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The Park Bench Cafe #1 - Occurrences links...Over the river and through the woods

Park Bench Café #1

Since the untimely demise of the three blogs managed by blogmaster Ed(itor) from Occurrences, I have been in fairly regular communications with him.  He's doing well and working on other projects.  From time to time he supplies me with interesting links.  This is what characterized his primary blog, Occurrences.  He has agreed that I can share these links with my readers and I'm pleased to do so.  In that regard, I have started a new, semi-regular feature that I call the "Park Bench Café".  Occurrences blog had a masthead with a photo of a park bench on it...with newspapers scattered thereon.  This is the first in what could turn out to be regular input from Ed(itor).  This is his (and my reader's) park bench.  Anyone can sit on it and expound on any topic.  Just send me a note to the address at the top of my website.


Ed(itor) says:

...."the ex-blogger from Occurrences found these [Internet Links] to be of interest" which was the point of the blog Occurrences, what with MSM, fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. I don't claim to have the one and only lens that can focus on and filter out with pristine insight. I just sit back and "observe" (as my NWO history professor in HS used to say).

"Now, these guys are saying this, and those guys are still pushing this angle, and ..."

Like a resident in the great jungle, I stay in the tall grass and watch.

We are not in charge of anything save our own enlightenment and preservation.

Over the river and through the woods to "other side of the daughter's family" we go....

They claim to be descended from the Mayflower but a routine and cursory check of history suggest that some error was made in tracking the genealogy. Please pass the cranberry jelly."


Sic Semper Tyrannis : Have the US military gone Zionist? 

Who has the archives that will cough up the posting of Christian Zionists in key US Air Force leadership roles?  Who has the old story about the Obama key aide Valerie Jarrett who grew up in Iran to Jewish parents and indicated in Obama's sixth year that they were completing the purge of the military to ensure that only "their" people had the top positions? Who saved the tidbits of news that document the vast financial support and ownership of major military industrial complex firms by Jewish millionaires (Crown, Pritzker et alia)? Has Trump has time, interest or intent of countering any of this?  I don't think so. 

When we get into a shooting war -- I'd guess we'll call it a bombing and space war, and it will be mixed with massive amounts of cyber-warfare -- how will the alliances line up?  Russia, China, Iran and lessers versus US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK and Commonwealth countries (especially on the sea lanes of Southeast Aia)  with Pakistan, India and others playing on the south flank of China, and Israel working overtime to seduce or compromise China. 

The cockroaches are planning on getting the leftovers. 

[Yes, you may post the above)


Putin Calls On All “Large-Scale Enterprise” To Be Ready To Convert To “Military Production”
Zero Hedge | 23 November 2017

I would not bet against this man even if he were trailing by 27 with a minute to play.  And he's not


CIA info chief says the intelligence community has been eager for a way to put secret-level data in a secure cloud. Amazon Web Services unveiled a cloud computing region for the CIA and other intelligence community agencies developed specifically to host secret classified data. SOURCE: DEFENSE ONE 


Android phones gather your location data and send it to Google, even if you’ve turned off location services and don’t have a SIM card, Quartz reported today.


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