Friday, September 22, 2017

Cdn Prime Minister Trudeau's "Stalking Horse" Speech to the United Nations

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Addresses United Nations General Assembly
on September 21, 2017

Having listened to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech delivered to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, I should be pleased and proud as a Canadian.  To one degree I am.  Trudeau, to his credit, makes a very good presentation.  He's handsome, youthful, elegantly dressed and coiffed, well spoken in two official languages, switching effortlessly back and forth between English and French as he forcefully delivered his address to the assembled delegates at the United Nations.

I noticed that from time to time the camera strayed to the audience, which seemed to have an unusually large number of young, tittering females, smiling appreciatively at what they were no doubt whispering to each other was "eye candy".  The delegations seemed to have allowed their female assistants to take their seats to watch and listen to this "Hollywood celebrity"-style leader.

Yes, I should have been pleased and proud that our leader was not making ad hominum attacks and puerile threats against other sovereign nations.  No, Trudeau devoted his entire 20 minute talk time to the plight of the indigenous Canadians in Canada's far north and urban communities.  I agreed with his assessment of what has been and continues to be an open, running sore in Canadian society.  From the times of first contact, First Nations, as the indigenous are known in Canada, have been subjected to genocide, theft of land, isolation, physical, cultural and spiritual abuse of a magnitude that has drawn the opprobrium of the entire world.  Of course, at least the British Empire, which controlled the "Dominion" of Canada as it was known right up to the 70's, did not wipe out the "Indians" as they were known in Canada--and are still erroneously called in the United States--where they WERE virtually wiped out by the marauding US Cavalry.

No, Canada just set the First Nations up in remote "poor land" [ever wonder why reserves always have transmission lines running through them?] and attempted to forget about them.  But the First Nations did not just quietly go away.  Their numbers, due to the implementation of the national welfare state in the late 60's and early 70's, continued to grow.  They left their remote communities and congregated on the fringes of our big cities...there they fell prey to the influx of drugs brought into the country by the CIA and other government agencies.  Trudeau did not mention alcohol and/or drugs as being a significant factor in the social and family ills of First Nations.  But why would he...when he's busy legalizing marijuana and setting up his buddies in Big Pharma to make a "killing" off keeping Canadian sheeple stoned and stupid into the future generations?

But, as a whole, Trudeau accurately listed the critical issues Canada is facing due to the growing but marginalized and impoverished indigenous population.  Lack of housing, clean water, appropriate health, including mental health, services and education.  He insisted that Canada is implementing plans to deal with all of the issues and at the same time, turn over governance of indigenous peoples to themselves.  Well, I know how that worked in British Columbia.  Not very well...but I digress.

What I really wanted to focus on was why I call Trudeau's address to the General Assembly a "Stalking Horse" speech.  This is because it's not what Trudeau talked about...but what he DID NOT talk about that's important.  Trudeau always does better when he keeps his mouth shut.  So long as all we have to do is admire his graceful countenance, he's the most popular leader in modern history...but when he opens his out.  You see, Trudeau is gunning for Canada to get one of the "Rotating Seats" on the United Nations Security Council, when they come up for election in the coming days.  The last time Canada put its name in the hat for these coveted seats, it was humiliated when it lost out to some third world country whose name I can't remember at the moment.

Canada was defeated by the popular vote because of its obsequious abeyance to the United States.  Countries like Russia, China and their allies felt that having Canada on the UNSC would be giving the United States two votes.  And of course that's exactly what it would do.  So Trudeau avoided such topics as the Ukraine crisis, as one glaring example.  Canada has thrown away any chance of forging a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with its northern neighbor, Russia, over its support of the neo-Nazi illegal Kiev Junta right on Russia's western borders.  It is regrettable that there's only one photo on record of Trudeau and Putin having a conversation and that was the occasion that Trudeau told Putin to "get out of Crimea".

Ironically, if Canada and Russia were to work together on joint projects, such as the Silk Road Highway that Russia wants to build between London UK all the way across Russia, China, Alaska and down through northern Canada to New York, this alone would probably do more than any other project to help the northern indigenous peoples of Canada.  But Noooooooooo.

During Trudeau's speech, the cameras caught a very brief glimpse of the individual who Trudeau was doing his "Stalking Horse" routine for.  Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.  There she sat...smiling her piranha/Cheshire grin. 

Should Canada win the seat on the UNSC, Freeland is the person who would be sitting in the seat.  It would be she who would be doing the tap dancing and hula hooping routines around the UN along with her counterpart, Nikki Haley.  Get it?  These two would combine to make a joke of the entire institution...just like Freeland has already made a joke about Canada's position on "regime change" and other blatant lawlessness that has being going on at the hands of the Ziofascist perps who run USrael.

So, Trudeau was making nicey nice in the hopes that there will be enough gullible delegates at the UN to vote Canada onto the UNSC.  I certainly hope that the majority of UN delegations will be smarter than to fall for the patently "Stalking Horse" nature of his speech.  I don't want Canada to get a seat on the UNSC because I do not want to see that Piranha/Cheshire grin representing Canada and using my country to destroy International Law.


Reading between the lines said...

"It is regrettable that there's only one photo on record of Trudeau and Putin having a conversation and that was the occasion that Trudeau told Putin to "get out of Crimea".
I believe that it was Harper that made that stupid comment .
In any case ,love your blog.
Guy St Hilaire

greencrow said...

Hi Guy:

thanks for your words of appreciation. Unfortunately, BOTH Harper AND Trudeau used their precious moments with the greatest leader of our time to "harp" on an issue about which they know nothing about and used words put into their mouths by their handlers.