Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sheep Dipping the Mandalay Patsy in the Vat of Weinstein Limited Hangout

Sheep Dip

Look Everyone!  There's a Sniper on the 32nd floor shooting at a crowd of Country and Western music fans.  It's dark.  We can't see whether there's any more shooters in the crowd that has already panicked due to the fire crackers that were set off as a distraction.  Look over there...someone is spraying the doors of the hotels with gunfire.  The Hotel security personnel are herding the guests into the back.

Look over here.  Trump is visiting one of the shooting victims in the hospital.  The victim is inexplicably bouncy and rosy cheeked...like an actor playing the role of a shooting victim.  Wait...wasn't there a "cattle call" for crisis actors just the other day?  Was this person someone who answered the ad?

What?  YouTube is frantically deleting all the videos that are being uploaded about the shooters in the crowds and the lack of blood....but, but, but, the Sheriff of Las Vegas, Joseph Lombardo is saying there was probably more than one shooter unless the patsy...I mean...shooter..was a "superman".  No...he isn't saying that anymore.  He's saying there was only one "crazed, lone gunman" (TM)... but now the timeline has been "tweaked a little" to include the small matter of 200 rounds fired down the hotel hallway.

Sheep Dip

Listen!  All kinds of vile information is coming out about the patsy, I mean shooter.  He was running guns...or was it kids....He was going to hookers at $6,000 per night...he was dipped into a vat of boiling sheep dip once...or was that someone else?  Maybe it was Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein...who's career as a casting couch screen tester has suddenly hit the fan with a 24/7 media feeding frenzy coincidentally timed to take everyone's mind off the lack of motive in the mass shooting.  But Wait!  What about that "USA Liberty Act"  all drawn up and ready for approval by the lucratively lobbied legislators?  Doesn't that order every hotel in Amerika to install Backscatter Radiation XRays and airport level security at their own Xpense?  Who supplies that equipment and how much does it cost and isn't the "Liberty Act" just like the Patriot Act that was all ready to go before 9/11 and thereafter the 10 inch thick legislation didn't even have to be read by the legislators before they signed it?

Wait!  Aren't we all supposed to be sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for the "storm" that was promised after the "calm"?  What happened to that?  #Just You Wait!!!  #You'll Find Out!!!

Sheep Dip

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