Monday, December 11, 2017

CawRANT Events #58

CawRANT Events #58

Good morning Everybody!  It's a beautiful sunny, cloudless day in the Lower BC mainland this morning.  The birds are at our backyard bird feeder in droves...chick a dees, golden headed sparrows, Northern Flickers...and we even saw a pair of wild doves.  This species of wild doves used to be in this locality in hundreds of thousands but now are just in the hundreds due mainly to destruction of their preferred environment along the shoreline.  They love to eat the mussels when the tide throws them up on the beaches...they even eat the calcium shells which they need to produce their own egg shells of their young.  It's nice to see them making somewhat of a comeback.

My CawRANT Events will be shorter than usual this morning because I'm heavily into Christmas preparation.  I am still the primary host for the Christmas activities for our family.  We will be having some sleep-over family guests...including my 62 year old brother with Downs Syndrome.  He lives in a staffed residence but comes "home" for holidays.  Since the passing of my sister last year, I'm doing double duty caring for him Christmas AND New Years.  He's very easy going and lots of fun to have around...but it is a very serious business caring for an adult with special needs and definitely a 24/7 job...but well worth it!  My posting on this blog will be necessarily limited over the holidays.  My brother sleeps in my "office" so for that reason alone, I will not be posting as much.  Hopefully the geopolitical world will be somewhat quieter this I don't have to do any "Breaking News" bulletins...or running commentaries...although if things do heat up...God willing....I will be there for my readers!

So with no further's today's CawRANT EVents.  The first item has to do with my favourite leader on this planet...Vladimir Putin.  I see where he made a surprise visit to a Syrian military base this morning and greeted Bashar al Assad along with the Russian commanders at the base.  He made an announcement that--considering that Syria is a sovereign and independent country--and is now largely free from terrorists...Russia will be withdrawing its troops shortly.  Putin is no doubt doing this as an example and precedent so that the Americans...who were NOT invited into Syria as was Russia...will be prompted to leave as well.  It is doubtful that they will of course.  History, unfortunately, has taught us that once Ziofascism has its bloody foot in the does NOT leave...but pushes its way in and sets up permanent bases from which it terrorizes the indigenous population in perpetuity.  Witness Afghanistan and Iraq...just for two local examples.

Putin - Person of the Century
after defeating terrorism/saving Syria
and negotiating Peace Treaties in Ukraine 
as well as the Iran/US nuclear Treaty...STILL

I had to laugh when I saw the news on the CBC that the Nobel Prize committee in Stockholm again awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to nonentities...rather than bestow it on someone who really deserves it 10 times over...Vladimir Putin.  Rather than use the Peace Prize in the manner which Nobel intended when he set up the fund...they will find the most obscure irrelevant group or individual to give the prize to...and thus the Ziofascists,  who have taken over the Nobel Prize Committee, invert the prize and diminish its value...eventually, it will mean nothing and they will abandon it altogether. Please read the following snippet from the CBC to see how they systematically destroy way of a perverted "control demolition" of one of its institutions.

Nobel Peace Prize group urges nuclear powers to adopt ban-the-bomb treaty

85-year-old survivor of Hiroshima atomic bombing part of peace prize group.

The leader of the group that won this year's Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday urged nuclear nations to adopt a United Nations treaty banning atomic weapons in order to prevent "the end of us."

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) was awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize by a committee that cited the spread of nuclear weapons and the growing risk of an atomic war.

ICAN is a coalition of 468 grassroots non-governmental groups that campaigned for a UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by 122 nations in July.

The treaty is not signed by — and would not apply to — any of the states that already have nuclear arms. Beatrice Fihn, ICAN's executive director, urged them to sign the agreement.
Toronto woman who survived Hiroshima nuclear bomb to accept Nobel Peace


    Not only is the Nobel Peace Prize being subverted and perverted...but the perps are working overtime to destroy the Olympics. Just last week I posted extensively where the Olympic Committee has seen fit to ban Russia from the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea.  The spurious grounds are that Russia was found guilty of encouraging its athletes to take prohibited performance enhancing drugs.  But the evidence this is based on was provided solely by a very dubious former Russian sports doctor who is now in the US "Witness Protection Program".  The Russian government has poked enough holes in his "evidence" so that it looks like a block of Swiss Cheese.  Here is more from New York based geopolitical analyst  Michael Averko on the Russian Olympic Athlete ban from 2018 Olympics:

