Monday, October 30, 2017

CawRANT Events #56

CawRANT Events #56

Good Morning Everybody!  It is a cool, crisp but sunny day on the West Coast.  There was frost on the roofs this morning for the first time this season.  Harvest time is here. Hallowe'en is tomorrow and nature has certainly done her bit...with colourful fall leaves on the lawns and sidewalks everywhere.  Time for a RANT!

First, a disturbing update on the annual return of the spawning salmon to our streams and rivers here in suburban Vancouver.  Nothing...well, next to no fish have returned to the closest local stream where I walk my dogs several times a week.  So far, deep into the spawning season...I have seen exactly three fish and heard the telltale splashing of two more.  That's about five fish in total.  I asked a neighbour who I met on the pathway if he had seen any and he said there were more in the stream one over...but not in this stream.  Generally, by this time we've seen thousands of fish.

This is very troubling.  It could be that they're late this year...we did have a lot of rain two weeks ago but not for the past week.  The salmon generally congregate out in English Bay at the mouths to the various streams, rivers and tributaries and can tell when to start their final journey by "smelling" the water coming at them from the rivers.  Only when the water "smells" right AND THE WATER LEVEL IS HIGH ENOUGH FROM FALL RAINS...will they then begin their mass pilgrimage to their final spawning grounds in the rivers they were born into.

Another problem for the local stream is that the city built a "sediment trap" on it which regulates the flow of water and does a few other tasks....and also provides a small "pond" for other wildlife, such as ducks, to forage and nest.  Building the sediment trap probably disturbed the water "smell", flow, etc. and may be confusing the fish.  Or...they may not have arrived at all...due to all the environmental issues that we are well aware of.  We know that some killer whales deaths have been attributed to starvation.  There are still a few weeks to go in the traditional spawning season so we will have to wait and see whether they come at all.

UPDATE TO THE ABOVE ITEM:  Having just finished my morning walk along the stream and seen about 4 or five dead fish on the riverbank...far away from their spawning grounds upstream...I can deduce the problem is very low water level.  This could be caused by housing construction up the mountain side.  This kind of disruption caused by construction affecting the mountain flow into the stream has happened before.  It can be devastating.

Pro Spanish Unity Demonstrator In Catalan

Next on the agenda is an update on the Catalan situation.  Since I did my initial post on this topic, coming out on the side of the Pro Spanish Unity faction,my fellow Canadian truth blogger, Northerntruthseeker, has put up a couple of posts generally asking some questions on both sides of the debate.  Since my earlier post I have looked further into the question of why only 43% of the Catalonian population voted in the Referendum...which decided the question at 90% in favour of Catalonian independence.  Duh!  I found out why the low voter turn out.  The Referendum was ILLEGAL and so most of the Catalonians stayed home.  The only ones who came out to vote (with the exception of 4.3% who voted pro unity) were the pro Independence minority.  Minority is the crucial word here.  Only a minority of around 40% of the population, albeit a very vocal and well-financed minority, are in favour of Independence.  In my mind, that is case closed.  The Independence Movement does not have the support of the majority of the people affected and should, therefore, be wound down.  Why is it not being wound down?  Well, this is where financing becomes important.  Some entity is financing this cause.  Next question is...where is the money coming from?  There are some deep-pocketed sources that need to be followed up and reported on.  I predict, once these financial sources are made public...the independence movement will evaporate like a Fall morning frost.

If the pro separatist Catalonians raison d'etre is because they are dissatisfied with the European Union...they can join the Brits in a "Brexit" movement for Spain (SPexit)?  And see where that goes.  Other than that...the Catalonians really need to find out who is really bankrolling this expensive project...once they find that out...they can decide whether all the instability and potential for violence and destruction of infrastructure...not to mention destruction of iconic worth the effort.

It is exactly two weeks since the Las Vegas mass shooting was top of the headlines.  I wrote about it extensively in my last CawRANT #55.  Now, folks, it is buried on the back pages...if at all.  See how it works?  It's a two week news cycle.  The last bit of information on the alternate blogs was the revelation that video taken the night of the event captured a helicopter hovering over the crowd and firing firing volleys into it.  Upon questioning the Las Vegas Police Department...which would be the only agency with the authority to be in the skies over that venue that night...the police department, incredibly, says that its "radar went dark" in the said helicopter that night. can actually read this stuff and yet nobody is accountable for all the "massive deaths and casualties" of the fact even if you check up on some of the purported are being callous in the extreme.  This is why the United States has absolutely no credibility on the world stage anymore....corrupt to the core.

Speaking of corruption...conveniently synchronized to divert from the "Harvest Festival" Las Vegas shooting...we had the Weinstein "Limited Hangout"...where first Harvey and then several of his pedo/porno/raping/groping comrades in arms were "outed" and brought to account.  It was kind of a "harvest festival" of sexual harassment and perversion.  The Satanists do like their celebrations.  Now, we have Kevin Spacey being accused 30 years after the fact of pedophilia.  And he is apologizing profusely.  When you read the "voice of Satan" BBC about the Spacey Story...the abject apology is up front and in the headlines while the actual deed is minimized and in the small print. Perhaps this is a signal from the perps that this particular "harvest time" is nearly over.

Headlines this morning, on the BBC and elsewhere are all about the Manifort indictment in the so-called Russia US election rigging scandal  Hey, they wouldn't have indicted him if he weren't guilty...dontchaknow.  Something tells me that two weeks from now, this will be like the Las Vegas shooting...minor, if any, headlines.  Because the story will have by then served its a cover up from and distraction from the story that should be in all the headlines--THE DISCOVERY THAT IT WAS HILARY CLINTON'S DNC CAMPAIGN THAT FINANCED THE DISGUSTING, BOGUS STORY ABOUT RUSSIAN PROSTITUTES URINATING ON TRUMP'S HOTEL BED IN MOSCOW.

