Sunday, December 17, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting update...Americans in a state of zombified terror

Three Eye-Witnesses to the Las Vegas Shooting

Watch the above video which I found on the blog Intellihub yesterday.  It is an astounding peep into what is going on in contemporary America.  A street corner, in this case, Las Vegas, is the site of a chance meeting between five Americans.  One, the fellow dressed in the "Uncle Sam" costume, looks to be a "street entertainer".  He has a couple of wooden props, one a cutout of Hillary in the nude and the other is Trump.  He is trying to attract the attention of passers by and engage them in humorous political jokes.  There is a cameraman, recording the scene.

Three people, two women and a man stop and talk with him briefly.  The conversation quickly turns to what happened during the recent "massacre" at the music concert in Las Vegas.  The three "ordinary citizens" tell Uncle Sam that they were there that night and were witnesses to the atrocity.

They tell him that the gunfire appeared to be coming from within the panicking and running crowd...and it felt like the shooters were chasing them as they attempted to flee.  They say that a women close to them was shot in the head.

Then the astounding part starts.  In answer to a couple of questions from Uncle Sam...the three reveal that nobody from law enforcement has interviewed them or approached them for their of the women has a video on her phone of the experience.  All three of them believe that the attack was an "inside job" a set-up and is now being covered up.  "No one is saying anything in Las Vegas." they say.  They all agree that the "shooter" was a patsy and probably "was killed in the morning" of the event according to the man.  They say that the Mandalay Hotel was owned by Saudis and that probably had something to do with it.  They say the Las Vegas sheriff in charge of the investigation hasn't spoke publicly about the investigation in weeks.  They say that the main witness...the one interviewed on the Ellen Show has now disappeared and is probably in Mexico.

If you watch the it progresses and the discussion becomes more and more to the point that the authorities are in on the mass murder...the man in particular starts looking around nervously.  He looks at the cameraman and then up at the sky.  He looks around him nervously to see if anyone is listening in.  Then he suddenly says "Okay, it's time to go" and the three quickly leave.  After all, haven't numerous other witnesses to the shooting died mysteriously after they went public with their evidence?

My reaction to the video was overwhelming sadness...sadness for these people, for America and for the world.  The United States "Land of the Free" has been turned on its head.  Do you think that the five people who participated in the video above feel "free"?  No.  The people in the video above are in a state of zombified terror...they wander around with their cell phones, checking them every few seconds...waiting for the next horrific event in their country.  They don't expect the rule of law to prevail, to protect them...and/or to bring justice and order to their society.  They don't see any way out and feel powerless to change the way things are.


RickB said...

Didn't have to view the video. Read your summation... very well stated... regards the condition/trama of our situation. Despite this, many, most, go on completely unaware of anything untoward going on... and if you suggest it, you're from Mars or outer space... a "conspiracy theorist."

There is no hope for America. Americans won't throw off their jewish yolk... as have done so many societies before them, in order to survive.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey Crow... Welcome to my world and my assessments of Las Vegas as well...

The facts are that it was indeed a false flag, but in the case of Vegas they needed people to die.... And now over 2 months since that "shooting" the public is still being kept in the dark, purposely....

I am sick of what is happening in America right now..... AND the worse is yet to come..