Monday, November 27, 2017

CawRANT Events #57

CawRANT Events #57

Good morning everyone!  Time for my bi-weekly CawRANT Events.  It is a cloudy but "doable" day on the West Coast....after what seems like weeks of relentless rain.  I am going to put my tulip and daffodil bulbs in today...literally trying to run out and get the job done between the rain drops.  It is very late for planting bulbs and I've been held back by the weather.

So much has been happening both close to home and geopolitically that I don't know where to start on this CawRANT.  Yesterday, my partner and I attended a "Celebration of Life" for yet another 30-something local man who died as a result of a drug overdose.  While we didn't know the young man personally, we're longtime friends with his parents.  The event was held at a very old hall deep in the dark streets of the "downtown East Side", near the legendary Hasting St. in downtown Vancouver.  Going back in time the hall must have been over 100 years old and in the process of being restored.  There were over 300 people in attendance, mostly young in their 30's as the deceased was apparently a very popular young man.

I have never attended an event like it and hope not to have to again.  The crowd was crying and shouting out in their grief and anger--that yet another of them had been senselessly snatched away from their midst.  The eulogy's and speeches from his friends were moving. They spoke while they were literally shaking...with tears streaming down their faces.  The young people appeared very vulnerable to me.  Covered with tattoos and piercings...dressed in scanty leather outfits not suitable for the cold, wet weather...almost every one of them looked like he or she was the next up the plank for an overdose.  I saw a headline last week that said that the epidemic of drug use and overdose deaths is symptomatic of a culture in decline and a "sick society".

Some bloggers, including my friend and blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker, don't see anything dangerous or ominous in the pending legalization of marijuana in Canada.  I see this legislation as yet another step in the numbing of society...particularly the young.  Here is an article from SOTT that supports this view.  It's about a study that suggests that "even occasional marijuana use impairs motivation."  Some people say that marijuana is a good drug to have if you come down with cancer or some other painful ailment.  I will agree that, in that case, the victim is entitled to anything that works and, if marijuana does the trick...they should be able to access it.  On the other hand, to legalize a drug that not only sucks the motivation out of the young...but also exposes their lungs to harmful and toxic substances...I can't see a purpose for.

In summary on this topic...I feel sorry for the young people of today...their opportunities have shrunk, their youth was spent playing video games and other wasteful activities that did not prepare them or give them the skills for survival in the "real" world.  Now they're being given yet another method of spending their lives in a useless state of "limbo".

The Future of Western Society

This is where all Western Societies
are heading

If anyone wants to know what the future of Western Society is...just watch the video above.  This is where it's all heading.  When you're watching the above video...try to imagine the depraved mentalities of both sides of the struggle...the police who are spraying "skunk" water on the protesters and the protesters who don't want to serve in the police forces and army that is literally propping up their oppressive society.  They like the protection of the oppressive society but don't feel beholden to contribute to the preservation of it selfish and insane can you get?

Attack on worshippers at Egyptian Mosque

I am persuaded by blogging journalist Kevin Barrett in a recent post in Veteran's Today, that Israel is behind the atrocious bombing of an Egyptian mosque in the Sinai  a few days ago.  This raid and murder spree...with over 300 dead...was conducted in military precision by a masked SWAT team of over 10 men in uniform.  It has all the earmarks of an Israeli commando raid.  The evil fanaticism that propelled the mass murder is the same fanaticism that is exposed in the video above.  These people are insane, folks.  The world needs to declare Israel as an insane nation and cordon it off for the protection of the rest of the world.  Don't believe me?  Just browse the headlines in my "favourites blogroll" today...many of them say nearly the same thing.

Ukraine Update

While the world has been focusing on the Middle East and the latest desperate throes of the dying Ziofascist entity...a lot has been going on elsewhere, particularly in the Ukraine.  There was an apparent "coup" in the breakaway province of Lugansk last week.  The longtime leader was ousted and an apparently pro-Russian put in his place.  There are also indications that there was a Ukrainian spy ring operating in Lugansk and its members have been rounded up.

Alternative writer and geopolitical analyst, Finian Cunningham has written an excellent analysis on the upcoming crucial Trump decision re Ukraine.  Please read the following from RT and I will have further thoughts in comments to follow:

The $47mn question of Trump’s friendly words to Putin
President Trump was last week presented with a proposal from his National Security team for the US to officially begin sending lethal arms to the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the control of official Kiev.

The $47 million arms package centers on the supply of Javelin missiles also referred to as “the American military’s anti-tank killers.” It will be up to President Trump to sign off or not on this lethal arms plan to equip the UAF against rebels in the self-declared breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine.

The US has already sent $750 million worth of military equipment to the Kiev regime since it seized power in February 2014, according to reported remarks by Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

However, up to now, the military equipment has officially been labeled as “defensive” and “non-lethal,” such as armored vehicles, communications, night-vision goggles, and so on.

There are also credible reports that the US has already been supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine. Those weapons include Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launchers (PSRLs) and Barrett sniper rifles with a range of two kilometers. One of the private US arms companies, AirTronic USA, told US government-run Voice of America that the State Department has “closely coordinated” on the shipments.

