Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Sniper in the "Texas School Book Depository"-themed suite on the 32nd Floor of the Mandalay Hotel

Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas

I've been away from my computer for the past few days but that was probably a good thing...for my blood pressure.  The BS and bafflegab that has passed for newz about the latest False Flag...the "Mass Casualty event" in Las Vegas that has been running 24/7 on the M$M has gone way past the BEX meter that Michael Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM keeps on his blog.

Mainstream Media Output

Thankfully, I was able to follow such writers as Paul Craig Roberts on my cell phone.  Roberts did one of the best analyses of the actual "evidence" about the False Flag yesterday.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that this was a very complex "operation" and involved several agencies, nevermind, participants.  The M$M, tasked with making up outrageous lies about the dead, and their girlfriends, has been working overtime to find non-existent evidence of a "dark history" in the face of the facts such as his girlfriend says she has "no knowledge" of anything amiss in the life of the "quiet, gentle" guy she was living with. The sniper's brother said none of the family had any idea that their brother/son was capable of this. The unfortunate patsy is now conveniently dead, his corpse being pawed over and torn apart by the media jackels in a blood feast of lies.

This morning we have a great post by American EverymanScott Creighton reviews the press conference that was held by the Sheriff of Las Vegas, Joe Lombardo.  The video of the press conference is not allowed to be shown in Canada...according to YouTube...which is coming up with more and more ridiculous excuses and bugs in the software to prevent truthers from getting at its videos.

But Scott gave a very good rendition of what went down in the video. The Sheriff, with the FBI agent looming over him and watching as he read from a statement...tweaked yesterday's timeline for the mass casualty "event".  Minutes were shaved off here and there...and 6 agents attacking the Texas Book Depository-Themed Suite was narrowed down to "2".  A hotel security guard's presence was added and a deliberate mention of "carrying rifles" to the room...was made.  Well, that could account for why the maids never saw 20 or so rifles and ammunition in the room in the several days previous to the "event".  Oh! What a tangled web we weave....was the overall message delivered by the nervous sheriff.  Still, Lombardo did such a piss poor job of "drilling the message" (i.e.,supporting the "official story") that we'll probably hear that he met a tragic end at some point.

Yes, I'm very appreciative and thankful for those resilient and focused truthers like Roberts, Creighton and others, who can sift through the mountains of bullsh!t and bring us the actual evidence/questions about what went down.  Otherwise, we'd never know.

But, as I always point out, the crow flies high and gets the big picture.  The big picture is just as necessary as the finer points.  The big picture is this:  The same old perps who did all the other "lone gunman" false flags...starting with the assassination of JFK, are still at it.  It works for them.  It is actually the only thing that IS working for them nowadays.  They're losing at all their other diabolical projects that require them to face real (not corrupt) opposition...such as the wars in Ukraine and Syria.

So they keep dragging out the same shop worn scenario.  The lone wierdo with a "secret" past and lots of money (where he earned his "millions" is still not clear) and military-grade weaponry overcomes lack of motive, lack of support systems, hotel maids, valets (who took his car when he arrived and kept it until after the "event") massive security camera systems (nary a photo of him carrying a rifle through the hallways?) etc., etc., to pull off shooting at a crowd that was about 350 meters away at an angle and basically beyond firing range...and killing massive numbers of innocents who were being kept caged behind 10 foot metal fences and floodlit by stage lights that were mysteriously shone on them.

Why? Well, for distraction...distraction from other efforts being made on other losing projects.  But, IMO, the main motivation for the same old perps to pull off this same old false flag is to punish the United States military and government...for dragging its feet and/or losing at the main project--the Yinon Plan Wet Dream in the Middle East.  The United States has been like that biblical figure "Job", who endured all kinds of punishments...for some perceived transgression against "God".  Hurricanes, False Flags, manufactured crises with several poor, vulnerable but feisty countries in far off corners of the world.