    When the Winter Olympic ban on Russia was first announced, the BBC and some other Western news outlets erroneously claimed that the penalty was because of Russian state sponsored doing - something which the IOC denied - instead stressing a series of doping irregularities among Russian athletes - not proven as part of a Russian government plan.
    To date, the IOC and WADA haven't fully substantiated the claimed evidence of otherwise clean Russian athletes having their samples tampered with at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. These athletes in question have had extensive testing for years inside and outside of Russia.
    Elsewhere, the US based National Public Radio let US WADA legal politico Travis Tygart get away with his suggestion that he's even handed, when he noted his efforts against Lance Armstrong. Missing as follow-up is the fact that Tygart never sought collective punishment against all US cyclists, let alone all US athletes - much different from his stance on Russia. This kind of double standard relates to Canadian sports legal politicos Dick Pound and Richard McLaren.
    The bias against Russia is summed up well in the first part of this article (I take issue with some of what's said at the end of it):  
    An excerpt -

    According to the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) most recent results (2014), the leading sports doping offenders are as follows: Russia (148), Italy (123), India (96), Belgium (91), France (91), Turkey (73), Australia (49), China (49), Brazil (46) and South Korea (43).

    What hasn't been made clear is that these figures encompass all sports, not just Olympic sports
    . As an example, of Australia's 49 offenses, 20 of them came in Rugby League. Should that be used in deciding whether or not to ban Australia from competing in the Olympics? Obviously not.

    What also hasn't been made clear is that it is irrelevant to look at the absolute number of transgressions of any nation in making a decision on whether or not to impose a ban. We would expect the US, for example, to have a much higher number of athletes caught doping than Fiji because the US has far more athletes than that tiny nation. Likewise, it makes sense that Russia would have more athletes caught doping than, say, Bolivia.

    The actual numbers

    When we look at doping offenses by countries in Olympic sports, and the number of athletes they send to the Olympics, we find the following:

    Italy: 104 offenses with 284 athletes; Russia: 91 offenses with 436 athletes; India: 67 offenses with 83 athletes; France: 50 offenses with 330 athletes; China: 46 offenses with 396 athletes; Turkey: 35 offenses with 114 athletes; Brazil: 31 offenses with 258 athletes; Iran: 29 offenses with 53 athletes; South Africa: 27 offenses with 125 athletes; Belgium: 25 offenses with 115 athletes.

    Do the math yourself; by these official numbers, Italy has the most offenses, and from a smaller pool of athletes than Russia. India has a higher rate of offenses than Russia, as does Turkey and Iran. Meanwhile, South Africa and Belgium have virtually the same rate of positive doping as Russia.

    One of the charges is that the Russian Ministry of Sports approved the doping. If so, why would they have done such a poor job as to have fewer people cheating than Italy? Did the Italian Ministry of Sport take part in Italian doping? If not, how could Italy have so many athletes doping without their Sports Ministry knowing?

    Also, who remembers the names of Tyson Gay, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, Dennis Mitchell, Shawn Crawford and Carl Lewis? Yes, all 100 meter sprinters from the US, all having made the final over the past five or so (summer) Olympic games, some of whom "won" the gold medal. Six American sprinters were all caught doping in the same discipline over decades, but their Sports Ministry knew nothing?

    Or who remembers the Chinese Swim Team from the 1990s? Or the Austrian Ski Team from the 2006 Winter Olympics? None of these Sports Ministries knew anything of the mass doping, yet in every doping case that concerns Russia, we're so sure that the Russian Ministry did?

    Despite these obvious troubling questions, the entire Russian Track and Field Team were banned from the Summer Olympics last year and, just yesterday, all Russian athletes were banned from the upcoming Winter Olympics. Those Russian athletes deemed "clean" will be allowed to participate under a neutral banner - they won't be able to officially represent Russia. This is collective punishment that has no precedent. Not even East Germany suffered a blanket ban during the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s.

    In contrast, the revelation last year that countless Western sports stars are doped to the gills, and that their respective sporting authorities have for years been providing them with quasi-secretive and ethically dubious 'exemptions' to cover their doping practices, made hardly a dent in their reputations, their wallets, and their continued involvement in sports."

    So, this is how the "one trick pony" perps operate.  If they can't defeat you on the battlefield then they will defeat you in the media and the "Court of Public Opinion"...where they own all the networks and all the Institutional Committees--like the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the International Olympic Committee.  But the perps are going to have to come up with some new tricks soon, because most of humanity is becoming wise to them...and they have one fatal flaw.  They simply cannot operate in the that I mean because they are so evil they need to conceal their diabolical pretend the Nobel Peace Prize and the IOC are autonomous and NOT under their control.  Once everyone knows that these committees ARE under their control...the scheme automatically collapses.  Same with war.  Israel has to use proxies to fight its battles for land in the Middle East.  Once it runs out of proxies (the US and or the Saudis refuse to do its bidding) then its Hezbollah has shown on several occasions by chasing the Israeli invading military out of little Lebanon.  So it's only a matter of time...unless Israel can bring on Armageddon...ergo....the constant warmongering and ratchetting up of world tension.

