Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Greencrow Goes Out On A Limb

The Greencrow Goes Out On A Limb

Some readers might think it's a bit pompous to refer to myself in the third person singular (The Greencrow) the Queen,  or like my fellow bird/blogger, "The Saker".  But I've been doing it since the early 2000's long before "The Saker" took the name of a fellow bird. I started doing it as a joke but now it's become a reflection of how the persona of Greencrow has grown over the years and taken on her own attributes...some of which I, as merely the writer, do not possess.  Greencrow is braver than I am.  She says stuff I'm afraid to say even to my own friends and family.  And for good reason.  I've been castigated and shunned for voicing the views that The Greencrow freely expresses. 

The Greencrow makes predictions and prognostications that I wouldn't dare to make.  Like the ones that I've been mulling over for a week or more now, about the Canadian political scene.  

Canabis Flag outside Toronto City Hall

Trudeau or "Le Dauphin" as The Greencrow calls the Canadian Prime Minister, is working on some legalization of marijuana make Canada the Canabis Capital of the World...I suppose.  It all started years before his birth when his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau married a girl half his age who was a pot head.  She freely spoke of being stoned out of her mind and sitting on a limb in a tree back in the '60's.  I believe it was in Morocco.  Everyone knows that taking pot when you have mental health issues only exacerbates them.  So it was no surprise when Margaret Trudeau developed serious mental health issues in her late 20's and 30's that required hospitalization (on several occasions) and resulted in the dissolution of her marriage.

Still, in spite of this disturbing history, Justin Trudeau is determined to bring marijuana to the masses.  There are many other issues on which he could spend his political capital and the taxpayer's funds...but marijuana it is.  Wonder why?  Well there are a few clues in recent reports about  Israel being behind the push to legalize marijuana and make a killing in profits.  There are also reports about Big Pharma wanting to corner the market.  First, please read the following snippet from a post from "Goon Squad" and then a report from RT and  I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Israel wants to get into the cannabis supplier game


"....Until now, Israel's role in this multi-billion dollar field has been limited to R&D. Yet now that the Israeli government has approved the export of medicinal cannabis products, companies there are hoping to gain a larger piece of the market. While importing cannabis into the United States is illegal under federal law, companies can get around that ban by receiving drug approval from the FDA – and that is exactly what Israeli companies hope to do. According to the FDA, nothing is stopping them, as long as they meet the agency's arduous requirements for drug approval.

Yet initiating clinical trials on U.S. soil is difficult to the point of being nearly impossible. So, American companies are increasingly taking a shortcut: beginning phases 1 and 2 of their clinical trials in Israel, after which they will complete phase 3 in the U.S., speeding up the process through which they can apply for FDA approval of the botanical cannabis drugs they are developing.

At least 15 American cannabis companies have set up their entire R&D operations on Israeli soil.

Even the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded cannabis research in Israel. Indeed, much of Professor Mechoulam's groundbreaking research was funded by the American government. The NIH provided him with grants to the tune of $100,000 a year for over four decades, says Mechoulam.Congress will be more than happy to give Israel the 'green light' for medical marijuana research. Next step, is to start selling their Kosher approved pot meds in the USA. And as the chart below shows, Americans are doped up on legal prescription drugs, so the amount of $$$ to be made from medical marijuana sales could be astronomical."


And this report from RT:

"The government of the Canadian state of Ontario has come under fire for its plan to effectively monopolize the recreational cannabis trade by selling it through state-run shops and online. Ontario says it fears the legalization process will result in a thriving black market.
The new measures to prepare the state for the proposed Federal Cannabis Act, were announced at a news conference Friday by the territory’s Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, Finance Minister Charles Sousa and Health Minister Eric Hoskins

At least 80 dispensaries will be opened by July 2019, with a total of 150 state-run stores expected to be operational by 2020 according to the plan. Online shopping will be available as well.
Proponents of the plan argue that having cannabis distributed by the government rather than through private retailers will keep the profit motive out of the equation and will avoid similar problems as those caused by big tobacco and alcohol.
According to the official press release, one of the stated aims of Ontario’s proposal is to squeeze out criminals from the black market, currently run by organizations such as the Hell’s Angels and the Italian Mafia as well as various aboriginal and immigrant street gangs.
"If you operate one of these facilities, consider yourself on notice," Naqvi warned the illegal weed shops that have sprouted up across the province.
However, the scheme that drives out already existing private retailers that operate within the legal field has drawn criticism from Canada’s cannabis activists and businesses.
Jodie Emery, a cannabis legalization activist and human rights advocate, argued on Twitter that the new measures represent a continuing crackdown on private stores, noting that government-controlled supply is unlikely to meet the skyrocketing demand.
“I had 300 inquiries for @CannabisCulture franchises. An enormous supply is needed to feed enormous demand. Gov't monopoly is doomed to fail,” Emery wrote on Twitter."

