Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kiev hails US & Canada for greenlighting lethal arms supplies that could kill Ukraine peace process

Former Ukraine PM admits in court

that Ukraine Civil War was planned as

Coup against legal government

When the Satanic perps lose in one geopolitical "bullet point" on their global agenda...they never stop to reflect on whether their loss was due to some miscalculation or intrinsic flaw.  No...they quickly move on and/or switch gears to focus on another simmering area of controlled chaos and demolition of humanity.  Such is the case this week.  The Ziofascist warmongers lost big time in Syria.  In fact, this loss should be a dire warning to them that humanity is on to their overall game...hates their guts and will not tolerate any more of their lies, scheming and murderous criminality.  No.  The perps have moved reignite one of their other projects of past abject failure.  The Ukraine.

Remember, a few years ago when Russia and its allies in Novorossiya...Lugansk and Donbass...had over 1000 soldiers of the pathetic Ukrainian army surrounded in the Dalbaltsevo Cauldron?  The Ukraine soldiers were starving in the freezing snows of winter and were cut off from supplies and reinforcements.  If it were USrael that had been surrounding doubt they would have been picked off like the sitting ducks they were...bombed into the afterlife and we wouldn't even remember them anymore.  But Russia doesn't operate like that.  Putin called a halt to the military action and started up the Minsk series of peace negotiations.  Ultimately, the pathetic, scraggly band of Ukraine solders were allowed to walk free from the cauldron...with their rifles.

Flash forward to this past week.  With the catastrophic loss in Syria put into the rear view mirror...the perps are heating up the Ukraine "civil War" again.  Here is a snippet of an analysis by Alexander Mercouris, originally published in The Duran that I found in Seemorerocks...a blog maintained by Robin Westenra:  Please read and I will continue my thoughts, comments, and connection of dots to follow:


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Chaos rules in Ukraine 

Arsenyi ‘Maidan’ Yatsenyuk Confirms He Staged a Coup in Kiev and Was Ready to Flood Crimea in Blood

As political conflict continues and corruption remains as before even Ukraine’s most fervid Western friends are now in despair
Alexander Mercouris
The Duran,
13 December, 2017

In 2014 Ukraine’s oligarchs overwhelmingly backed the Maidan movement and bankrolled its protests since they were adamantly opposed to closer relations with Russia but wanted instead closer relations with the West.

".....This was because – diametrically opposite to what Western commentators say – they were alarmed by the way Putin’s government after 2000 managed to rein in Russia’s oligarchs, and were alarmed that if Russian influence in Ukraine grew so that Ukraine became fully integrated in the Eurasian institutions the same thing would be done to them.

The Western powers backed Ukraine’s oligarchs in 2014 because their entire policy since the USSR broke up in 1991 has been to detach Ukraine from Russia. This was what the benighted association agreement between the EU and Ukraine – the nominal issue behind the 2014 Maidan protests – was ultimately all about.

It was this mutual opposition to closer ties between Ukraine and Russia which created the commonality of interest between Ukraine’s oligarchs and the Western powers, both in 2014 and earlier, which set the scene for the 2014 Maidan ‘revolution’.

That ‘revolution’ of course needed its foot-soldiers who were to be found in Ukraine’s various ultra-rightist and neo-Nazi groups. However as The Economist slips out in the article which I have quoted from above, these “private militias….answer to different politicians or oligarchs” ie. they are ultimately controlled by the oligarchs as well.

Needless to say the great majority of Ukraine’s people were not involved in the 2014 events, and based on what I am hearing from people who know about the situation in Ukraine today, they have now become utterly cynical and disillusioned...."


greencrow says: Also this week, we have a report that you will never read in the Western Main$tream Media...which has been forbidden by the Satanists from printing any of the connivances and illegal (according to International Law) maneuverings and preparations for wars being indulged in by the Western "governments" and their corporatist Deep State handlers.  Please read this report from yesterday's RT which shockingly discloses that Canada has meekly toddled along after USrael in its "decision" to provide "lethal" weaponry to the Kievian Junta.


"....By including Ukraine on the list of countries approved for lethal weapons sales, Canada has become a side in a bloody civil war, undermining a shaky peace process, a senior Russian senator said, as Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko applauded the move.
Poroshenko praised the US and Canadian governments for stepping up military cooperation with Ukraine, which could lead to lethal weapons from both countries being supplied to the Ukrainian army, embroiled in a long-running civil conflict with rebel militias from breakaway eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.
“As it was agreed, the United States authorized security assistance for our country and Canada included Ukraine into the Automatic Firearms Country Control List. The door to enhanced defense assistance for Ukraine has been opened,” Poroshenko wrote on Facebook, as US President Donald Trump signed a new Pentagon funding bill and the government in Ottawa revealed its decision to greenlight the export of “certain prohibited firearms, weapons and devices” to Ukraine by including it into its list.

