Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Artwork - "Sunrise on Howe Sound"

Sunrise On Howe Sound
(off "Screaming Mommy Point")

Hi folks.  Now, for a complete change of pace from the geopolitical events of the past while, I am posting my latest artwork.  It's a rather large (for me) acrylic-on-canvass painting depicting the three sailboats our family has owned over the years since we were in our 20's.  The video also takes readers and viewers on a brief tour of my art studio, located in a converted bedroom in our home.

As I say in the video, I was disappointed and frustrated by my artistic efforts as a young person, although my father kept pressuring me to become a "Grandma Moses"-style artist.  Finally I have come to accept and appreciate my rather simplistic style and recognize that it would suit an illustrator of children's books.  I did write and illustrate a children's book for my granddaughter a year or so ago and made a video which appears below:

"Froggy and Oh! Oh!
A Children's Story by Greencrow
(there are two wood carvings to go with
this book and photos can be seen on my

Like the storybook "Froggy and Oh! Oh!" above, the inspiration for the painting "Sunrise on Howe Sound" was my granddaughter... and perhaps other grandchildren who may come along.  So in the years to come they could have a clear "picture" of the sailboats associated with our long history of sailing on the waters off British Columbia and, in my husband's case...sailing to Australia, New Zealand and return back in the 1970's. My children have always teased me about my fear of sailing while "heeled over" in heavy winds...and so this appears as the subtitle to the painting ("Off Screaming Mommy Point").  There is an actual point in House Sound that our family has dubbed "Screaming Mommy Point"...but you won't find it on any navigational chart ; )

We are very pleased that our granddaughter has shown a keen interest in sailing. so the painting above will give some context to this very enjoyable activity that our family has pursued for 54 years.

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