Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reflections on my 900th Post - Yemen and Freedom of Speech in the Crosshairs

Thousands of Yemenis Celebrate 
Anniversary of Sanaas Takeover

This post marks my 900th entry on this Blog. It's all gone by in a blur.  Since retiring from full time employment in July of 2013, my time has been split between becoming a blogger on geopolitical issues and an "artist" specializing in wood carving and crafts. One activity supports and is an outlet for the other.  When tracking the downward spiral of geopolitics becomes too overwhelming I can always seek relief in the peaceful creativity of woodcarving and/or craft making. Some might believe the "artsy craftsy" sideline is a waste of time but it would be difficult to function without having an outlet for this side of my nature. 

Blogging is really about the art of writing which is equally creative.  Being the webmaster of greencrowasthecrowflies also takes me all over the world, virtually-speaking. IMO, it's the equivalent of working on a masters degree in political science.  Some on-line universities [such as my alma mater The University of Victoria] should consider granting university credits based on successful blogging.  Just like some universities grant credits for field work or long term employment in certain industries.  Hey!  What a concept!

Today, for example, I've already spent about two hours researching what's going on in the far away middle eastern nation of Yemen.  I was sparked by the amazing photo of a massive rally in the Capital City of Yemen--Sanaa that I saw on the Almasdar website.  Here's the accompanying report:

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:10 P.M.) – Thousands of Houthi supporters gathered in Sanaa, Thursday, to celebrate the third anniversary of the take-over of Sanaa from government forces. Holding banners with slogans such as “the 31 September Revolution is 100% Yemeni,” protesters chanted and waved Yemeni flags.

Director of the Office of Mr. Abdul Malik Al Houthi said that “We have seen what has been achieved for the people through cohesion and strength in the face of the enemies ,through presence, fortitude and resistance to aggression, which is now approaching three years.”

“Now we have a missile force that can reach the countries of aggression,” he followed.

Yemen continues to be in the midst of a long civil war, as the Saudi-led coalition fights on behalf of the internationally recognised government against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels."

Map of Yemen showing Capital City
Sanaa in Left Interior Coast

One glance at the map of Yemen explains why it has become the latest victim of the neocon, globalist Ziofascist attempt to achieve and control World Hegemony.  Yemen is located in one of those few "chokehold" locations, at the entrance to the Red Sea, where ocean-going traffic [gas and oil] and commerce can be strangled and/or controlled.  

Alternative investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley recently gave an interview on the situation in Yemen to's Patrick Henningsen.  You can listen to it at the previous link.  From what I've discovered from my morning's research, Yemen, just like Syria, has been aided in its war to defend itself from its Saudi Arabia neighbours by Iran.  Both nations, Iran and Yemen, have a majority shite population who refuse to knuckle under to the Saudi Wahhabi regime and/or its Western allies, including Israel.  As Putin would say...."They'd rather eat grass." Yemen, for such a tiny nation, has put up an incredible fight and, as you can see from the astounding photo at the head of this post, is still capable of rallying tremendous popular support for the war--which has had terrible costs for the Yemenis, particularly in the poorer southern part of the country.  Can you imagine what would happen if the same number of Americans rose up to demonstrate against the occupying Ziofascist perps who've been controlling their country since at least 9/11?  There would be tanks and storm troopers in the streets--and the smell of teargas hanging thick in the air.  It simply would not be allowed.  Sadly and ironically, you have to leave the North American continent to find this level of democracy (the exercise of will of the people) these days.

Even when there are huge gatherings of humanity demonstrating in North America...remember the huge demonstrations in Mexico City over the fraudulent elections a decade or so ago?  They have absolutely no impact on the neocon, bankster stranglehold.  They simply IGNORE them.  Since the perps control the North American's like the demonstration never happened.  Just like, if you only read and watched the M$M, you would never know the above incredible public display of support ever happened in Sanaa.

Speaking about democracy in the public media, I saw this sad but entirely predictable headline on this mornings alternate news site Aletho news:

RT may soon be dropped by US providers, courtesy of McCain & Graham

RT | September 21, 2017

Buried deep inside the just-passed defense budget is a small amendment, which could lead to a ban on broadcasting RT in America. The architects of the provision, Senators Graham and McCain, may recall that in their youth such practices formed what was known as the ‘Iron Curtain’.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2018, which was passed by the US Senate earlier this week, is stuffed with provisions that have little to do with US national defense. This is a tactic that US lawmakers have traditionally used to ‘piggy-back’ legislation which would have little hope of adoption as a stand-alone bill.

Deep down the list of amendments is No 1096, which aims to “prohibit multichannel video programming distributors from being required to carry certain video content that is owned or controlled by the Government of the Russian Federation”.

Proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and co-sponsored by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island), the amendment was submitted by John McCain (R-Arizona), a fellow foreign policy hawk. The provision says a distributor working in a US jurisdiction “may not be directly or indirectly required” to carry video content that is “is owned, controlled, or financed (in whole or in part) by the Government of the Russian Federation.”

