Monday, November 20, 2017

Just Along for the Van Ride

Monument to Slave Uprising in Curacao

Like a lot of bloggers, I've been very depressed lately.  As Joni Mitchell said:  "Maybe it's the Time of Year....or maybe it's the Time of Man".  One of my best blogging colleagues, Ed from "Occurrences" has booked off and "euthanized his three blogs.  Northerntruthseeker is considering doing the same.  The lies are getting a wee bit too much for us.  Like the little Dutch Boy holding the dike together with his thumb...the pressure of the lies is building and we can no longer hold them back.

Witness this post from "From the Trenches" this morning.  According to a blogging researcher...the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas has hired a PR firm to concoct conspiracy theories to put out on the Internet regarding the massacre.  Apparently, some Twitter conspiracy theories were traced back to the CEO of the PR firm.  It supports what I have always said about False Flags.  One of the reasons for them is to "Drill the Message".  To put out lies about the event and force the mainstream media to either promulgate the lies or lose their careers/revenue.  The end game is to muddy public discourse with putrid lies so that nobody knows what to believe and those who support morality, justice and the rule of law are ridiculed as fools.  In other words, the same old "divide and conquer"....that has always had the perps coming up the middle between the two factions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post...I happened to stumble upon a shocking truth during my recent vacation in the Caribbean.  Visiting the island of Curacao, my travelling companions and I loaded ourselves onto a small 8 person van for a tour of the island.  Our guide/driver was a very big very black man of African descent.  He looked like a linebacker for the NFL.  He started the tour by telling us he was going to take us to a site off the beaten tourist track.  We ended up out in the bush miles from the capital city of Willemstad.  The bush was facing an ocean beach.  On a clearing stood the monument in the photo I took above.  He told us that it was a monument to a slave uprising that took place on the island in the 1700's.  Then he told us that Curacao was the main destination/port of the African slave trade.  His ancestors were brought to the island as part of a shipment totaling upwards of 25,000 slaves over two centuries.  The slaves were kept on Curacao for two years being "trained" and given "skills" prior to being transferred to the mainland North America or other islands in the Caribbean.

Funny, I read the book "Roots" back in the l970's which purported to tell the story of the African Slave trade.  I don't remember hearing about Curacao.  And I certainly don't remember hearing who the slave traders were.  Rich "Sephardic" Jews, according to the first version of the Wikipedia entry that I pulled up out of Google.  I copied the link on my previous post on this topic but when I went back to re-read it...not believing how honest it was the first was purged of any direct connection between the Jews and slavery on Curacao.  Amazing how quick they were to "amend" the entry.  Now it just says there were slaves and there were jews...but not connecting the two.

Our Curacao guide wasn't coy about connecting the two.  After showing us the monument and saying he personally would like it moved to the centre of Willemstad...he drove us to the rich "old" part of the city.  He pointed out some big old houses surrounded by thick stone walls and said that this was the Jewish section of town where the slave traders lived.  Funny how there was absolutely NO reaction from his passengers.  I did not say a word.  I knew better than to step in that cowpaddy.  One of our travel companions is a longtime holocaust spouter and dares anyone with an alternative viewpoint to open their traps on the topic.  No.  I said nothing because I was just along for the van ride.

But I wondered if he was able to connect the dots.  This "secret", IMO, is one of the foundational lies that prop up the house of cards we call our "civilization".  Thanks to the Internet...humanity (or at least 37% of humanity that possesses critical thinking) has been slowly waking up to the horror that our world is "run by psychopaths".  The other aspect of this horror is the knowledge that 63% of humanity is like I was in the van in Curacao...just along for the ride.


Anonymous said...

You and northerntruthseeeker are doing a job that many cant.
keep up the great work this fight is a long and hard one.
Slowly people are starting to wake up to the real truth about their world.

I can't thank you enough of all the hard work you've put out for us read and understand.

Just don't give up yet! Keep the fight going.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your kind words, anony. It is readers like you who keep us going.

Anonymous said...

I like it very informative without being too pushy or insisted upon a certain perspective that's going to be the best way to make people wake up by not forcing it on them. I definitely shared this article and look forward to be able to share more. Bravo