Monday, December 4, 2017

BREAKING NEWS - Former Yemen leader Saleh has been assassinated by Opposition Houthis

UPDATE: December 4, 2017:  latest post on this topic by Moon of Alabama where he does not clearly explain why his earlier optimism for peace in Yemen was so ill-founded, or why he alleged that Russia was behind Saleh.  In his notes at the bottom of the post he's still hoping some Saleh relative will fill the ex President's role in the conflict.

Several alternative and mainstream media sources are reporting that Yemen's ex-President Saleh has been assassinated as he attempted to flee the Yemen capital of Sana this morning.

Here's an updated report on the situation in Yemen from

I reported late last week via Moon of Alabama that ex-President Saleh had returned to Yemen and was poised to lead the war torn and impoverished country towards a peaceful settlement.  The peaceful settlement was, according to MOA, brokered by Russia.

I have copied part of a report by RT below.  Please read it and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"....Ex President Saleh was deposed as part of the Arab spring that swept through the region over six years ago, had formed an uneasy alliance with the Houthis against the Saudi-led coalition after war broke out in the country in 2014. But in the wake of a falling-out with the Houthis sparked by a dispute over control of a mosque in Sanaa on Wednesday, Saleh said that he was prepared to turn a "new page" with the Saudis, provided they lifted the debilitating blockade of the country. Saleh

"I call upon the brothers in neighboring states and the alliance to stop their aggression, lift the siege, open the airports and allow food aid and the saving of the wounded and we will turn a new page by virtue of our neighborliness," he said.

The Houthis immediately labeled him a traitor. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross more than 125 people have died in fighting between the two factions over the past six days.

The intensified fighting, during which the US-backed Saudi force shelled the Iran-supported Houthis to reinforce their new-found ally, has “completely paralyzed humanitarian operations” in the Yemeni capital, AP reported Monday citing an adviser for the Norwegian Refugee Council, Suze van Meegen. “No one is safe in Sanaa at the moment,” she said."...


From the above news report and from what Penny for your thoughts is saying in her post of earlier this morning her comments on my post reprinted below:

"GC: reports this morning are that Saleh has been killed. possibly by the Houthis- Though more research need be done

Beware Moon of Alabama- Many grand proclamations, none of them true. Time and time again

December 4, 2017 at 5:51 AM
Blogger Penny said...
GC: from the bloomberg article I left a link in previous post

The Houthis may have viewed Saleh as a traitor- if they did they wouldn't have seen his taking of power as a win for their cause

Shiite Houthi rebels earlier this year accused former Saleh of holding secret talks with the United Arab Emirates, a close Saudi ally and member of its coalition in Yemen. The Houthis said Saleh -- who denied the charge -- crossed “red lines” and denounced his description of them as a militia, a term the Saudis use to challenge their legitimacy."
December 4, 2017 at 5:59 AM

That will teach me to post before I read my blogroll, Penny...I just learned about the assassination of Saleh. I knew MOA was dubious but applied "logic" to what he was reporting and, because I knew that the Saudi leader had, in fact, met with Putin a short while ago...ASS U ME d that this was another genius checkmate that the Houthis would agree to so that peace could prevail. Obviously the situation is volatile and there are some heavy duty directors behind the main stage actors.

Thanks for your comments and heads up, Penny.

Moon of Alabama would appear to be a disinformation agent...sowing false interpretations of geopolitical events.  This would not surprise me at the alternative blogosphere is rife with such agents.

I don't regret posting his piece, however, as it did correctly alert the public that something big was going down in the Yemen conflict.  As well, it will stand as an interesting  POV and methodology of the memes that the American CIA perps are trying to foment--Russia, praised by MOA as being the "successful peacebroker" is now implicated in this setback for peace (Saleh returning, betraying his military forces' alliance with the Houthis and now being assassinated by them).  Chaos is what they doooooooooo and chaos is what we now have in Yemen...following this latest escalation of the conflict.

It would appear from this recent update from RT...that at the heart of the conflict, contrary to what Moon of Alabama alleged, is Saudi Arabia, backed by USrael...fighting for control of the geostrategically priceless country of Yemen...against Iranian shites who are allied with the Houthis.  In that case, and according to RT, it is the Russians, allied with Iran, who have gained the upper hand resulting from this latest development.

Here is a report from NBC which paints Yemen's ex President Saleh as an ally of the west against the arch enemy, Iran for which the Houthis are acting as proxies.  Yes, this is a dramatic escalation in the conflict and stay tuned for further developments.


Northerntruthseeker said...

I did warn you to be weary of the Moon of Alabama article... It seemed a bit far fetched in my opinion knowing that the war in Yemen was indeed far from being over....

We all hoped that the situation in Yemen would change, and the M of A article did seem a bit of the usual "too good to be true"... That is why I avoided posting it and awaited further updates before trusting in its validity....

I was crossing my fingers that it was real though, and said so in my weekend rant.... And yes, M of A does put up some good material from time to time, but this one proved to be a dud...

greencrow said...


Yes, you did warn me. Perhaps he's an innocent dupe...more likely he's one of dozens of disinformation agents. I will regard him as such in the future. But, as I said to Penny, his post at least alerted me to new developments/escalations in this story.

Penny said...

Hey GC... it's best to own the mistake and learn from it
MoA, in my opinion, is pure limited hangout. Or worse

Here's a sampling of outrageous pronouncements

Erdogan established a no fly zone over Syria

Never happened

Erdogan staged the coup

Highly doubtful- he may have been tipped off, but, there is little to show that he staged it- However that was a very 5 eyes meme

Kurds lose out as neo- ottoman Turks steal Jarablus

Ignoring the fact that Jarablus is Syrian territory?
And if one is for Syria, why would one not say that Syria lost out, instead of Kurds?

Plus b championed the kurds, relentlessly

He also claimed that Turkey invaded Mosul
Including the use of ad hominem in many of his posts regarding Turkey's Erdogan
Erdogan Moves To Annexes Mosul

"The wannabe Sultan Erdogan"

Oh and no questions about 9/11
Vaccine pusher
Gun grabber
I could go on

Much of this = 5 eyes obfuscation IMO

greencrow said...

Thanks for this, Penny. Yes, "limited hangout" is definitely the name of the game here.

james@wpc said...

Hi GC,
interesting article from Marwa Osman on how the killing of Saleh came about-

james@wpc said...

Andrew Korybko on Saleh's death

greencrow said...

Thanks for the two links in the comments above. Why was I NOT surprised to hear that Israel was somehow involved in the assassination of Saleh?