The big difference is we now have pending on President Trump’s desk in the Oval Office an official request for $47 million worth of lethal Javelin missiles to be sent by the Pentagon to the Kiev regime.

The Russian government has repeatedly warned against such a move. The Kremlin says that supplying lethal weaponry will unleash large-scale conflict in eastern Ukraine where a shaky ceasefire has been in place for the past two years under the Minsk agreement brokered by Russia, Germany, and France.

Thus, watching what President Trump does in the coming weeks with regard to the supply of weapons to Ukraine will be a key test. If Trump signs off on the lethal arms shipment, then that would tend to answer the question about whether the American president is someone whose words of peace and partnership with Russia can be counted on.

Already US military involvement in Syria points to an unreliable American leader. The go-ahead from the White House for lethal arms to the Ukraine would be a definitive answer."

Yes, every once in a while the geopolitical rubber hits the other of the leaders must take a "fork in the road".  The above decision appears to be one of those rare times.  Otherwise, the "leaders", just waffle their days away...working both sides of the road and hoping to come up the middle.

I'm going to end on a positive, creative note.  below is a video of my latest artistic creation.  A carving out of "found wood" that I call "Dino". 


It is an embryonic dinosaur still in the "shell".  When I looked at the round piece of driftwood I visualized the tiny dinosaur inside the egg-like structure and painstakingly "dug" him an archeologist or an anthropologist researcher.  It was a fun project.  There is an abandoned "crows nest" in a nearby tree and I'm hoping to retrieve that nest and eventually put my little "Dino" in it.

Well, have to get outside and plant my spring bulbs... Have a great day and bye for now.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... Yes, I support the legalization of Marijuana for one major purpose.. To have that herb's medicinal properties released for those who need it, especially for fighting and curing Cancer....

And the legalization of Marijuana would help to get the illegal stuff off the streets, put a lot of criminal dealers out of business, and stop the infusion of the illegal stuff with Opioids and other dangerous chemicals... Legalization would make sure that the real stuff reaches those who want it without the addition of other poisons...

AND we cannot forget that the Government wants it for it is truly a "cash cow" for their lust for new means of taxation.... This is the primary reason why the Trust In Jew Dough government wants the legalization...

greencrow said...

Yes, NTS, le Dauphin would never have attempted this radical act (the legalization of marijuana) without the express permission and go ahead from his handlers in USrael.

Reading between the lines said...

Good morning Crow.Just a few comments on today's rant .Extremely nice weather here in Manitoba , close to Winnipeg today.Temp hovering near zero ,but still not a good time to plant the tulip bulbs,LOL , it will get colder,of this I know as fact.
The cannabis issue is a no brainer , medicinally , it has been proven already , this site just being a sample of evidenced based research
and I have tons of other links also.
Whether they legalize it or not , and they are planning on it,I really don't care that much about it other than it will lower the criminal aspect of it and that is good.
Do a study on the experiment done in Portugal on the drug culture .Very interesting.
Cannabis ( non-addictive),cocaine,heroine addictions should be treated as a health issue and not as a criminal issue . The use thereof has been found to diminish as a result.As it stands today there is big money in illegal drugs and the rest is easily understood by most of us that don't have their heads in the sand.
On the Ukraine's arms supply by the US , we will have to wait and see as you say which way the tide shifts.I am told by some sources that there are 2 factions in geopolitics , cabal etc. and right now the so called black hats are on the run with some stating that there are thousands of indictments to come.If this is true , the world is about to change for the better ,if not ,the games continue.Up until now the Russian and Chinese leadership have been doing the heavy lifting IMHO and demonstrating to the world , that is for those that have eyes to see ,true world leadership .Were it not for those people ,we would be at war as we write.
The US and NATO allies ,those that control them,have been using war and the threat of war as a means to keep their economies floating for a long time.I have a feeling that this is about to end soon.If Trump is the instrument of change then he can divert the direction of the so-called black hats and join the sane nations of the world with mutual trade with respect for each other.I have to wonder if the corporate world knows how to do this. My rant today .Enjoy the nice weather ,I know I will.

Reading between the lines said...

You might be interested in this link .Lada Ray , a lady from Eastern Europe ,with knowledge in how conscious energy energy works and a good knowledge in geopolitics .
I tune in to her knowledge once in a while as she has a positive view of the changes that are happening in the world .Enjoy !
approx 1 hr.

greencrow said...

Hi Reading between the lines:

Thanks for your comments. I still think that marijuana should not become a common recreational drug, like alcohol. It should be sold by prescription. One of the main reasons I feel this way is the absolute stench of the stuff when it is being smoked in public areas outdoors. It is like breathing exhaust simply cannot be good for the lungs!

We have some neighbours who smoke all the time in their back yard and stink up the entire block. I consider this as antisocial air pollution. Why are cigarettes becoming more and more regarded as antisocial...while smoking doobies is considered okay?

.....and this is not to mention all the other issues surrounding the motivation sucking substance called marijuana.