Saturday, October 7, 2017

Las Vegas UPDATE: The Mo-CIA/FBI-ssad War on America

Serpent-Faced Michael Chertoff
- One of the Dual Citizen
Masterminds of the 9/11 atrocity
still "at large" and
Heavily Involved in the Protection Racket
"National Security" Bidness in USrael

It really makes you want to throw up.  The more you read about what went down and what "lies" behind the "Mass Casualty Event" that was reported to have taken place in Las Vegas a week ago.  Frankly, even at this point, having read quite a load of Sh!t about what happened (and I use that term specifically) I still don't know whether anyone actually died in the incident.  All we know for absolute certainty is that it did NOT go down according to the Official Version that was shoved down our throats like a stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey by the main$tream media from the second it hit the airwaves.

I don't know if I could maintain my sanity without the companionship, help and support of the other truthseekers out there.  I have already mentioned a few in my previous post on this topic.  Now I want to mention another one, Northerntruthseeker has done an excellent job of gathering and posting material containing excellent links such as the video below:

A Real Truthseeker Records
What Went Down at the Bellagio Hotel

This is exactly the kind of link the perps were trying to prevent the night of the event.  They did NOT want people wandering around with smart phones filming their staged event and then having the videos go viral on the Internet.  Not that it would have mattered....they don't care if their lies are shot through with long as they can maintain control of the mainstream media and "drill the message".

But this woman says in the video above that the Hotel Bellagio and other hotel entrances were "sprayed with gunfire" thus causing their security operatives to direct all the hotel residents to move to the back where they could not see what was going on or go out and watch from the street.  There is no mention in the M$M of gunfire at street level aimed at hotel entrances.  But this woman says she saw the shattered glass.

So, the motivation is coming clearer.  According to some excellent links sent to me by another great blogger and truthteller, Ed(itor) from Occurrences, Foreign and Domestic, according to these links, this is nothing more or less than a standard and common Jewish Protection Racket....see photo of Chertoff above.  Here is a snippet from one of the links Ed sent

"    Imagine the future of America in the Hotel/Restaurant industry. Visualize checking into a hotel where all your bags are searched, your personal belonging are rummaged through and you have to walk through a scanner to get in, your license plates on your car are ran through the DMV in the parking lot, and background checks being performed at the time you make a reservation. This shooting in Las Vegas will bring more jobs to so called national security. More ways to invade your privacy and most likely make stiffer regulations for future hotel/restaurant industry managers to have certifications or special clearances to help spy on the nation...." 


Three Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

[Oh, sweet…. ]

Pass this around for evaluation and parsing... I'm convinced that many minds are more effective than just one. 

See also:


“… After firing so many rounds from rifles, the curtains, my face, my clothing, the carpet, the bedding, and just about everything else, would have been so covered with carbon and lead deposits that the dominant colors would have been black and grey in any photograph.  I know this from range time, and you do too.

Moreover, I probably would have been wearing eye protection, as I know what it’s like to shoot with brass, lead, carbon and other such things flying around.  That room looked like the maid had just been there and cleaned everything but the body lying on the floor.  No carbon, very little brass (there would have been a mountain of brass, along with spent casings everywhere), and no flesh from the head penetration to the shooter when he was killed….”

So, what we know so far is that it was a highly complicated, staged scenario involving many so-called "Security" agencies--working hand in glove with elements of the widely known organized criminal elements in Las Vegas and throughout USrael.

The other day it occurred to me that this is probably where all the great filmmakers have gone.  They certainly are not working in Hollywood anymore...judging from the drivel and piffle that has been coming out of there for the past 16 years or so.  They've all been lured into the lucrative (taxpayer-funded) criminal False Flag industry.  They come up with scripts...present them to the "usual" producers and get the go-ahead to hire ("crisis") actors and other production values.  Then, instead of shooting the film and distributing it...they "go live" and capture the action on "amateur-looking" (Blair Witch Project) type cinematography. Then it is all "distributed" on the owned and controlled "Mainstream Media"...and the Internet.

Yes, this is the new "going to the movies" folks.  Every couple of months, a new production is released to the public.  Wonder when they're going to have an "Academy Awards" for the "Best False Flag" of the year?  Instead of calling them the Oscars or the Grammys...they can call them the "Bloodies".

Yes, it really does make you want to throw up.


Ed(itor) said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I think you are pretty much right on when you talk about Hollywood and the media world. To corroborate, you can find yourself a copy of the 1994 book “Media Events: The Live Broadcasting of History” by the Israeli communicartions guru named Eliu Katz, or you can read my write-up about him and that book in the pdfs entitled Bell Comm 21 Three and Bell Comm 21 Four which can be found here:

or here .

greencrow said...

Thanks again for the links, Ed. We need to share all the evidence that is "hiding in plain sight" to arrive at the truth.

Anonymous said...

Greencrow — you reminded me of a Bible verse when you said, "I don't know if I could maintain my sanity without the companionship, help and support of the other truthseekers out there.”
Here it is: “I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13
You and David!
You and I and David!