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Playing Games - Trump's "Calm Before the Storm" Warning

Trump's "Calm Before The Storm" Warning

When someone is single, in their 20's and they become immersed in the world of dating, they receive a great education in recognizing and developing the ability to separate the "Wheat from the Chaff" in those they come into contact with.  By the time one reaches their 30's they can usually name a few common variety "chaff" categories of personalities:  The child; the narcissist and the philanderer to name three.  One type of individual is more irritating than others and that's the "Games Player".

The "Games Player" is always trying to be mysterious and thus keep the spotlight on him or herself.  They do this by posing riddles and playing word games.  They enjoy springing "surprises" of both the good and bad variety. At the end of the day, these types become crashing bores....because games are for children and, once one reaches adulthood, most people are simply not interested.  Donald Trump appears to be a "Games Player".

In this link, from PressTV, blogger Stephen Lendman calls Trump "despicable".  Here is the report and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

The White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed on Friday that Trump had made “tremendous accomplishments on the international stage” in his eight months in office and was doing a great job at “keeping the world from chaos."

“He is doing exactly the opposite,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Saturday, adding that Trump "is a chaos creator, not a chaos reliever, solver”. The American author and journalist said that Trump “really turned out to be a despicable character ”who “escalated US wars across the globe." Lendman argued that during his election campaign, Trump had promised to improve relations with Russia and ease tensions with North Korea, and even have a sit down with the North Korean leader.

“He is waging war on Islam. He is doing all these other despicable acts: He had said he wanted better relations with Russia, but now they are at their worst level ever. The idea of starting another war, a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, rescinding the Iran nuclear … which would be a gross breach of the agreement, and a whole lot of other things, including war on refugees and immigrants from Latin America and the Middle East, most predominantly Muslim countries," he said. Trump is serving the agenda of the US upper class at the expense of the lower class, according to Lendman. “He is a front man for the imperial state, serving Wall Street, war profiteers”

The saddest (and most worrisome) aspect of discovering "the Real Trump" is learning that not only is he a "Games Player" he is not a "man" at all.  Someone who is a real man doesn't need to play games.  Their language of choice is not infantile and based on chimera and deception: "it all depends on what "is" 'is" kind of word games.  A real man accepts responsibility for what he says.  He therefore chooses his words wisely.  He knows the power of convince and to inspire...or to inflame, terrorize and provoke chaos.  Above all, he shows respect for his listeners. He therefore carefully selects language that will produce intentional results.  The word "intentional" is important here in describing the responsible adult.  This is an individual who can think far enough down the road to plan intended behavior and then follow through with that plan to produce a desired outcome.

The cautionary tale of "crying wolf" too often also comes to mind.  After a while, the "Games Player" loses his audience.  This is what is happening to Trump and his handlers.  They are losing their audience--and their allies--like Turkey, Saudi Arabia.and perhaps North Korea?  Sooner or later the games player has to "do something" to back up the blather...before he ends up totally isolated and looking like a complete fool because he's boxed himself into a corner.  When you're in a corner you have very few options.  Meanwhile, your opponent(s), having endured the blather for way too long...has prepared several (at least) options to manage "the storm"....whatever "it" may be.

Whether it is due to "arrested development" ill health, aging or stress caused by being in over his head dealing with "the Swamp" of Neocons who rule Washington, Trump's definitely not the same entity that he was a few decades ago when he hosted the reality game show: "The Apprentice" or even as recent as last year during the election campaign .  He lacks confidence.  You can see it in his forced, plastic smile (and in the smile of his wife) above.  He's now verbally thrashing about--making vague threats of impending chaos "to the world at large" because he no longer knows who his friends and/or his enemies are.

Blurting out "extemporaneously" that this is "the calm before the storm" on national TV, particularly after much of the US has recently endured two ferociously destructive the epitome of insensitivity.  And, when asked today by reporters to expand on his veiled threat...he cryptically responded:  "You'll find out".  All I can say infantile can you get?!

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