    Just to change the topic for a moment...or perhaps not...maybe NASA is run by the same perps that control the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the IOC.  Here is more Proof Man Never Went to the Moon that I saw the other day in The Sleuth Journal:

    Van Allen Radiation Belts

    According to the article in The Sleuth Journal, the Van Allen Radiation Belts make extra-orbital Space Travel impossible and apparently NASA has even admitted as much.  So why does NASA still cling to the tattered belief that the US went to the Moon several times in the 60's and early 70's?  And, more disturbingly...why does Russia (who MUST know the truth) not tell the World that the Apollo Moon Missions were a huge and elaborate hoax played on humanity?  Well, I have given my theory about that several times on this blog.  In the 60's and 70's Russia was in hard times and due to several years of bad crops could not feed its people.  Canada supplied free (or nominally priced) wheat to Russia during those years.  I believe that was "shut up" money.

    Yet another Institution that is under constant threat of "controlled demolition" by the usual suspects is the United Nations.  It's not working for them anymore.  In other words, they can't use it for their own purposes of global hegemony because of its democratic constitution.  If the decisions are based on a vote...then that's IT for Ziofascism on this planet. USrael ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was railing about this fact of life on the floor of the UN last week:

    Here is a Report on her tirade from the Voice of Satan, the BBC

    "UN Openly Hostile to Israel - US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley"

    Haley was alleging that...wait for it....there's a CONSPIRACY against Israel in the United Nations.  There was a time...and not too long ago either...when USrael said there was NO SUCH THING as conspiracies...ever. Now they're finding them everywhere....

    The issue under debate was the sudden and mystifying decision by Trump to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  Apparently this move is illegal under International Law...but when did that ever matter?  The decision was almost universally condemned...There was a report in PressTV news the other day where 100 Jewish Studies Scholars signed a petition opposing the move.  But no matter.  Even Google has suddenly "vanished" the link I had to the above PressTV I am unable to link to it....and there have been huge problems with posting in general this morning, folks.  NOTE:  I found the link about the 100 Jewish studies Scholars.  It was originally published in The Hill.

    So, on that note, I will end this CawRANT Events with the hope that all my wonderful readers are enjoying this pre-Christmas energizing time of year...Snow is in the forecast here for the 22nd...

    Bye for now and get out and enjoy life!


    Northerntruthseeker said...

    Crow.... I hope you caught the "speech" given yesterday by Drumpf where he says that he will launch a new initiative to have man "return to the moon" and to set their sights on landing on Mars...

    I wonder what in the hell the liars at NASA are coming up with next? Faking another Lunar mission will cost hundreds of billions.. but faking a Mars mission will push the costs to nearly a trillion...

    Reading between the lines said...

    Good rant Crow .Totally agree .Regards from Manitoba.

    greencrow said...

    Hi NTS:

    It's the old ploy...when cornered...the perps "baffle 'em with bullsh!t". Everytime I see another debunk of the Apollo missions it's on a more and more popular alternative media outlet. This last time it made The Sleuth Journal. We're breaking through the hoax with logic and science.

    IMO, the perps force the President of the Day (in this case Trump) to go along with the lies of the past as what I call a "humiliating test of loyalty". When I was briefly in politics as a "backroom boy" back in the 80's and early 90's...I became familiar with this ploy. I have written about it on my blog in the past. The PTB get the politician or political worker to do some humiliating test of loyalty (such as write a letter to a newspaper voicing an opinion that the writer does not personally subscribe to). This goes on all the time. Trump probably knows that the Lunar Missions were a hoax but was ordered to make the announcement and was probably given some perk or prerequisite in return. This is how politics works...ugh! (and why I got OUT)


    greencrow said...

    Hi RBTL:
    Thanks for your comment and support : ) I write (and RANT) for readers like YOU.


    Northerntruthseeker said...

    RBTL.... Greetings to you from a fellow Manitoban...

    greencrow said...

    Hi NTS I sometimes wondered whether you and Reading between the lines (RBTL) were one and the same...but now I know you're not : )


    Reading between the lines said...

    Greeting back to you also NTS .Always good to hear from people that are awake .