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2018 Geopolitical Forcast Calls for "Winds of War"

WWII Cemetery Omaha Beach

I've been taking a few days off from blogging due to Seasonal Celebrations and consequential exhaustion from same.  Just sitting around knitting is my favourite way to decompress after all the hubbub.  But I've been thinking about a note my blogging colleague Ed(itor) sent me just a day after Christmas....
I see a lot of chatter on the Internet that suggest that war is imminent. Anyone who has been paying attention could suggest where that war will take place, against whom. It’s a valid statement that no one can conduct three wars simultaneously, but I am not one of the great experts on war, nor do I wear any stripes on my shoulder.

The challenge for the rest of us is to figure out who is leading us to war, why, where they expect to fight, and, more importantly, what is the rationale (or impetus) to war. Perhaps there is a false flag yet to be accomplished. Can we think ahead of them and burst the bundle of their rationale?"

The likelihood of war in 2018 seems to be on everyone's minds.  Below is an excellent synopsis by Paul Craig Roberts.  Please read in its entirety below and I will have comments to follow:

How Much Death and Destruction Awaits Us in 2018?

Paul Craig Roberts

The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats.

Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports of full employment. It is an open question whether participants in these markets are aware that underlying reality does not support the asset values. Central banks support stock markets not only with abundant liquidity but also with direct stock purchases. The Japanese central bank is now one of the largest owners of Japanese equities. Central banks, which are supposed to provide economic stability, have created a massive fraud.

Throughout the Western world politics has degenerated into fraud. No government serves the public’s interest. (See: ) Except for some former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, European governments have defied the will of the people by admitting vast numbers of refugees from Washington’s wars and others pretending to be refugees. The European governments further imperil their citizens with their support for Washington’s rising aggression toward Russia. The universal failure of democratic politics is leading directly to war.

The Saker explains that Americans with intelligence, honor, courage, and integrity have disappeared from the US national security establishment. In their place are arrogant morons high on hubris who believe: (1) We can buy anybody, (2) Those we cannot buy, we bully, (3) Those we cannot bully, we kill, (4) Nothing can happen to us, we live in total impunity no matter what we do.

Scott Bennett reports that US soldiers are being propagandized that Russia is an enemy with whom we are headed to war.
The Anglo-Zionist empire is trying to overturn the Iranian agreement and to restart the attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. Lebanon’s Hezbollah is also in the empire’s sights. Washington is arming Ukraine in order to enable an attack on the breakaway provinces of Novorussia. Threats against North Korea escalate. Even little Venezuela is threatened with military intervention simply because the country wants to control its own destiny and not be controlled by Washington and the New York banks.

In the opinion of some, Russia’s very cautious diplomacy has increased the likelihood that Washington will miscalculate and give the world a third world war. By not accepting the requests of the breakaway Russian provinces in Ukraine to be reunited with Russia, the Russian government paved the way for Washington to provide the military means for its Ukrainian puppet to attempt to reconquer the provinces. Success would damage Russian prestige and encourage Washington in its aggressive actions. Sooner or later Russia will have to stand and fight.

Russia’s premature declaration of victory in Syria and withdrawal has made it possible for US forces to remain in Syria and attempt to restart the effort to overthrow the Assad government. Russia would have to defend its victory, or by the failure to do so encourage more aggressive actions by Washington.

Hopes have evaporated that President Trump would restore the normalized relations between the nuclear powers that Reagan and Gorbachev made possible. The question for the New Year is when does Washington’s aggression against Russia ignite a hot war.

Your website will be examining these issues as they unfold in 2018. From the perspective of today, it is unlikely that the New Year will be a happy one. Nowhere in the West is there a sign of leadership toward peace and the well-being of humanity.

PCR refers to the Saker's take on what the geopolitical probabilities are.  Here is Saker's summing up of the risks:

The Saker
Now let’s sum this all up.

The chances are high that in 2018 the USA will

Escalate the war in Afghanistan
Renege on the nuclear deal with Iran
Back an Ukronazi attack on Novorussia

It is quite possible that the USA will also

Shoot down a Russian aircraft over Syria

I find it unlikely that the USA will

Invade Syria
Invade Venezuela

I am unable to evaluate whether the USA will:

Disconnect Russia from SWIFT or seize Russian assets
Attack the DPRK

Frankly, I am not very confident about this attempt as analyzing the possible developments in 2018. All my education has always been based on a crucial central assumption: the other guy is rational. That is a huge assumption to make, but one which was fundamentally true during the Cold War. Today I find myself inclined to think that psychologists are probably better suited to make predictions about the actions of the rulers of the AngloZionist Empire than military analysts. Furthermore, history shows us that the combination of delusional imbeciles and dishonorable cowards is what typically brings down empires, we saw a very good example of that with the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

With the latest Trump fiasco I have personally given up any hope of ever seeing a US President capable of making a positive contribution to the welfare of the people of the USA or the rest of the planet. The burden now is clearly on Russia and China to do everything they can to try to stop the USA from launching even more catastrophic and deeply immoral wars. That is a very, very difficult task and I frankly don’t know if they can do it. I hope so. That is the best I can say.

The Saker"

It would appear from even the most cursory reading of the Russian press that Russia is well aware of USrael's desperation to start a world wide conflict...yet another of the banksters' "Wars to End All Wars" and is making unrelenting preparation to meet the threat.

But what nation or nations are really in the crosshairs of the insane, frenzied warmongers of the Neocon controlled Pentagon?  Gordon Duff has an interesting list of targets as copied below:

It is also accepted that the US has committed horrible crimes against nations like Iran or Vietnam, so many others, and that the excuses given during the Cold War about opposing “the Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union are no longer plausible. America, or those secretly running America, were simply robbing the world blind by putting puppet governments in power around the world.

