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CawRANT Events #54

CawRANT Events #54

Good Morning Everybody!  It is a beautiful, cloudless morning in the Pacific Northwest.  There is a definite Fall chill in the air and the leaves have already begun to cascade onto the lawns of our peaceful suburban neighbourhood.  Fall always brings with it the expectation and tensions that are associated with change.  All around us, nature...with its flora and fauna...are preparing for tough times ahead. 

I put out peanuts on a daily basis for the several crows that live nearby.  The other day there was a stunningly beautiful Stellars Jay sharing the peanuts with the crows.  I watched and was amazed to see that, rather than guard "their" peanuts, the crows seemed to be deferring to the jay...allowing him to take what he pleased, as they respectfully stood back.   Crows are about three times as big as a jay.  So, just another mystery of nature and birds was revealed to me.  I know that crows get along quite well with seagulls. But seagulls are bigger, and frequently act as bodyguards for crows against the falcons and hawks.  But jays?  Why would crows defer to jays at a feeding stationHmmmm.

Stellars Jay

Before I get into my RANT, I have a bit of housekeeping to take care of.  I will be away from my computer for most of this week, needing to travel on business to Vancouver Island.  There is a princess over there who needs a crash course in breaking a birthday Piñata.  So I will be facilitating a training session and providing the necessary equipment, i.e., two piñatas.  lol

Piñata Supply for Training Session
You can find out more about Pinatas
by clicking on my Greencrow Creative Resources
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Now for my RANT.  Surfing the Internet this morning made my blood pressure start to pound.  It's a good thing I'm on high blood pressure meds because, otherwise I might have had a stroke!  One bad news event after another assaulted my equilibrium.  First, we'll deal with Canadian newz.

Jagmeet Singh

As I have reported previously, there was a leadership campaign for the NDP party that I voted for in the last Federal Election.  Over the weekend, this campaign wound up by electing the above individual as the head of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Jagmeet Singh rose out of nowhere to become the leader of the "third party" in Canada.  He has no following out west nor in the politically crucial Province of Quebec.  Canadian politics really has become a horrid joke!  Anyone who complains about this nonentity becoming a national leader will be called a racist!  I will be called a racist for rejecting Singh as leader...even though I once was in a four year relationship with a Sikh.  I will tell you one (of many) disturbing memories of that experience.  This individual was in law school when I dated him.  One year he was the campaign manager for a white male student who was running for Class President.  After that individual boyfriend bragged to me that he won because they had "stuffed the ballot box".  As a very naïve young Canadian at the time...I was stunned and shocked that someone could even consider such a defiling of basic democracy.  To me it was like he told me he robbed a bank.  What I eventually came to realize is that, due to his Sikh culture...he did not have the same respect for democracy as we "had".  To him, stuffing a ballot box was no big deal.  Just like that other Sikh politician down south, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikky Haley.  She has no respect for democracy either. I know that most of Jagmeet Singh's support comes from a very narrow and exclusive area of southern Ontario.  It is not broadly based.  He has, IMO, been shoehorned into the position to divide and destroy the NDP party.  

So......What has happened defacto in Canada is that there REALLY IS NO ONE TO VOTE FOR FEDERALLY.  You have the Trudeau Liberals, who have made it clear that they are in the pocket of the USrael neocon.  You have the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer, who have proved likewise--by electing as their leader a guy who can't even travel to Russia...who is fundamentally the same as the neo-Nazi supporting Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland.

Time for the emergence of a FOURTH party in Canada...the Alternative/Truth Party!!!

What can I say about the latest barrage of patently false flags that have sucked up all the news time on the M$M?  First, we have the Edmonchuk False Flag.  A "well known to police" dimwit plowing a U-Haul into a group of pedestrians.  How hackneyed is that?  IMO, this is another a la carte police manufactured false flag.  Probably the mentoring and setting up of the dimwit cost Canadians hundreds of thousands of dollars if not million$ in police overtime.  This False Flag, like all the others, is noted for its convenient timing...just as the BC Appeals Court in the Nuttall Korody False Flag is set to hand down the verdict in that case.  Justice Catherine Bruce issued the original ruling...that the two vulnerable dimwits had been "set up" by the Police and a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars and police a time when there was/is an opioid epidemic raging in all Canadian cities.

Then, just this morning, we have a huge, False Flag in Las Vegas.  Also conveniently timed to distract from the shi!storm that's going on re the US's pathetic response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  What was the latest count?  58 dead and 500 injured...all by a guy firing a machine gun from a balcony of a casino?  What's wrong with this picture?  How does a guy get a machine gun past security into a casino?  And why is he found "conveniently dead" in his hotel room after wards?  This False Flag is so huge that it should suck up the M$M airwaves for at least 48 hours...enough to get past Trump's visit to Puerto Rico continue the delay in the public realization that they have lost big time in Syria....where their proxy terrorist militia are "surrounded"...just like the proxy Ukrainian army was surrounded in the Donbass a few years ago.  That old "cauldron" will get them every time.

Speaking of Ukraine.  Here is an interesting report about how a military psychiatrist was fired after uncovering a horrifying secret about 93% of the Ukrainian veterans of the civil war having psychiatric issues.  Please read the following report and I will have more thoughts to follow:
Sputnik – 25.09.2017

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has sacked chief military psychiatrist Oleh Druz, who told lawmakers that 93% of veterans from the conflict in the country’s east need treatment for mental health issues. Radio Sputnik contributor Vladimir Filippov says Druz’s remarks, and Kiev’s reaction, are a testament to the senselessness of the country’s civil war.

Last week, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak dismissed Colonel Oleh Druz, the head of the psychiatry clinic of the Main Military Clinical Hospital “in connection with the unsatisfactory fulfillment of his official duties.” The dismissal followed remarks by the top military psychiatrist at a round table of parliamentary committees traumatic stress disorder. Experts say a state-run program of support for vets is needed, but for now this is something done mainly on a voluntary basis.”, where Druz revealed that over 90% of the veterans of Kiev’s military operation in Donbass require mental help and pose a potential danger to society.

Commenting on the scandal, Radio Sputnik contributor Vladimir Filippov said that Druz’s real problem was that he decided to tell the truth.

The journalist recalled that according to Kiev’s own official statistics, “nine out of ten participants of the fighting in the Donbass have medical and social problems, while a third are diagnosed with post-

As they say...war is hell.  But even more so when you lose.  So, in that regard, watch out for the fallout of the huge loss taken by the perps in Syria.

Finally, I will end this RANT with some good news.  Here is a great water collecting invention which I think should be standard on all homes.  It's called The Raindrop and it looks just like one.

Canadians and Bears
And here is a fun video clip about how Canadians are polite, even to bears.  So on those two positive notes I will end this RANT.  Get out there and enjoy your day...Bye for now.

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