Thursday, December 21, 2017

Death of Journalism in Canada = loss of justice...and sovereignty

Montreal Terror Couple case that's a
Replica of BC Patsies case....but amazingly
Mainstream Media doesn't connect Dots

Journalism as we used to know and appreciate one of the pillars of a functioning, independent dead in Canada.  Justice is dying but, as is indicated by the legal decision in the case below is not quite dead.  I didn't know until I read the story in the link below that there was an almost identical case to the infamous BC Terror Patsies Case that I have been writing about on this blog for a couple of years.  Yes, folks, this is a boilerplate strategy for the USrael moles CSIS and their gofers, the formerly respected Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Get a young, vulnerable couple...mentor them and set them up and then spend millions on police overtime and legal fees to watch as the pathetic couple attempt to extricate themselves from the web of systemic police criminality and corruption.  The worst part about it is it keeps repeating itself all across the country but the so-called journalists of the CBC and other newz outlets act like it's groundhog day every time.  They report on each patsy story as if it were unique...unable or unwilling to identify and call out the perps on the serial nature of the productions.

Please read the CBC article copied at this link and look for any reference to the case out here in BC that is almost a carbon copy of it...our very own BC pressure-cooker bomb making former addicts.  The CBC has abandoned journalism in its craven efforts to please the international False Flag terrorists--who run USrael and Canada.

Here is a snippet of one of the CBC reports about this case and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

The defence lawyer for El Mahdi Jamali is condemning what he calls "tunnel vision" on the part of RCMP officers who put together the case against his client.  Jamali, 20, and Sabrine Djermane, 21, were arrested in 2015 and charged in relation to what the Crown has argued were preparations to go to Syria to fight with ISIS. However, in his closing arguments, Tiago Murias told jury members there were problems with the way investigators worked and with what they neglected to present as evidence.

Murias said each investigator worked on a specific element in the investigation, but the investigators didn't communicate with each other about the meaning and greater context of what they'd found.  Murias said the investigators suffered from what he called "confirmation bias," only presenting what they believed would confirm their theory that the couple was headed overseas to fight with ISIS. In one Facebook message that was not brought forward by RCMP investigator Geneviève Coulombe, Jamali posted that he did not adhere to the beliefs of the Islamic State, Murias said.

"You can choose not to believe him," Murias told the jurors. "But you have to ask, why did she not show you this?"  Coulombe also chose to show as evidence one of Jamali's internet searches about a jihadist cell being arrested in Morocco, Murias said. However, he said, she chose not to show the 16 other internet searches on Morocco that his client conducted at the same time which were completely benign. In another Facebook chat, Jamali texted Djermane about wanting to return to school. He said being on welfare was boring. "Why didn't the investigator show this?" Murias asked. "Because she didn't feel it was pertinent to her case."

Djermane and Jamali each face three charges:

Attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.
Possession of an explosive substance.
Committing an act under the direction of, or for the profit of a terrorist organization.

Murias's closing arguments continue Wednesday afternoon. It's expected that Djermane's lawyer will begin his closing arguments tomorrow.

By now I hope all my readers will be familiar with the facts of the BC Terror the developmentally and socially challenged couple were set up and mentored by the RCMP, under the direction of CSIS, to purchase the hardware and supplies to set off a "pressure cooker" bomb at the BC Legislature on July 1, 2014.  The Police and CSIS spent literally millions of dollars in police time and overtime plus all the legal fees involved for the prosecution and the defense as the case wound its way through the court system. This, at a time of epidemic drug overdose deaths and homelessness overburdening the police and social systems and budgets.

By a miracle under today's dubious and overloaded justice system, Justice Catherine Bruce (a true Canadian hero, IMO) threw out the conviction of the couple...saying that the police had "manufactured terror".  Helllooooooooo!  This patsy/bomb scenario is almost identical to what has been taking up man hours in investigations non stop in police departments all over North America...

And, according to the above CBC report, an almost identical fact situation was going on in Montreal at roughly the same time...but never reported along with the BC story.  According to the above links to CBC conversely, the BC case was never cited in the Montreal story.  Is this journalism?  NO!

Most interesting to note in the Montreal situation...the defense never presented a case.

...The lawyers for Djermane and Jamali did not mount a defence....

This is a perversion of justice if I ever saw one.  Can you imagine how much money the Defense team was paid and they didn't even present a case to the judge/jury?  No doubt this was on orders from above.  Any case presented would have ipso facto used the sterling precedent of the BC Terror Patsies.  The fact situation was almost identical.  BUT...we don't want to remind the judge and jury that two similarly set up individuals were found not guilty in do we?  Travesty of Justice, I say!

And speaking of the BC Terror Patsies....John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are still being held to ransom (taxpayer funded ransom) by the Federal Government which has appealed Justice's Bruce's decision.  The decision of the BC Supreme Appeals Court was supposed to have been handed down on October 16, 2017 but mysteriously disappeared off the docket entirely.  I saw a rumour on an Internet blog that the new date for the Appeals decision is January 18, 2018.  In the meantime another rumour has it that the couple has returned to the Vancouver lower mainland from Vancouver Island where they had been living.

But these are all unsubstantiated rumours.  Due to the death of journalism in Canada...that's all we have to go on now.


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