Everyday Americans, perhaps a majority, do believe this now, though no poll on this subject will ever be published.

Only a few days before this was written, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, chastised the Security Council for passing, except for a lone American veto, war crimes sanctions against Israel for claiming its capitol in occupied Palestinian territory.

The “special relationship” between America and Britain died that day. In reality, NATO died that day as well. The “triumvirate “put- together by slumlord turned diplomat Jared Kushner, of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Trump regime, has alienated every American ally. Were one to believe polls published in America, few take American foreign policy seriously nor support any suggested Trump based military action against any nation, North Korea, Canada, Iran, China or Britain. Any of those, or any other, could and likely will, at some time, be victim of a Trump “tweet” threatening nuclear holocaust...."

greencrow says:  All my adult life I have feared the United States as being the greatest threat against the very existence of Canada.  When I saw what they did to other small (in terms of population, but particularly military force) countries like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others in Central America and elsewhere...I knew that it is only a matter of time before they turn their bloody sights on Canada...The only thing that's kept them at bay is the ease with which the Canadian politicians fall, like putty or playdough into their hands and are manipulated to do their bidding.  None more so than the current dauphin prime minister Justin Trudeau.  I mean, why waste military resources that could be deployed in Ukraine or elsewhere when you not only can have your way with the neighbour to the north but can demand that IT supply war equipment to the Ukraine as well?

Sold his soul to the devil...that's what le Dauphin did to get (s)elected.  And now the perps are laughing behind Canadians' backs and rubbing their hands with glee because they've managed to insert two complete febrile pawns into the opposition pawn isn't even ALLOWED to travel to Russia and the other pawn hasn't even caused a blip on the national public opinion polls (actually, neither opposition party leader has registered above flatline in the polls).  So the controlled dauphin is a "shoo-in" for elections to come.

The United States (aka bankster controlled Usrael) needs to suck the huge Canadian territory into its demonic and bloody vortex so that it can give the geopolitical finger to Russia and China and say..."See...we control the same immense land mass as you!"  Not to mention having a long northern border which officially parallels Russia.  This long planned takeover of the pathetic Canadian "government" was supposed to happen during Hillary's term...and, failing that...the preferred Republican candidate "Canadian born" Ted Cruz.  Cruz' Canadian heritage was supposed to ease the shock on Canadians...he stumbled out of the starting gate but no matter...the agenda ALWAYS remains the same.

The Russophobic ratcheting up of Tensions in Ukraine and the manipulation of the Canadian government to get involved and provide lethal weaponry to the Urkonazis is in fact a strategy against Canada. Only an idiot would not "get" that maintaining a functioning alliance with Russia/China could be an insurance policy for Canadian survival. THAT is the tragedy of the whole thing--the "idiot" factor.

Urkonazi sympathizer Cdn Foreign Minister
Chrystia Freeland with
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

So...the scheme is to get Canada to "step over the red line" (either along with Usrael or on its own) that 's been laid down by Russia in Ukraine...Then perpetrate a False Flag attack on Canada that can be blamed on Russia....then have Canada declare war on Russia and Russia declare war on Canada...then have NORAD/NATO/USrael "COME TO THE AID OF CANADA" in order to "preserve freedom and democracy".  Where and when have we seen this rancid old ploy before?  The whole world knows that once the US has its bloody foot in the NEVER leaves.  It will take over Canada for its own good and le Dauphin will become the "First Governor of the 51st State" as a "reward" for all his "years of service". lololol.

That, folks, is what the greencrow sees in store in 2018!  But, as Ed(itor) suggests in the first paragraph above, readers are encouraged to submit their own predictions for the coming year in the comments. And, just in the event that I am (hopefully) wrong in my prediction....A Happy New Year to all! 


Ed(itor) said...

I don’t think there is any doubt that war will be ramped up in the Middle East. USrael is still smarting from its Syrian spanking by Russia, and the threat of increased Iranian aid and influence streaming into the Levant cannot be tolerated by a dominant Israel. Hence the color revolution in Iran and more. It’s already heating up.

I regard NORK as a sideshow which is run to ascertain the actions, directions, and intent of both the Russia and Chinese governments and militaries; most of this stuff is done to get military entities to reveal their transmissions frequencies, codes and more. This pertains to the larger global conflagration which must entail space weapons and large naval maneuvers for logistics purposes. I see one report that Marines are being equipped with skis.

Anonymous said...

No war will happen as long as people do not grant them their free will. Just say "NO", even in one's own mind is sufficient to stop a war. Going against freewill they would have committed a great their eyes of how their god commands it.

greencrow said...

It is amazing to me that citizens cannot "smell" a colour revolution by now...after so many. But then we have the idiotic Canadian Liberals supplying lethal weaponry to the Ukronazi colour Maidan never underestimate the idiocy of the proletariat.

I guess.

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

I would have agreed with you had I not endured the post 9/11 run up to the war on Iraq. By a massive majority in every Western Country, the citizenry opposed the Iraq war...yet it happened under false pretenses and the country was destroyed. IMO, we are living in an era where Satan is in power and his minions care not what humanity wants or needs.

Ed(itor) said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Greencrow,

To elicit freewill, they must first get us to agree to their plans. Hence false flags, psy ops etc to fool us into granting them permission. e.g falsely claiming terrorists using WMD etc etc, so we all agree to invade the terrorist country thus giving away our free will.

greencrow said...

Hi Anony:

Yes, and that's why I always speculate about future false the one I suggested in this post where USrael sets up Russia and Canada against one another and then comes in afterwards to "save" Canada. This not only seems a likely scenario but, it is only by calling them in advance that we can cause them to think twice. You see, it can't be a False Flag if people know the truth about it beforehand.