Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Follow Up Research on Canada's Magnitsky Act "Mini Me" Legislation based on Economic Hit Man Bill Browder

Canada recently passed a "Mini Me"
copy of the US Magnitsky Act
based on lies

Regarding two posts I did a couple of days ago about the disgusting situation where the United States has passed legislation based on the lies of Economic Hit Man Bill Browder, who was convicted and sentenced to nine years for Fraud by the Russian Federation.  The US legislation levies punative economic sanctions on which Russia has responded tit for tat. Now Canada has followed suit with copycat legislation.  I would wager that at least 90% of Canadians know nothing about this "Mini Me" Canadian legislation which has further soured relations between the two northern neighbours.

In an effort to rectify this, I was corresponding with Ed(itor) of the excellent blog Occurrences and he has generously assembled an impressive collection of links which I have copied below.  Perhaps some Canadians will avail themselves of this research tool in order to find out how absolutely stupid and craven the Liberal Government of Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau is.  Thanks Ed(itor).

NOTE:  I rushed to get this post out this morning and upon reviewing the links and reading James's comment I note that these posts are almost solely the "Official Story".  Again I advise readers to check my first post (linked above) for other links which tell the Russian side of the story.  I ask readers just to use their common sense.  Why would the Russians kill or harm Magnitsky, when he was their #1 witness in their case against Browder for massive fraud.  All the Russian prosecuter had to do was hold up Magnitsky's scheme of fraud which he devised for Browder...which was apparently written in Magnitsky's OWN HANDWRITING and ask him..."Is this your handwriting?"  Case closed.

There was someone who would have benefitted from Magnitsky's death, however, and this same individual (Browder)had a habit of having those around him die untimely deaths.  So read both sides of the story and make up your own mind.  And if you have an insight or come across some more information on this issue...don't forget to put a note in the comments, Thanks!

DHS says British financier Browder cleared for US travel Washington Post
[&&]{**}[##] 2017/10/liars-lie-it-is-what-they-do.html 
[Ed.: I promised Green Crow that I would read up on the Magnitsky business: global_magnitsky_sanctions_set_in_motion/ 2017/06/20/2017-12791/global-magnitsky-humanrights-accountability-act-report 2017/7/31/1685652/-McCain-and-the-Magnitsky-Act 2017/7/11/1679878/-How-the-The-Magnitsky-Act-taintsJuinor-s-Alibi magnitsky-act-should-not-be-get-out-jail-card-forbulgarian-fugitive.html trumpcast/2017/07/ why_does_putin_hate_the_magnitsky_act.html magnitsky-act-trump-jr-russia-putin-adoption/23054570/ wp/2014/03/03/the-man-behind-the-magnitsky-act
explains-why-now-is-the-time-to-go-after-the-russianelites-assets/?utm_term=.c2454d91c409 magnitsky-act-explained-trump-jr-says-law-was-atcenter-meeting-with-russian-lawyer.html #sp=show-clips bill-browders-testimony-to-the-senate-judiciarycommittee/534864/ russia-convicts-lawyer-magnitsky-in-posthumous-trialidUSBRE96A09V20130711 sergei-magnitsky-russia-trial-verdict-tax-fraud controversial-film-russia-lawyers-sergei-magnitsky-deathscreening sergei-magnitsky-murder-114878 
This is Part Four of a six-part series on the death of Sergei Magnitsky, what he uncovered before his death, and how it all relates to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian woman who met with Trump Jr., Manafort, and Jared Kushner in June 2016. The springboard for the series of posts is this Michael Weiss article about Veselnitskaya and how she is connected to the Magnitsky case. Part One introduced the series and Weiss’s conclusions. Part Two began to set forth the background of the aggressive tax fraud scheme that Sergei Magnitsky discovered, as set out in Browder’s book Red Notice. Part Three outlined what Magnitsky did when he uncovered the scheme — and the terrible price he paid as a result. 2017/07/14/the-magnitsky-act-explained/? utm_term=.e589259ec5f5 russia-sergei-magnitsky-william-browder.html 2017/10/23/559463071/state-department-reportedlyrevokes-visit-of-magnitsky-act-campaigner russia-sergei-magnitsky-william-browder.html Programs/Pages/magnitsky.aspx 
So I did a quick search but got called away and distracted. Nope, I haven’t read them.  I did do the slimmest bit of scanning when I broke open the links. But if you see Greencrow, tell her I’ll get to it before the weekend.] "

I think we can safely regard this as the motherlode of Magnitsky "Mini Me" Economic Hit Man Links.


james@wpc said...

What strikes me about this long list of links is that they represent the Browder side of the story.
Almost all are MSM sites, Fake-Alt sites like DailyKos or sites dedicated to eulogising Magnitsky like Russian-Untouchables.

greencrow said...

Yes, James, it does seem that the links are telling one side of the story. However, in the interests of at least getting Canadians interested in this "under the radar" strike on relations between Russia and Canada...I will leave them up with the proviso that the link I posted at the top of my first post presents the alternative story...the one that rings a bell of authenticity with me.