Thursday, December 14, 2017

BBC the "Voice of Satan" Raises Alarm about Potential Russian "Attack" on undersea cables - 'Sir Stuart Peach: Russia poses a "new risk" to economy and ways of living' [no mention of precious bodily fluids]

Update:  December 15, 2017 RT has responded to the BBC report below calling it "codswallop" which is a technical term for bull$h!t.

Scene from "James and the Giant Peach"

The BBC is reporting that the Brits have finally found a modern day use for that anachronistic Post WWII military tool of Ziofascist Global Hegemony - NATO. It is reporting that the West needs NATO 'now more than ever' in order to protect all the communications cables that criss cross the oceans of the world....from the threat of....wait for it....Russia!  Please read the following alarm raised by Sir Peach...UK's most senior military officer and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

The UK's most senior military officer has warned of a new threat posed by Russia to communications and internet cables that run under the sea.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, the chief of the defence staff, said Britain and Nato needed to prioritise protecting the lines of communication.
He said it would be an "immediately and potentially catastrophic" hit to the economy if they were cut or disrupted.
The cables criss-cross the seabed, connecting up countries and continents.
Speaking to the Royal United Services Institute defence think tank, Sir Stuart said the vulnerability of undersea lines posed a "new risk to our way of life".

"In response to the threat posed by the modernisation of the Russian navy, both nuclear and conventional submarines and ships, we along with our Atlantic allies have prioritised missions and tasks to protect the sea lines of communication," he said.
"This sounds like a re-run of old missions, actually as I'm about to say, it is very, very important that we understand how important that mission is for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
"Because Russia in addition to new ships and submarines continues to perfect both unconventional capabilities and information warfare."
The UK and its allies needed to "match and understand Russian fleet modernisation", he added.
"There is a new risk to our way of life, which is the vulnerability of the cables that criss-cross the seabeds," he said.
"Can you imagine a scenario where those cables are cut or disrupted, which would immediately and potentially catastrophically affect both our economy and other ways of living."
Rishi Sunak MP warned earlier this month that a successful attack on the UK's network of undersea communications cables could deal a "crippling blow" to the country's security and economy."


Folks.  Has Russia ever threatened even one cable?  Has the word "cable" (кабель) ever been publicly spoken by Putin?  No.  Would Russia have the slightest modicum of advantage in destroying cables anywhere on the planet?  To start destroying cables would be a zero sum game with no winners...because any country could destroy undersea cables tit for tat until there was no cable communication anywhere on the's a fool's game [this, unfortunately, is a race that the West is winning...who can appoint the most number of fools to high office].

Sir Stuart Peach
UK Chief of Defense Staff

But, but, but...Sir Peach must be on to something! If NATO were given the task of protecting all the West's undersea cables...then it would have to patrol the entire planet in order to perform its duty.  No country, ocean or sea would be off limits.  Consequently, wars to protect Western "Ways of Living" could be fought from the Antarctic to the Arctic and anywhere in between.  Why, the West could even deliberately lay cable in geopolitical hotspots and thereafter "have to protect" it.  The possibilities are endless.

Nevermind that global communications are increasingly being switched to satellite...shot by rockets into outer Space..and Russia is highly successful in that arena.  No.  The probable reason behind Sir Peach's announcement is that there's going to be yet another [yawn] false flag soon.  There will be a series of attacks on undersea cable.... and these attacks will be blamed on Russia.  Just another demonization and isolation gambit...another ratcheting up of military confrontation and tension in the inexorable Western march to WWIII.  Wait for it.

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Reading between the lines said...

I swear to God they must put something in the water at the parliament in the UK .This assertion is so preposterous it has to be satire .Come to think of it we should check the water delivery system here in Canada also .Freeland and Trudeau ,I think ,are trying to outdo the Brits .