All the mud-slinging anti Russian stories IMO are really to divert from potential legal fall out from the Hillary loss...all the Clinton Foundation charity fund theft, the vote buying, accusations of murder of Seth Rich...hiring of pedo campaign workers such as Podesta, the use of private servers to transmit confidential State business e-mails, etc., etc., etc.  It has been a magnificent production...if you like to wallow in that kind of sewage.  The entire post election loss has been one of the biggest diversions of our times...a lie lolla polusa.

The Manafort indictment by the corrupt US Department of "Justice" also comes at a convenient time to bring down President Donald Trump in public opinion right at the time when he is setting forth on his Asian tour.  You can always count on the M$M to hobble the US leader and basically kick the slats out from underneath him when he is trying to appear "presidential".  

Finally, as I always like to do....I will end on a positive note.  Russia Today put up an excellent video showing the superior Russian Jet Fighter, the SU30SM.  As an artist, I can appreciate the graceful loop de loops that this product of human genius is able to carve in the Russian Skies due to its unique thrust-vectoring engines.  Just shows what can result from an effective science and technology education system (in Russia).  The engineers who devised these engines were NOT taught that the laws of physics no longer apply...and three skyscrapers can be reduced to dust and molten steel...due to impacts from two planes and local office fires.  I always say that the West is in the "Post Scientific Era"...while Russia and the East is still enjoying the cutting edge of the "Scientific Era"...and these jet fighters are the result!

Russian SU30SM

"The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video showcasing the capabilities of the Sukhoi Su-30SM, an advanced multipurpose fighter jet. The Sukhoi aircraft are shown in detail performing aerobatics maneuvers and deploying weapons. The highly-maneuverable generation 4+ warplane is the modern variant of the design equipped with thrust-vectoring engines. It was based on the Su-30MKI."

Well, that's it for this CawRANT Events...time to get out and enjoy the invigorating Fall Sunshine!
Bye for now.


HPrice said...

Sigh ... the DNC stuff is total CRAP. All you have to do is look at the actions of the Trump people to know where the true story lies. Kushner, for instance, has just deleted his entire Twitter account. Is that the actions of an innocent person? Of course it's bloody well not. You would rather believe Hannity and Fox News over what Trump and his people have said and done ... or not done? I find it completely mindboggling.

I don't believe the MSM 99.99% of the time, myself. But even the MSM sometimes print the truth. The late Michael Collins Piper used to say so for god sake. I didn't agree with him over the Sandy Hook thing but everything else he said stood up to scrutiny. He reported in 2004 for the American Free Press that Trump was up to his eye balls in Mafia ties back then, and long before that going back to at least 1978. He has had ties to Russia for YEARS. He himself in a tv interview in 2013 said that he had relations of a sort with Putin then (of course, since then he has "forgotten" all that ... accidentally on purpose, probably). He worked with Felix Suter who had ties to the Russian mob for god's sake. He was trying to get a hotel built in Moscow ... and you wouldn't get the say-so over that without talking to Putin first. (none of this is speculation ... it is FACT).

For god sake not everything is fake. The DNC nonsense is just a very sad and obvious diversion to divert people like you from the Trump-Russia thing. Open your eyes ...

ps I don't like Clinton either. Both sides are as bad as each other. But this time, Republicans have been selling the US out to the Russians, and have started dismantling the country through Trump bit by bit.

pps your hatred of Clinton is blinding you to simple things that are right in front of you. Eventually, you may understand this. Maybe not. Who bloody well knows any more????

greencrow said...

Hi HPrice:

You're right. Who knows what the truth is on either side of the Clinton/Trump camps. But many months have passed without any evidence being shown that Russia had direct involvement in the US Election. If you have some evidence...let us know what it is and/or provide a link.

Even the Russian election scandal shows what hypocrites the Dems are...considering what they did to poor Bernie Sanders and the involvement of many US administrations in overt and covert attempts to influence other foreign countries' elections (including Russia, for Gawd sake!)

I don't "hate" Clinton...but I do hate what went on in Benghazi and in Haiti re the Clinton Foundation. I have said many times recently that Trump crossed a line with me when he bombed the Syrian airbase on spurious grounds. That caused deaths. The only reason I preferred Trump to Clinton during the election (and as I said many times on this blog) was because he had no blood on his hands (yet). As soon as he got innocent blood on his hands I was done with him in terms of hoping he could make positive changes in the world.

In this morning's post I was not so much standing up for Trump as I was showing, once again, the total manipulation of the M$M by the Deep State Satanists.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Greencrow!

Longtime reader, first time commenting from here in the southeastern US. Initially, I was very much in favor of Catalan independence, probably for naive emotional reasons, but I have since backed off to a position of total neutrality. Being very sympathetic to Portugal, I have long looked at Spain as an all-around villain, but I have overcome my former inclination to think that, because they're up against the bad guys, the Catalan independence movement must therefore be the good guys.

A few days ago, I found a link to this interesting article by Gearóid Ó Colmáin titled "Catalan ‘independence’ – A Tool of Capital Against Labour"

I don't agree with everything in the article, but overall, I think it's right -- the sides I previously thought were the "good guys" and the "bad guys" are just two sides of the same coin.

Thanks for your website -- I like your postings and your RSS feed. Best wishes.


greencrow said...

Hi PhilK

Thanks very much for your comment. I can understand why you were initially in favour of Catalan independence. That was my natural default as well. But something about the whole thing smells. I keep asking who's paying for all the flags and bunting...not to mention the leaders' expenses....and keep waiting to hear the name "Soros" pop up. Frankly, the whole thing smells of Soros...beginning to end. Hopefully, someone will answer the big question and "follow the money".