Thursday, October 5, 2017

"The Mousetrap" - They're lining up for the S-400 Defense System

Build a Better Mousetrap and the World
will Beat a Path to Your Door

They should nickname that Russian Missile Defense System, the S-400 "The Mousetrap".  According to a SOTT post, the Defense System is the reason that Saudi Arabia has suddenly and shockingly "beaten a path" to Russia's door.

All the world was agog today by the news that the leader of Saudi Arabia has made the first official trip to Russia by a leader from that nation.  Saudi Arabia has been known for decades now as best buds of Israel and the US.  Remember the days of "Bandar Bush"?  It seems only a decade or so ago they were "blood brothers".

Saudi Arabia is the second putative US "ally" to visit with Putin in the last few weeks.  Erdogan of Turkey also met with the leader of the Russian Federation...and made a down payment on the coveted system.  And those are only the nations we know about. lol.

Wonder what Putin is saying to the Arab Leader:  "How would you like your S-400?  Straight Up?  Or, with a little Khibiny on the side?"

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