So, after at least two years of wondering, we now know why Trudeau is pushing least weed.  It's for the "usual suspects'.  But, but, but, spite of all his good looks and cheery demeanour, Trudeau, along with newbie Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, AND the leaderless NDB, have all been languishing in the Public Opinion Polls.  It seems that the Canadian Public is disenchanted with the entire slate of leaders and parties placed before them by the ruling elite to choose from as Puppet Prime Minister.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was stillborn and/or dead in the water from the start.  As soon as the public found out that...from all the possible conservative candidates to choose from--the Conservatives chose one of the 15 or so Canadians who's banned from travelling to Russia.  The Legacy Main$tream Media proffers any number of other reasons for his flatlining in the polls...but never even whispers that it just might be because he's at a distinct disadvantage diplomatically.  Canadians (and Americans) voted in their previous elections to elect a leader who would forge better relations with Russia....but Nooooooooooooooooooooo.  The Ziofascist Controllers would not allow it.

Then we have the currently leaderless New Democratic Party (NDP), which generally runs third in any Federal election.  Right now they're having a pathetic leadership campaign.  Two unknown male candidates who have had minimal political/legislative experience, one unknown LGTBHXYZ-supporting female who's currently expecting TWINS in November and has had to phone in her campaign appearances.  And, lastly, one unknown male Sikh candidate who has bravely wedged his foot in the political door--in spite of being racially heckled at campaign stops. I don't think Canada is ready for a turbaned Prime Minister.  Come to think of it, even Pakistan and India are not ready for turbaned leaders.  A motley crew, to say the least.

So, now how IS the Greencrow going out on a limb?  I'm saying here and now that there is a deliberate and calculated strategy to strip Canada of any and all strong, legitimate and intelligent political leadership--in preparation for the ever looming North American Union plan.  With absolutely no viable political leadership...either in "power" or waiting in the wings...Canada is vulnerable and defenseless against the coming attack(s), particularly as the United States begins to show the inevitable economic consequences of the world turning away from the Petro Dollar.  This is a warning to Canadians. For us, with absolutely no one to speak up for Canada or's not going to be a war...or even involve any kind of functional self will look (and feel) something like this: 

Snake Eats Snake


Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey, young lady... I guess you and I at least see Justin Trudeau as a true Jewish dick sucker (oops.. too politically incorrect?)... And we can both agree with those clowns running for the lost Jewish controlled sheep over at the Conservative Party..

BUT.... At least there is ONE supposed candidate out there that may earn a bit of respect (at least for the moment).... Nikki Ashton from northern Manitoba stands firm in her support for the Palestinian cause against the Jewish criminals who stole their land and has been lamb basted by the Jewish scumbags in the Jew spew media here in Canada for that stand...

Look at this one here:

Let me know what you think... I was thinking of putting up an article to at least make Canadians aware that there is one person running in politics that at least wants (and we hope she continues to) support the cause of the Palestinians being murdered by the psychotic Jewish pricks...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And I hope this "LGTBHXYZ-supporting female" candidate is not Nikki... For if it is, then I for one was not aware that she supports those freaks of nature as well....

If Nikki is that person, then my previous comment about her support of Palestinian cause becomes moot and even I could not support such a person....

Where in Canada then are our decent politicians? Even I could not run for "politics" for my honest and truthful views of the Jewish scumbags!

greencrow said...


Yes, Nikki Supports all the identity politics "victims" out there

But with Twins on the much time and energy will she have to be an effective leader? This is just common sense...not sexism.

And about the Sikh candidate. I dated a Sikh man for four years back when I was in my 20's. We were even engaged. So I am definitely not racist. My former boyfriend never wore a turban but joked about wearing one when others were racist towards him.

What I'm seeing in terms of lack of political leadership in Canada is sinister and methodical. Now, if we didn't have such stunning contrasts in leadership between Canada and the US...and Russia and Syria...I probably wouldn't even notice. But we have had a lesson in contemporary history about how important leadership is...and what a true difference one leader can make.

All the more scary when we look at the nincompoops in "power" in Canada and the US.


Northerntruthseeker said...

I see what you mean, Crow.... And I would possibly support someone like Niki if she would quit supporting these "politically correct" groups such as Homos, Lesbos, freaks, dykes, etc, etc.....

Sorry, but you know where I stand on all of this political correctness bullcrap and I will not waver.. I look at women as women and men as men, and the so called other 'genders" are just mentally pathetic creatures and cry babies IMHO...

Thanks for letting me know about Ashton... And I see what you mean about how Trust in Jew Dough is indeed turning out to be one of the worst Prime Ministers this nation has ever seen...

Anonymous said...

I had been thinking you were some sort of government disinfo agent, but now I am pretty sure you are just a lone idiot.
Cannabis is medicine for many people, people with MS, people suffering from cancer and its treatments. Thankfully your idiotic musings are reaching so few people that they have no effect.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous

How about a "lone government dysinfo agent"? I used to be a social worker in child protection and personally saw and dealt with the damage done when parents became "pot heads" and men couldn't work to support their families. Perhaps talking about it on this blog would be considered "dysinfo" to those who have been brainwashed into thinking about all the "great" things that come from cannabis. So, who am I to chastise when a person, suffering from cancer or some other painful ailment, chooses to numb the pain with marijuana...if it works...I probably would and will too. But otherwise, marijuana is just one other brain numbing product foisted upon humanity to keep them from rising up and throwing off the perpetrators of all the crime, war and pathological insanity in this world.

Upset about the perps of 9/11? Light up a doobee!