The United States is an occupied land...occupied by very Satanic forces who want to use it as cannon fodder for their evil bloodfeasts.  It hasn't been going according to plan lately.  The plan to completely subjugate civilians to the agenda has been stalled.  As an example, the project of taking their guns away has not been "worked on" recently. The United States needs a good kick in the butt to get it going.  It needs to be given a "taste" of what could happen to it more and more often--if it doesn't get its butt in gear.

Oh, and then there's the insurance angle.  Just like 9/11 and the other False Flags...someone will obviously be making a financial killing off this--in terms of insurance payouts and security upgrades.  Someone should look into that angle.


Ed(itor) said...

Both PhiBetaIota (Robert Steele) and TruthStream have both identified early indicators, rationale and likely organizations and individuals who will benefit.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Gotta link? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

They are alarming everyone in the Boston area that he was casing out Fenway park.
All news stations alarming us that he was checking out places around here.
I had to turn the station and take a bath in boiling water
I loath news reporters
Egos that think they are stars
I wonder if they are hyping it today
Guess I will never know
Not tuning in
Fake news

Anonymous said...


1) follow the money hint #1: put options (just like on 9/11) – from a commenter on benfulford’s site
Soros recon alert – Soros “shorted” MGM. Guess who owns Mandalay in Vegas!
Excerpt: SOROS RECON ALERT: On August 14, 2017 Soros Fund Management, LLC placed $42,242,000 of put options on MGM Resorts. Who owns Mandalay Bay? MGM RESORTS. Soros f***ing shorted MGM.
Hedge funds are required to file a 13f which discloses the hedge funds positions. George “Soros’ hedge fund initiated 42mm worth of put options on MGM (basically betting the stock will fall in the short term). Ballsack eyes bought well over 1mm shares of stock given it traded around 35-40 when the trade was initiated.

2) follow the money hint #2:
Great analysis of financial motive (as well as predictive messages from 3 weeks prior to the ‘attack’):

3) follow the money hint #3:
Go fund me sites set up for the fake "victims"

4) there were no actual injured/killed persons, including the putative shooter. Check around – if there was even ONE person with a gun-shot wound, that picture would be splattered all over the MSM/internet. I see fake blood, the “dead” with rosy, pink skin, weird pictures of supposed ordinary people carrying the “wounded” in wheelbarrows, on metal racks, or in one case a wheelchair! Smiley, happy “trauma victims” recovering in hospital with fake equipment not hooked up (empty IV bags, machines not turned on).
If Americans believe this crap, then they all deserve their fate! Their gullibility will do them in. They trust their CNN anchors, politicians, and want to stay firmly with the herd.


Penny said...

Hey GC:

Found this today!

A mass casualty response training exercise took place just two days prior to the Vegas Shooting

“That event was simulated: 100 patients, mass casualty, coming in to the 99th Medical Group, which eerily was almost the exact same number of patients we saw downtown .....

What are the odds? Military casualty response training exercise for a military operation? Possible.

greencrow said...

Thanks everyone for these comments. The verdict on this latest "event" is in. It is yet another false flag by the usual suspects. IMO, it is part of a huge and very complex blackmailing of the US military/industrial complex....which is NOT going to war against Russia/Iran as planned.

The message is: "If you don't go to war...then we will destroy you by way of the cuts of a thousand (domestic) knives."

Anonymous said...

Trump latest comment
Someone showed this soundbite
"This is the calm before the storm"
"What does that mean"
We have the brightest and best personal in this room
"The calm before the storm
He was posing in the middle with his girl
I am not sure what the photo or who was in it
I heard this today

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"...This is the calm before the storm."

Coincidentally, I'm working on a post that deals with that surreal, vague threat made by Trump last night against the world at large. It was his military leaders and their wives who were with him as he uttered the threat.

Anonymous said...

I look at it as
"Lock her up"
"Build the wall"
He is a reality star
He knows how to play the sheeple
From his show
"Your fired"
He is all about the line
That is why i only remembered bits and pieces from that story
blah blah blah
"Lock her up"
"Build that wall"
And todays soundbite is
Oh yes
I saw him wink to the reporters when they were looking for the answer to
"Calm before the storm
Just a soundbite
rrrrrr rrrrrrr
crow sound
rrrrrr rrrrr