Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Under SDF rule, Raqqah can’t be called liberated: Syria says no to "Wild West" Mentality

Downtown Raqquh - after so-called "Liberation"
by USrael/Kurd alliance

When is a city truly "liberated" from terrorist tyranny?  Well, it all depends on whether you are the country involved....or fanatical hegemonic land thieves.  Syria, which the whole world has acknowledged is a sovereign nation, member of the United Nations and all that...says that Raqqah will not be truly liberated until the flag of Syria flies over the US-caused ruins of the city.

The United States and the Kurds...who are proxies for Israel...say that it has just recently been "liberated" by them.  Reminds me of the old saying by Tacticus:

"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace."

Northerntruthseeker has a good post this morning on what is really going on in Raqqah...it is actually being "ethnically cleansed" of its Syrian inhabitants...in preparation for the Kurdish squatters and land rustlers who will be moving in....once USrael rebuilds the city infrastructure at exorbitant cost.

US-backed militants
[aka modern day "land thieves/cattle rustlers"]
of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
stand on a rooftop in the northern
Syrian city of Raqqah, October 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Here is a good update found this morning in PressTV,  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

A Syrian minister says no land is considered liberated in the country unless national army forces regain control of it and raise the Syrian flag atop its buildings.

“We do not consider any city liberated until the Syrian Arab army enters it and lifts the Syrian flag over it. This applies to any point of the Syrian map,” Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tardjaman told Russia’s Sputnik news agency in an interview published on Monday.

Earlier this month, the so-called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants, captured the city of Raqqah from the Daesh terror group following a military operation, which was launched in July without the central government’s approval.

US President Donald Trump, whose country has been leading a bombing campaign in Syria since 2014, claimed that the city’s “liberation” was a result of the purported changes that he had brought to the US military’s strategy.

Tardjaman described the withdrawal of Daesh from its former Syrian base as a “positive event,” but emphasized that the city was not yet liberated. “Regardless of whether Daesh is there or some other faction or organization,” the Syrian army needs to enter and retake control of Raqqah in order for the city to be called free.

He also denounced any unauthorized “local compromises, truces, and establishment of de-escalation areas” by forces controlling Raqqah. “The Syrian administration will never bow down to compromises that violate Syria’s national unity and sovereignty,” he asserted. Some, he said, wrongfully assumed that such arrangements, which do not have Damascus’ approval, could lead to “federalism, confederalism, or autonomy.”

He also lambasted “factitious demarcations, such as ‘east Euphrates and west Euphrates,’ which the US and its allies have been promoting.” The Syrian government does not accord any importance to these terms and delineations, and will never recognize them, the minister stated.

He was apparently reacting to an October 20 statement by the SDF, in which it announced the “liberation” of Raqqah and said the city will be part of a system of “federal government” in the country’s north. The Syrian military has not so far engaged the SDF, which has reportedly shelled the positions of government troops on several occasions in recent weeks."

It truly boggles the mind the openness with which these land thieves operate.   It's like the cattle rustlers in the days of the "wild West".  Back in the days before justice and the law took hold ...gangs of cattle rustlers would roam the plains of North America and and steal another rancher's cattle.  Finally, the ranchers had to treat the cattle rustlers like the vermin they were...they were given swift justice at the end of a barrel.  Under contemporary Usrael hegemony, land rustlers roam the deserts of the middle east stealing land and oil wells.  But, thanks to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, the Arab states are truly awake to the "land rustlers" now....I am sure that Assad, with the help of Iran and Russia allies will never let the "land/oil well rustlers" get away with the open and blatant land theft of the pivotal city of Raqqah as described in the report above.  For one thing, the land thieves will never be satisfied...success just makes them thirstier for more thefts from more countries.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and gullible USrael's vassal states in Europe and all over the world are to this lawlessness.  They appear not to understand that ALL small, resource-rich but militarily weak and/or isolated countries (and that includes Canada) are vulnerable to these lawless thieves.  Land theft is land theft...whether it be the oil rich deserts of the Middle East...or any land anywhere on the planet. In the post Columbus era...the western settlers stole land from the "Indians" (indigenous peoples) and gangs of "rustlers" stole cattle from ranchers with abandon. It was not right then...and with modern day apocalyptic (nuclear) weaponry....it is intolerable now. In modern times there's no more "unconquered" land.  The Planet is all used up and occupied.  The only way forward is the Rule of Law.  And we are ALL dependent on the rule of law.  To believe otherwise is to be suicidally stupid.


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