Unlike the Pentagon bill, Canada's decision sets no preconditions for selling the armaments to Ukraine. The Canadian government's only precaution is to examine the export applications on a case-by-case basis, to establish who will be using the weapons and how.
This makes Canada a party to the conflict, says Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security.
“A very dangerous precedent has been created: Effectively, Canada has become a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict with all ensuing consequences. And this, above all, means that it assumes responsibility for the actions of the Ukrainian forces, trained by Canadian instructors and equipped with Canadian weapons,” Klintsevich said.
Be arming one side, Canada could tip the relative balance of power, fueling the stalled hostilities and shattering the hopes of peace. “To call a spade a spade, Canada has directly opposed the Minsk Accords,” Klintsevich said.
The US approved $500 million in “defensive lethal assistance” to Ukraine on Wednesday as Trump signed into law the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) drafted by Congress in late November.

The act claims that the US should beef up its military presence in Eastern Europe in face of the perceived “Russian aggression,” as well as to help Ukraine to tackle it. However, the allocation of the funds is conditional on the Ukrainian military undergoing “substantial” reforms. It is ultimately up to the US Secretary of State to decide if Ukraine has met the prerequisites.
Russia may take the issue of weapon sales and lethal aid to Ukraine to the UN Security Council, Yuri Schvytkin, deputy chairman of State Duma’s Defense Committee, told RIA Novosti.
A recent report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) found that US arms sales overseas as well as its ongoing military operations were two main factors that drive global weapons trade, that rose for the first time in five years. With 38 firms that account for combined $217.2 billion in weapon sales, the US ranked first on the list of arms manufacturing countries.
In line with its strategy of encircling Russia with NATO contingents and “purely” defensive military equipment, Washington has recently authorized a shipment of 410 Javelin Missiles as well as 72 Javelin Command Launch Units to Georgia.
The promised delivery was slammed by Moscow, with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin arguing in November that it “directly encourages Tbilisi to new dangerous adventures in the region.”

greencrow says:  That's the way sovereignty dies, folks, not with a bang but a Canada's case...99.9% of the population don't even get to hear the dying whimpers of our Country's sovereign Independence.  The taxpayer funded CBC is virtually mute on the disgraceful support of warmongering and profiteering from the future death and destruction of innocent Novorossyian civilians for the sake of USrael that Canada has been forced to indulge in.

I am old enough to remember when Canada used to stand for something on the International stage.  I remember when Canadian peacekeepers were valued and respected throughout the world...and where Canada sitting at a peace treaty negotiating table meant there would be a voice of objectivity, neutrality and decency.  NOT ANY MORE!  Now our country has the same vile and putrid stench as our neighbours to the south.  I have come to believe that Canada is the most unlucky country in the world by virtue of its geographic location alone...Us, along with Mexico.  Even Ukraine is a luckier country because there's hope that the majority there...who are pro Russian will at the end of the day come forward and reclaim their nation from the Ziofascist, neonazi warmongers.  Canada?  Not so much.

One of the reasons I am feeling so negative about the future of my country is the lack of information on the outcome of the Nuttall/Korody decision that was supposed to have been handed down last October 16, 2017 by the BC Supreme Court of Appeal.  This decision is probably one of the most important legal decisions ever to be handed down by a Canadian Court.  If the Appeal of the Federal Government against the BC Supreme Court Judge--to throw out the case built up by CSIS and the RCMP against the Hapless former addicts...John Nuttall and his wife Amanda Korody....that they conspired to bomb the BC Legislature way back in 2014 is rejected--then, Ipso Facto. those two security agencies, CSIS and the RCMP, will be forced to stop creating patsies for false flags.  The reason they create patsies for false flags is because they are ordered to do so by their USrael handlers in Washington and Tel Aviv.  Not being able to do that anymore would be a small restoration of Canadian terms of our laws and institutions.

BUT No.  There has been nary a word about this BC Supreme Court of Appeal decision since October 16, 2017....when it should have been handed down.  Not a word by the court, the CBC or even the alternative Internet news sites (with the exception of moi).  Do you think that the USrael Deep State ordered the BC Supreme Court of Appeal to "deep six" the case?

Folks, I have written the CBC, the local radio news station News1130 and Ian Mulgrew, the columnist who previously reported on this case for The Vancouver Sun about the lack of news about this decision.  To date, I have heard nothing back.  It is a true mystery.  But your intrepid blogmaster is on the case and stay tuned for further updates.

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