In plain English then, any contract RT currently has or will have with American cable and satellite networks to carry its programming will no longer be protected by US federal law after this amendment is signed into law by President Donald Trump. The channel’s current arrangements with carriers made it illegal for them to arbitrarily drop RT’s programming (unless the content shown was obscene) but now they will apparently be able to discriminate against it should they so wish.

The discussion on how the US could insulate its population from RT was sparked by a declassified US intelligence community report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, which put this channel in the spotlight. The report asserted that RT was a primary tool of such interference, done through critical reporting on US foreign policy and domestic problems. Despite the report containing factual errors and no evidence, it was taken at face value by many US media outlets and politicians.

“There is an obsession on Capitol hill and in the mainstream media with RT, because RT is effective and because RT is watched. But also because RT carries perspectives that are not available on the mainstream media,” commented Daniel McAdams, Executive Director for the Ron Paul Institute.

“The fact of the matter is that John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the people behind this amendment, the Atlantic Council and the others that are trying to silence RT – they are the totalitarians, they are the enemies of free speech, the enemies of the First Amendment.”

The move seems to resemble the strategy of the Soviet government, which strictly controlled domestic media and suppressed radio broadcasts from Europe to insulate the population of the country from ideas and narratives it deemed unfit. The censorship system, dubbed the “Iron Curtain”, backfired and became a major factor in eroding the Communist Party’s control, for the simple reason that people perceived media sources which the government tried to silence as more trustworthy than those it allowed."

Along with the attacks on the US diplomatic properties of the Russians...we knew there was going to be a concurrent effort to get rid of the highly successful media news source, RT.  When you're stridently and fanatically spewing 24/7 non-stop lies that are stinking up the airwaves and being shunned by more and more simply can't allow the sheeple any alternative news sources to turn to access "the other side" of the stories.

IMO, this censorship by the perps is an indication of sheer desperation and a "loser" reaction to the plunge in ratings.  Can't compete anymore?  Well, just eradicate the opposition.   Fortunately, at least 37% of humanity is hard-wired to seek the truth. This calculated plunge into intellectual darkness will fail, just like all their other recent military hegemonic in Syria and Yemen and Venezuela etc., etc.

Most viewers of RT never watch it on the TV anyway.  They get it through the Internet.  Comparing RT with the Western Legacy M$M is like comparing Grade AAA steak with canned Spam.  Once you've enjoyed one, you cannot stomach the other.  I can't see how they will eliminate RT from the Internet--although I'm sure they will try.  They might outlaw clicking on the RT URL...and send their storm troopers to your door if their NSA catches you clicking on it.  Now wouldn't that be something? A whole bunch of old people arrested while sitting at their computers in their own home offices, dressed in their pajamas.  Beam me UP SCOTTIE!


Penny said...

900 posts GC! It really is a huge learning curve.
I still amaze myself at the information and knowledge I've acquired!
LOL, on the comment about older bloggers in their pj's.
That's the attire of choice when i do much of my blogging (with coffee or tea at the desk of course)-
Unless I do something later in the day that is? Then if it's a supper time thing I may have a glass of red wine at the desk?

It's good having you onboard GC- congratulations and may you and I continue on for many more years :)

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

If the M$M losers and their perp handlers have their way, we'll all be under threat of arrest for accessing "forbidden" websites, such as RT. In that regard, I advise all my fellow truth bloggers, such as yourself, to keep handy by your computer a suitcase....packed for a stay in a local jail...along with some hobby to pass the time. I would suggest knitting, but they probably won't allow you to bring the needles.

Yes, may the crow the owl, plus our Manitoba colleague NTS, who I continue to think of as the "Canada Lynx"

continue to represent on the blogosphere the three regions of Canada along with an overview of the divergent perspectives and interests held by citizens therein!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post.
It was funny. Keep on posting!

Northerntruthseeker said...

900? I forget what 900 looks like, for it was so long ago for me...

Just some 3200+ posts to go, Crow, before catching up to me.... LOL....

And yes, just like myself and others, it seems to have been a learning curve for yourself... I have watched your blog start off small, and how you have grown to understand the real criminality on our planet....

BTW... I do want to of course say congratulations as well.... Keep up the good work...

Northerntruthseeker said...

BTW... Here is the link to my own 900th post... May 2010....

BTW.... I do like your idea of the Lynx... My issue is getting the image that I may like onto my blog page with the right heading!

greencrow said...

Hi NTS. Thanks for your support. The support you and Penny have given me means more than anything...because it comes from my own countrymen (and woman). Yes, NTS, consider adopting the Canada Lynx as your Logo. And, since you have indicated an inclination in that direction, I will tell you why I think it's "you". Because you are truly a predator when going after you're prey...but also, and incongruently, I suspect you're also a "pussycat". lol.