Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Putin: "Let them do what they want and we must do what we must"

CIA plotting Bio War on Russia?

This morning The Duran is reporting that Russia's leadership has remarked on the CIA's recent advertisement asking for samples of Russian DNA.  The theory is that, as per usual, the bio weaponry Labs in know the guys...the ones who came up with the Anthrax terror plot that was implemented right after 9/11...have now been tasked with coming up with a bio weapon that targets the "arch enemy du jour" Russia.

Or, at least this is the take the Duran has on the project.  The greencrow has another theory...this is that America's "scientific community" is no doubt wringing its hands over the increasingly evident "brain gap" between American technology and Russian technology, as evidenced particularly in the weapons race.  The perps are thus hoping they can "replicate some Russians" in the invitro/genetic labs...and thus find a way around the debilitating  "Omadhaun epidemic" in the United States.

Coincadynkally, fellow blogger James from Australia and I were having an e-mail exchange the other day which went as follows:


Hi Greencrow:

you mentioned a figure in a recent post -

"Of course, the 37% of the human race who are capable of critical thinking will cry "Foul!" to this theft of their right to access their archives."

- and it caught my attention.

I've come across a couple of references to the fact that only people with an IQ of over 115 can do their own research and put together their own conclusions (i.e. employ logic). This amounts to only 16% of society.

I've been looking for any research that backs this claim up. Do you have any links to research that you could point me to or if you have any comments about this topic? I would appreciate either.



Hi James:

Thanks for this information. I did read the statistic of 37% as related to those who are able to grasp the truths related to 9/11. Some "can't handle the truth" due to brainwashing by the dominant culture. It is not necessarily "the ability" to do critical thinking as the "courage" to do critical thinking. 16% able to put together their own conclusions is depressingly low...and does not bode well for the human race, IMO. Hey, I'm just going to put together my "Caw RANT Events" and would like to add these two exchanges. Is that OKAY with you? Let me know.

Hi Greencrow

Yes, that would be fine. It might spark some interesting comments


Hi Greencrow

see you left the IQ stuff out of your rant. Probably just as well. It gets people all upset at first (if not forever). Best to get some solid sources behind you first.

I've attached a screenshot from a video (and no i didn't save the link - duh!). It shows "gathers, infers own information" as starting at IQ 115 - no sources. I came across another graphic like this a few months ago (didn't save it!) showing the same thing except it was closer to IQ 120. Again, no source.

It seems that logic, particularly deductive logic, can be taught to people with lower than IQ 115 (don't know how much lower) but the skill does not cross over into other areas other than the area in which the deductive skills were taught.

Another interesting area of research is the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Well worth looking up. People of average intelligence assume they know far more than they do because they are not bright enough to see that there are things they do not know. High IQ people suffer the reverse. Because they can see that there is much they don't know, they assume they are no where near as smart as they are. The results of these two effects are poor group decisions and poor leadership.

Anyway, I've attached the graph I mentioned before plus a graphic showing world average IQ differences. Rather sobering.


Hi James

I didn't leave it out...just ran out of time and had to publish. I think your question and point deserves its own post and so will do one on it later in the week. Thanks again.

Hi Greencrow:

I encourage you in this endeavor. This is a problem that has been occupying more and more of my thinking lately.

There are two problems that combine in a very disheartening way, in my view. The first one is the relatively high barrier to logical or critical thinking, max 1:6 people, combined with the Dunning-Kruger Effect that says that the other 5 out of 6 people cannot recognize logic for what it is and cannot be made aware of the fact that they cannot recognize nor understand logic.

So those 5 people cannot see the connection between factual premises and the valid conclusion derived from them. To these 5 people, what they are hearing is just a list of declarative statements and therefore indistinguishable from artfully delivered rhetoric comprising of a list of actually disconnected declarative statements.

What is going to influence these people therefore is not going to be demonstrated logic (i.e. truth and reason) but the delivery manner (i.e. perceived 'authority').

When the 'authority' is psychopathic and endlessly lying, we have a problem and democracy is defenseless against it. And worse, Reason seems to be useless against it.

Anyway, good luck with the post.

