Monday, November 13, 2017

Checking In


Just a brief check-in in lieu of "CawRANT Events" which I usually post on every second Monday.  I only have one hour of Internet cruising on a huge ship here in the middle of the Caribbean.  Don't know how much I can fit into this post.  First I want to thank Northerntruthseeker who wished me well on my vacation.  Yes, I know how emotionally exhausting blogging can be, NTS and if you feel you need a vacation, take one!

I enjoyed swimming with the sting rays in the aqua seas off Aruba.  This turned out to be one of the highlights of my holidays so far.  The sting rays are highly intelligent and live to be about 75 years!  The females are twice the size of the males and we were allowed to "pet" one. Their skin feels like suede.  They have the most beautiful, soulful eyes...full of wisdom.  Then I saw the headline on the CBC today that 1500 scientists are warning humans about the earthly environment.  I can certainly believe that warning!  Still, inspite of all we know about the sting ray...the sting ray babies are still being harvested by the hundreds of thousands, their spines ripped out and are being used for "bait" by sports fishermen.  I said in a post not too long ago that there needs to be a 10 year world wide moratorium on ALL fishing all over the world!  I wonder if the 1500 scientists cottoned on to this crisis and made THAT recommendation!

The next highlight of our trip was going to the Island of Curaçao and seeing the monument to the African slave trade...which you would expect, hidden away in the bushes on the outside of the capital city, away from any curious eyes.  Our African heritage guide brought us there anyway and the monument was very moving...a large bronze of two African men and one woman cutting their own chains.

Curaçao Monument Re African Slavery

Apparently in the 1800's there was an uprising where the slaves did just that.  Most Readers probably don't know...I certainly didn't...that Curaçao was the destination port of the African Slave traders....they landed there with their "cargo" and then the slaves were kept on the Island for two years while they were "trained" and given "skills" me...they were probably broken like horses.  The slaves were shipped from Curaçao to all over North and South America, as well as remaining in the Caribbean.  Our guide drove us to the upscale "Jewish Section" of town.  He showed us the big houses with the thick walls as fences all around and said this is where the slave traders lived.

Many of the African slaves ended up on the Island of Bonaire...where we just left yesterday.  Bonaire is a great scuba diving destination...but back in the day and still boasts of the best "salt mines" in the world...with the purest salt.  Can you imaging the slaves finding themselves in a new country with extreme heat working those salt mines?

They should definitely move that monument to the African Slaves from the bushes outside the city to the square right downtown Willamstad on the port dock of Curacao....where the slaves were sold at auction.  Why won't they ever do this?  You Readers know why not as much as I do.

I have been reading an excellent biography during this holiday..."Reckless Daughter...A Portrait of Joni Mitchell".  It is very dense with insight into her writings and music.  I didn't know she was such a "wild child"...her managers seem to have preserved her personal "rock star" lifestyle as a well kept secret.  Joni is one of my favourite musicians and poets.  Now that I know her better I want to buy a few of her CD's.

Well I will be home at the end of the week.  It has been a very good holiday so far but I am looking forward to being back with my three dogs and in my own neighbourhood.

That's it for now. Take care and hope to talk with you again soon.

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