Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Park Bench Café #2 - discussion about two topics

Park Bench Café #2

Ed(itor), formerly blogmaster of "Occurrences", says:

"May I humbly suggest that

instead of debates and commentary on which new celebrity or politician has been caught doing something naughty or criminal,  [two links supplied by Ed(itor)]


......what the status of the tax reform package is (estimate your net takehome pay, divide by 2, and send a check), or what sub-group of ’Murkins (or Canadians or Brits) (by color, religion, region, heritage, world-view or membership in your most detested organization) have, in your humble opinion, their heads in the wrong place altogether,  

we pause and find the appropriate way to have a coherent discussion about two topics
here further broken down:

household security and safety [to wit, 
  1. do you have a security system installed?, 
  2. do you have a family understanding of what folks under your roof are supposed to do if…?. 
  3. do you own, or feel the need to own, any firearms?,
  4. are you fairly confident that public safety officials could arrive at your domicile in time to be of value in the event of ____x____?, and 
  5. have you done any planning for any kind of serious emergency? 
  6. A corollary to that might be this: 
  7. “How much cash or serious liquid asset can you put your hands on inside of fifteen minutes?” 
  8. “Is your health stable and do you have access to more than a 30-day supply of critical medications?”
  9. “Does your car have more than half a tank of gas at all times?” 
  10. “How much of your world/life/household management is vested in a smart phone or other Internet device?”
national security, to wit, war, or, in other words, 

If we go to war, who are we going to war against?  

Who will be on their side?  Who will be on our side? 
On both sides, are these alliances stable, functional, etc.?

Is war rational at this time? 

If you are essentially secure in your domicile, isn’t your first priority to ensure that war (in any form, at any level) doesn’t come by for a quick cup of coffee?

If it is necessary for us to go to war, are you quite comfortable that the people on your side are really on your side?, are you quite comfortable that the people running the war effort on your behalf are competent, and, should we lose that war, do you have some kind of reasonably succinct plan for what you will do then?

This brief message brought to you by your choice of insurance companies, politicians, political movements, celebrities, or media pundits.


Hi Ed:

With regard to guns and gun control....I finally realized the other day why the PTB are in such a frenzy to ban guns and take guns away from present gun owners.  It is, IMO, because of the coming of the "Drone Era".  Drones will soon be filling the skies and spying and controlling us from above.  

They will be doing everything from delivering pizzas and Amazon products to coming to our house and doing robotic vacuuming and cleaning.  The PTB want to make the skies safe for such commerce.  The reason I came up with this rationale was because I made the decision a couple of months ago that if they ever have drones running rampant in the skies I want to purchase the first rifle that I have ever owned...and shoot down any that fly over my house!

You are right to pose the question about war.  Having recently visited the United States (the City of Miami) for an albeit very brief period...I was struck by how unaware Americans are about the precipice that they are sitting on.  They are constantly subjected to brainwashing from the Idiot Box that is in every room...tuned to the "fake news" channels.  They are being lulled into a state of narcissistic superiority and belief that America is the only country/culture in the world that exists or has any value.  All the information they've been receiving about Russia, for instance, has been skewed into the belief system that the constantly vilified and denigrated Russians are just like the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Serbs, North Koreans, Chinese etc., etc., etc., i.e., ripe for the plucking...ripe for the "quick" military take down and plunder.

The reality is that the United States is constantly being shielded by the main$tream media, not just from the truth about Russia, China, Iran and other designated boogeymen...but Americans are shielded and prevented from examining their military's recent catastrophic military FAILURES in Syria and other targets.  Because Americans are prevented from reflecting on or examine these losses and/or accept responsibility for the losses...they do not have the capacity to alter losing ways and correct endemic strategic deficiencies.

Because it has critical strategic military deficiencies (witness the five naval "accidents" this year) the United States is being set up for a catastrophic (and very quick) military defeat...should it decide to attack one of its "enemies du jour".  Americans need to ask themselves...WHO is setting them up for such a catastrophic failure...and WHY.


Ed(itor) said...

Well, GC, I knew you would understand. I look forward to other comments. On the idiot box as well as on the Internet, what is called "war porn" is widely available. Courtesy of a guest and his small child, I was treated to a movie about automotive transformer war-bots. YouTube and other purveyors feature the latest in weapons systems (mine is bigger and more deadly-powerful than the other guys'). War movies are competing with Xmas movies. Someone said it's for recruiting purposes, but if we are making robots that make robots (GM was set up by Obama to do this years ago and you can probably still find a Tube video of him at Carnegie Mellon's Institute), we must be recruiting IT whiz kids only.

As for gun control, there is already available a tool that will take down drones-- probably three or four of them by now. A system for shooting spaghetti cheese will probably do the trick for the low-flying traffic. But gons are not for fighting drones. I've been ambivalent about gun ownership for most of my life. My step-mother brought out the .30-06 from which the firing pin had been removed to sit in the apple orchard with it prominently displayed on her lap and warn away the deer hunters (or maybe the deer). I came to short-term mastery of an M1 Garand in ROTC but gave up ROTC and war shortly thereafter. I'm a pacifist who has studied aikido, the discipline of the harmony of spirit. But in today's world, I'd run out and buy a 15-mag Glock, a 9-mm. carbine, and a pump-action Mossberg shotgun if I could afford them. Guns are for warding off tyranny, and perhaps the predations of roaming MS-13 gangs who use walkie-talkie systems to stalk and prey, and carve out the hearts of their victims. [Link from WaPO available on request.] MS-13 gangs are also known to be engaged in preying on children for sexual trafficking purposes. [Links available on request.] Where governmental systems use gangs for organized wholesale murder on a wide scale (see Valentine on Operation Phoenix, Webb on MS-`13, et alia), and given Operation Gladio 2.0 and 3.0 (now in active use globally), then such gangs are a Hegelian step toward a single world government.

greencrow said...

Instead of gun control....politicians, if they cared about their constituents would be working on "freedom of the skies" legislation to severely limit drones from flying over neighbourhoods. Yes, my opinion on gun control has done a 180 degree flip since 9/11 and the rise of the neocon.

Ed(itor) said...

One of my first entries in one of those now-dead blogs was "Sousveillance versus Surveillance", a play on watching the watchers. When the entry-level GoPro product comes down in price or hits the "for sale: used" market, we will be an army of recording journalists, free to video such things as "false flag ops" as they go down. Another tactic is simply to jam or overwhelm or fool the spy cameras. Rubber Army vehicles worked in 1944.

greencrow said...

It's not the lack of video footage that's the problem...it's the suppression of it over the airwaves. We learned that on 9/11. Tons of footage of all kinds, Air Traffic Control footage, footage from gas stations near the Pentagon, etc., etc., But they confiscated and destroyed all the footage.

A person could shoot a video...but will they be able to upload it to YouTube? Will it not be "taken down" shortly thereafter and/or rendered useless by modification/minimization?

Remember MH17? Remember the Air traffic Control agent in the tower in, I believe, Kiev? He told the truth...that "foreign agents" entered the ATC tower and confiscated material evidence...but then disappeared a day or so later...never to be seen or heard from again.

Ed(itor) said...

We must become wandering minstrels in our own neighborhoods. The tools are available if we can afford them and if we learn to use them. For example, tons of videos are available and can be sent via e-mail. Encrypted e-mail is available. Encrypted memory and thumb drives are available. With these and a portable device like a Mac Pro or similar, even a smartphone, you can show your interested neighbor stuff they will never see on TV or the 'net. Add to this homemade pdf's of content that can be transferred to another with ease, and a kettle publicity from a poster tacked to a telephone poll, you can show be the local "town crier".