity for Making America Great Again (MAGA) is the 99% not the 1% — we are not certain the President sees that logic just yet.
See Especially:
See Also:


downloadable in pdf

Throw in your fellow countryman (woman?) who I once offered to drive to Montreal to share a breakfast with. 

Among the best on the 'net... 

And I at least used to be qualified to discuss chocolate chip cookie recipes...!  But now I can only have two...

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The world’s richest man, the guy who runs the secret cloud for the US intel community, doesn’t live out of the back of a camper 

Btw, I have not seen anything that is credible on the Marine Corps advance on Langley. 

I would like to believe it,  but I heard that Warren Buffet is going to send me $10 million too.

Charles Hugh Smith is a very bright fellow
and he ought to be on your blog roll too...

For that future project, you could focus on health care:

CVS, a large drugstore chain in New England, will buy a large insurance company (Aetna).

The Massachusetts Medical Society has moved to sit on the fence with regard to physician-assisted suicide.

Members of the family have reported that a 90-year-old gentleman admitted for early flu with dehydration is asked to drink his liquidity rather than get hydrated via IV because of a nationwide shortage of IV solutions and kits, confirmed here:

The original inquiry on that Q/Anon business came from Citizens for Legitimate Government, a reasonably-respectable alt-news site that has been playing the "getting choked to death" by internet search companies for two or more years now:

 Incoming news on that question, possibly:

There are also six to ten docs (many old) that I will have to read first about Peter Thiel and Palantir, about whom/which  I have already written extensively in the past (the links have been taken down, but the text remains on my hard drive).

There is also a lengthy Twitter feed

The meme that is being circulated by several in the NWO cabal seeking to minimize is agit-prop or preparatory propaganda against the forthcoming moment when they slip the man substances to ingest or zoink him with their latest mind control technology delivered from a distance.

The NORK scene is pure provocation by the Rothschild/Red China crowd. 

The absolutely more interesting story, for which I have no solid links, is the idea that Russia and others may construct their own parallel Internet. 

The wildcard in all of this is the folks at PhiBetaIota.


/POL/- Q Clearance Anon - Is it #happening???

Look for as many as five to seven follow-up videos

GC, you might circulate this to others, as this is classic.

If it's real, it's a blockbuster.

If this is some sort of fake news, it's artfully done based on what is called a LARP, which is a form of role-playing that a long time ago was linked by me to a source with a known CIA dude on its board of directors. 

This is so "thick" that it's almost impossible to cut through or digest. 

But if you or anyone else has feedback, I'd love to hear it. 
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GC says What is the "Q" matter?  I did not watch "Get Smart" when it was a series years ago but, apparently, my 62 year old younger brother with Downs Syndrome did because when I had it up on my laptop he said "Get Smart" and so I let him watch it (he was spending an overnight at my place as he does once per month) I left the room but could hear him chuckling away at the show.  I have not heard him laugh so heartily in it was well worth it, Ed!

I have no explanation for the thing on Q Clearance that I sent and is in this e-mail dialogue. What I "grok" is going on is that there is an intense war going on between people (individuals) who are or were involved in the many intel agencies of USrael. Add in Saudi Arabia and who knows who else. Two or third from Israel (Mossad, Shin Bet et al) are a given even if only influence. This "war" is playing out in video format, on websites like those noted and others on the dark web, inside the massive network of NSA and CIA and (now) Amazon/Bezos clouds, as information/disinformation/cognitive infiltration and with boastful or potentially real threats of action (informally, through intimidation, etc. on up through actual violence) including "military" action. It could be said that this war is going on between agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI etc.( but I think all those agencies have broken into camps (there may be more than two, but two essentially) for control of that agency/function and by extension control of people through blackmail and more. This was could be seen as a traditional conservative versus liberal war, but I think it is more nuanced than that. I think the sides divide along the lines of old-school Constitutional Republic saviors versus others involved in other shenanigans, corruption, black market games (sex, guns, cash, play for pay). 

You are the first interaction I've had since I was last online.  I put the same link into the WMR threads (I now openly call WMR World Management Royalty, Waste Management Realty et al) as it is clear to me and others that he caved in to pressure (blackmail?) from New World Order types (Soros, Clinton, Mossad et al) as he is overly protective of and refuses to address or acknowledge anything to do with Hillary, Podesta, Huma, the Awan brothers case et al and is vehemently anti-Trump. He accuses me of being a Trump apologist, but I have often stated that I am not a Trump fan.  I did vote Trump to help prevent Hillary, but that vote in a heavily-Democratic state is statistically meaningless.  I have not yet seen what anyone said at WMR about those videos. 

I also asked a few other people but haven't yet seen their reaction. 

Stay tuned. 



Special Counsel Robert Mueller's top FBI investigator into 'Russian meddling' and Clinton emails has been removed from the probe reportedly due to the discovery of anti-Trump text messages exchanged with a colleague (who he happened to be having an extra-marital affair with).

“… there was no contact with Russians during his time as a candidate but in fact it was in transition as he attempted to mend broken bridges with another world super-power in his role as president-elect - this in no way a criminal act at all. In fact, reaching out to foreign governments during transitions is standard procedure…..”

GC says...readers, please feel free to comment on any of the above themes and topics.

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