Thanks, James I will need that luck digesting all the "food for thought" you put into your e-mails.  BTW, folks, the bolding and highlighting is mine, not James'.  What he says at the end of the exchange is fundamental for truthers in understanding why the sheeple (as I call them) will never grasp 9/11 truth, even though the evidence is staring them in the face.  Obviously, the mass murdering perps at the CIA are sleeping soundly at night...knowing they will never be matter how transparently false their false flags are.

But, the bigger issue here, and the one pointed at recently by Putin in the report referred to above about the CIA harvesting Russian DNA is eugenics.  That has always been the Ziofascist obsession.  Now that they have access to some of the biggest and most diabolical "research labs" the world has ever seen...they are not going to let it go to waste.  Russia has been put on notice that it will be targeted with the most Frankensteinian plots the perps can come up with.

But, but but...Putin countered them with a threat of his own...and it's quoted in the headline to this post.  This is probably the most important pronouncement to come out of the Russian leader's mouth in some time.  The West is confronted with the statement that Russia "must do what it must".  And what is that?  When it comes to eugenics and intelligence, come to think of it...Putin has been saying a lot about AI and robotics lately.  He recently told a group of young people that whoever can master artificial intelligence will control the future...for good or for bad.

Whoever Leads in AI will Rule the World:  Putin

We know that Russia has gained dominance in the aerospace evidenced by their unique "thrust-vectoring" jet engines.  What have their superlatively and classically educated technology scientists been doing behind the scenes vis a vis artificial intelligence?  

The above question reminds me.  I've been meaning to update my thesis on extra-terrestrial space exploration.  I have a draft post saved for just that purpose ever since a light bulb went on over my head upon reading what Putin said to the young people about AI.  While I have always insisted on this blog that "Man"--as in the human creature--can never travel to outer space due to the intensively radioactive Van Allen belts that will forever keep us mortals imprisoned on planet earth...that does not mean that man cannot travel to outer space and beyond via artificial intelligence.  I envision an AI so advanced that it can "teleport" the thinking of a mortal man into a robot--that will do his bidding forevermore in outer space....WHEW!

Getting back to the CIA perps trying to get their bloody, grubby little hands on Russian Putin commented on last week...perhaps they are belatedly trying to make up for their generational attack on formal education of the order to field a couple of "scientific geniuses" tasked with bringing their science and technology industries up to par with the Rooskies.  Too late for that!

Whatever the CIA is up to with their DNA collection Putin can't be good. OTOH, Putin has left a clue to what he means by "what we must" in his recent pronouncement--about artificial intelligence being the keystone to the future.


albertde said...

One comment that is thrown out by the deniers is "why don't the people involved in the alleged conspiracy talk?". That used to perplex me, but I think they are told a (personalized)'story', one the organizers think will convince the conspirator to keep quiet. For example, a JFK conspirator (a forensic examiner) might be told that the Russians organized and carried out the assassination and that if it were known, it would cause World War III. In the case of 9/11, they could say that implicating the Mossad would lead to Jews being thrown into concentration camps like the Japanese during World War II.

greencrow said...

Hi albertde:

What is not generally known by the sheeple is that many, many whistleblowers have come out about, for example, the JFK assassination AND 9/11 but they have been systematically silenced...frequenly by being murdered. This not only serves to shut them up...but it is an explicit warning to other who may have information and are thinking about coming forward.

Hornet said...

I don't know much about AI but I can say that Russians are probably a few steps ahead in this area if they are consistent with themselves...

A small anecdote on what is going on there under the surface. I recently read that we here in the West are working on facial recognition software that would allow a Program to read facial emotions. I have it on good authority that Russians are already using this sort of facial recognition software at airports in large scale - this software allows them to scan virtually everyone in the airport and read their intent. People who have strong emotions indicative of nefarious (or not normal) intentions can easily be recognised and intercepted. Their security is very good and not very visible. I would guess that those bombers that are successful may not even be aware that they are about to be detonated, possibly like the poor Kyrgyz schmuck that blew himself up (or was blown up) in St-Petes metro earlier this year (if I am not mistaken)...