Saturday, November 18, 2017

Separated at Birth?

Hammy the Hammock Deer

From the CBC comes this report:

Hammy, the deer made famous for having a piece of purple hammock stuck in his antlers, is proving tough to find for the B.C. Conservation Officer Service as they try and remove the fabric before rutting season. Hammy made headlines and attracted a large fanbase after photos of him strutting around Prince Rupert with a shock of bright purple on his right antler were shared to a Facebook group devoted to tracking his whereabouts.

A deer with a hammock on his head is Prince Rupert's newest celebrity

Although conservation officers at the time said it appeared Hammy wasn't having any trouble as a result of the fabric, they are now concerned it could get tangled as rutting season begins — a time when bucks like Hammy compete for does by locking antlers with each other in a display of masculinity.


Jagmeet Singh - Canada's Leader
of the Federal New Democratic Party

I'm it politically incorrect to make a joke about a political leader....if he is of a "visible minority"?  Is that now off limits? Probably.  But I will repeat that I am not a fact, I dated a Canadian Sikh man for four years and was engaged to him...when I was in my 20's.  He did not wear a turban or a beard....saying that his family had decided to integrate with the predominant Canadian culture of the day.  In fact, he did not like other Sikh's clinging to their ancestral habits that separated them from Canadian society...but that was only his viewpoint....and each to their own.

What I do object strongly to is how my political party of choice (the NDP) during the last Federal (s)election has since been hijacked by an elite, deep-pocketed faction in Ontario who plucked this guy out of obscurity and crowned him head of a party while the rest of the country did not even know who he was.  His views from what I can tell are not anti-war or anti-globalist...he's just another Andrew Scheer...who was similarly elected head of the Conservative party.  As a result of these two leaders, Singh and Scheer...Canada's democratic system has effectively been neutralized and neutered.  In other words...all the parties have exactly the same geopolitical platforms.

So I am back to where I started when I first began blogging...with NO ONE TO VOTE FOR.  I am back to supporting the "Spoil Your Ballot" and make them count the spoiled ballots movement...that I started myself several years ago.  I call it "NONE OF THE ABOVE".  Or, perhaps if they put "Hammy the Hammock" on the ballot, I could vote for him!


NOTE:  It is always an eye opener to go back and try to find one of your own posts on Blogger.  More often than not the videos have been selectively de-activated.  But this time, I went back to look for a post I did on October 1, 2014 on the option "None of the Above" and the entire post was missing!  So much for blogging for posterity.  The Reality Controllers are editing as we type.


Penny said...

Glad to see you back GC
As for the new NDP choice, all style and no substance.
He's just an Obama signed on to play off of Trudeaubama
Makes no differnce- at all
He's super packaged and promoted like any other product

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Glad to be back in the blogging trenches again...missed the camaraderie. Re Singh. I honestly tried to watch his election night speech and had to quit after about 5 minutes of boring platitudes. His political substance is a mile wide and a millimeter thick.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally writing about >"Separated at Birth?" <Loved it!

BuelahMan said...

I call it "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

But when B'Man said the same thing, the Trump worshipers screamed in agony.

Anonymous said...

None of the above
Did you get that line from Brewsters millions???
He used it as a platform and won
Here is the clip
From the movie
Brewsters millions
Interesting movie

greencrow said...

Hi Anon:

Thanks for your comment. No, I had never heard of that movie before you mentioned it. I watched the link and it probably was a fairly good movie. I have rarely gone to a movie for the last couple of decades. I used to think it was because of the brainwashing...but now believe that, as one grows older, one simply outgrow the memes of movies.

As I have said...there is only one movie that could get me back into the theatre...a real truth documentary of the 9/11 atrocity...showing who was responsible. The script would need to be approved by Christopher Bollyn...or I would not go.

Regarding "None of the Above"...If people could only understand that voting "None of the Above" and having that vote tallied and reported...would put an end to all the political corruption. The first time "None of the Above" won the would shock all the politicians into having real platforms. That, IMO, is why it will NEVER happen. They will scuttle elections before it does.

Anonymous said...

It was just a movie about gentleman who inherits tons of dough,in order to get it,he has to spend dough and lie.
One of the ploys was to run for office.
The clause said,he could not tell no one and the people around him thought he was nuts
I do not go to movies either.
I see them on cable
It is the closest thing I come to reading a book
I watch a script
Either ways,movies can say a lot with just a paragraph or speech
I wish I was more aware growing up and took learning seriously
I never paid attention or really cared
I am sure you could figure out why as a counselor??? some thing you mentioned family affairs???Your title of job slips me as I type this,sorry.
I guess you could call me a student of the make believe learning centers that some people in your circles criticize
Also,another movie should be
If you taught people not to sign up to defend or fight and there was no body to fight for these sooo called psychotic leaders,eliminate the pawns and the leaders can no longer have you do there psychotic deeds
As a blogger
Get that idea out there

greencrow said...

Several good points made in your last comment

Thanks, Anon.