Friday, November 24, 2017

Oh How Naïve He Was! Jim Garrison States his Case about the JFK Assassination

New Orleans District Attorney
on his investigation into the assassination
of President John F. Kennedy

"On July 15, 1967, NBC allowed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to respond to an NBC program that was highly critical of Garrison's pursuit of alleged Kennedy assassination conspirators in New Orleans." 

Watching the above "must watch" historical video that was posted today on Giza Death Star blog, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, one cannot help but wonder in amazement at the naivety of District Attorney Jim Garrison back in the 1960's following the assassination of JFK.  In fact, one cannot help but wonder in equal amazement at the naivety of President John F. Kennedy not have understood that his days were numbered....and he was surrounded by treasonous and Satanic monsters....working on his elimination out of the very bowels of and receiving paychecks for their diabolical efforts....from his own administration. 

Over and over again Garrison repeats his belief that America is still the land of liberty and "justice" for all.  It is stunning how he even manages to build a legally tight and logically compelling case for conspiracy in the assassination...but in the end....nothing ever came of it.  I lived though those days but never watched the above video till many decades later.  Why not?  No doubt something to do with the time zone it was shown in the part of North America, as opposed to where I was living at the time.  And, of course, the fact that it probably was only shown once on NBC and subsequently ignored by all the other TV and print media.

At the end of the day, even though Garrison had obviously "solved" the case of the JFK assassination and correctly identified the perpetrators--i.e.,"powerful" men in the CIA (which was then as it is now riddled with dual-Israeli/American traitors)...the "fairy tale" as Garrison refers to the "official story" won the day.  Americans, easily distracted, moved even bigger lies...the same entities, that we now know as fanatical Ziofascist warmongering monsters, perpetrated the Lunar Moon Mission Hoaxes, the further assassinations of MLK and RFK, the 9/11 atrocity--and foisted several wars built on the same lies on people, invariably of colour, in foreign lands--as well as the gullible and naïve American citizens (it has happened so often, we now refer to them as "sheeple").  These same evil entities are currently orchestrating the build-up to a nuclear WWIII against Russia and China.

More than 50 years after Garrison spoke so eloquently but naively (he should have saved his breath for all the impact it had), the United States is still under the thrall of the same Satanic monsters who shot Kennedy down like a dog in the streets of Dallas.  And Americans are still running out to spend money they don't have in a frenzy of mindless abeyance for the enrichment of these same Satanic Monsters...on one of their most sacred feast days....Black Friday.


Reading between the lines said...

Thank you for this video gem outlining the corruption of the intelligence agencies in the US which has now grown world wide like the cancer that it is.
Unfortunately Jim was naive but the story is not finished .There is too much information still out there substantiating Jim's statement even if he is more than likely not alive today .Which begs the question whether he was suicided .
The murder of John Kennedy was the exposure of how corruption had taken over the affairs of the US governance and it has gotten much much worse .
I will share this video far and wide.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy people say that lots of suspicious deaths happened after the killing.
How come nobody took out this whistle blower?????
He lived a long life
Was he the jew that got to confess the truth???
Alex Jones has that position
John Stewart has that position
Anyone know why????

greencrow said...

Hi Reading between the lines and Anony:

Thanks for your comments. Yes, it is interesting that Garrison was "allowed" to live, in spite of directly accusing the CIA murderers of JFK. My opinion is that it was probably not for want of trying. The JFK murderers did try to "murder" Garrison's career and reputation, as you can see in his Wikipedia biography

He eventually died of cancer....but obviously not the "fast acting" type of cancer...which is a hallmark of their methods...see e.g., Hugo Chavez and Yassur Arafat.

My feeling is they wanted him dead but were cautious....not wanting to add more credibility to the mountainous legend of truth and veracity he had built up by exposing their villainy, treason and culpability in the "Crime of the Millenium".

Anonymous said...

Yes,he mentioned I believe about the media coming after him in a big way
That is why maybe people half listen to what you people say,for once you tune into mainstream,
they present it so there are no doubts and are facts.
The same can be said for 911
You people put out your truths
but once you tune into mainstream,it seems to be open and shut case
Today on local news
They said a liable suit against Boston airport or???
They said they were responsible for letting terrorists board planes
And blah blah blah
I think they said it got thrown out and that was the last lawsuit for 911
Blah blah blah,sorry I do not have every fact,but that was the jist of it
It was the same with Boston marathon
The way they laid it out
They released the video of the kid dropping his backpack and then the video of the Asian man getting his car hijacked and he escaped at a gas station
After watching all that stuff being drilled,it is hard to believe anything else
I did like the Betsy McGee video about Carlos the hat hero and she did a first part marathon and second part,Carlos with ties to radical Mexicans.
But later after watching her 911 video about the woman and the evaporation video.
I can not think of her name,but even watching that womans video and her case
I could not even believe either one
I loved Betsy McGee voicebox and she looked like a cute dork
But sorry I digress
I believe the guy lived a long life,when I googled his name and saw all that info
I asked myself
If they were killing all witnesses,this guy should of went quickly,unless maybe at the time,mainstream did a number on him and people just did not care,like you said
They have to work and raise families and be law abiding and pay there bills,
not a lot of time left to worry if was real or fairytail
Same as today
Too much going on
And in the end
Who cares
Only thing that matters
Work and pay bills
Raise your family and enjoy the sports and theaters and movies for stress relief
Thanks for the opinion

greencrow said...

Garrison's marriage was destroyed by the media and legal vendetta against him. They destroyed his credibility and by doing that, neutralized him and his arguments and evidence in the JFK assassination case.

They have to change it up every once in a while. It usually happens that they kill eye witnesses rather than investigators like Garrison. People like Garrison they just murder their professional reputation. They destroyed John F. Kennedy's reputation after he died. All the lies about him womanizing. Since I had my awakening (around the time of 9/11) I have reconsidered JFK's supposed "womanizing". There has never been any evidence confirming it. He had a bad back and had health issues that would have made such conduct he was simply too busy and had a young family he was devoted to. He spend all his holidays and free time at Hyannisport where he was surrounded by family, including his parents and siblings.

More significantly, all the accusations that have come out about his so-called womanizing can be traced back to the same sources that have now been discredited...the main$tream media that lied and covered up 9/11 and "Hollywood"...say no more about THAT rancid source.

Interesting, and connected in a was NBC that attacked Garrison....and it was NBC, according to a video I just watched by Wearechange's Luke Rudkowski, that spent 30 years covering up the Harvey Weinstein scandal. It is really time for some sleuth to find out WHO at NBC has turned it into a serial "obstructer of justice" that should be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying the same thing about Clinton
That Monica is the daughter of a friend
That is why she was always around.
Back in the day,i thought they used this scandal to distract from the fact that there was some bombing going on.
I forget where and why
But I was making that argument with a Clinton hater and Rush Limbaugh lover
It is just gossip for the sheeple
The same gossip for the sheeple that is going on for Trumptoid
It gives all the losers who did not vote for him,it makes them think something is gonna happen
But nothing ever does
When you look and listen to the Clinton daughter,it is hard to believe he hit on his friends daughter.
I still doubt that story today
I called it a distraction
Democrats never declare war
Republictards always makes threats and obvious war
The Trumptoid is carrying on the Republictard ways

greencrow said...

Hmmm...I think Clinton was/is a sexual predator.... just like all the others who flew on the "Lolita Express". It's a far cry from his lifestyle to the lifestyle that JFK was living in the years shortly before his death.

BUT I have always believed that the campaign to expose and impeach Clinton was part and parcel of the Blackmail that the Ziofascists ALWAYS use to control the so-called leaders in a democracy.