Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Notice to Readers

Notice to Readers

Hi Everybody.  Just a brief note explaining why I have been away from this blog for the past few days.  My partner and I are on holidays cruising in the Caribbean.  Right now we're on our way to Grand Cayman.  I plan to swim with the sting rays or some kind of big flat fish.  We are "chillin" as we used to say in the 70's.  Before boarding our ship, we spent three days in Miami, which I had never been in before.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The city of Miami is actually many small cities, each with it's own flavor and culture.  It is very easy to get around on the free skytrain.  Traces of the recent hurricane Irma were minimal.  The weather has been balmy.

As usual, going online while cruising is a bit problematic and quite expensive. Last night, our first night on board, the Internet was down and that happens periodically. So I will keep posting to a minimum...seeing how it goes.  As a bonus to readers here is a short video I made before leaving of my most recent wood carvings.  Enjoy!

Two Recent Carvings by Greencrow
Chickadees and a Christmas Cardinal

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Northerntruthseeker said...

You lucky Crow.. With my busy work schedule and needing to be available for my sick mother, I have not been able to go on a much needed vacation for quite a while...

My better half has suggested that I do take a much needed break though, and the Grand Caymans, Bahamas, etc sounds so nice....

Enjoy your trip... I just hope we do not see an American attack on Iran while you are there that could escalate into a full blown world war.... (Not wanting to worry you here while you are relaxing..)